21 May 2013

Apple CEO Faces Senate Grilling Over Company Taxes

Taxes, taxes, taxes--what we need is tax reform, not talk--and don't blame Apple or Google for the laws set by the US and other nations--

Apple CEO to Face Senate Grilling Over Company Taxes
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Cook will appear before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which has taken Hewlett-Packard Co. and Microsoft Corp. to task over their tax policies at earlier hearings. Senator Carl Levin (D., Mich), who chairs the committee, has ...

Microsoft to unveil revamped XBox Tuesday as it tries to fend off new breed of ...
Washington Post
May 20 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. is revamping the Xbox to fend off a breed of competitors ranging from Apple Inc. to Facebook Inc. Those companies were nowhere in gaming when the software maker debuted its last version five years ago. Now these ...

Microsoft's New Xbox Girds for a Smartphone Battle
Wall Street Journal
Since the last Xbox debuted in 2005, Microsoft has produced multiple prototypes for a new console and experimented with different technologies for it, said people familiar with the matter. The company has looked at streaming games from far-away servers ...

Lawmakers seek Google Glass privacy plan
Computerworld - Eight members of Congress have written an open letter to Google CEO Larry Page that outlines privacy concerns about the Internet vendor's computerized eyeglasses, Google Glass. In the letter, the Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus ...

Apple iOS 6 Wins DOD Approval
The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has approved the use of Apple iOS 6 on the Department of Defense's networks. Devices running the latest version of Apple's operating system join BlackBerrys and Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, ...

Google To Apple: Catch Us If You Can
Even if that's more rhetoric than reality -- Google will still be in the search ad business no matter how search changes for the foreseeable future -- it reveals a willingness to take risks that Apple andMicrosoft seem to be unwilling or unable to ...

Windows Phone: Time for Microsoft to Put the Pedal to the Metal - Mashable
It is fairly clear now that Apple will not be delivering an iPhone update this summer, which means Microsoft may have a three-to-four-month window to snap up just a bit more market share from those who are not interested in an Android phone. It's also ...

Five Things To Watch For During Microsoft's Xbox Announcement Tomorrow
At 10 AM PDT tomorrow, Microsoft Microsoft will announce its next generation Xbox mere weeks ahead of E3, where such a reveal would normally take place. It's an effort to get on equal footing with Sony Sony, who premiered the PS4 months ago, and ...

Google chairman defends company's tax position
Irish Times
Eric Schmidt says it is up to politicians to reform international laws. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt criticised British politicians for “a confusing spectacle” in which “legislators are doing the lobbying and companies are articulating the ...

Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Amazon vs. Skydrive: Which One Is Fastest?
... actually take to put the files where you want them. To compare Dropbox, Google Drive, AmazonCloud, and Microsoft's SkyDrive I started by exporting a 500K JPEG test image from Lightroom on my Windows 8 computer directly to each of the four services.

Google Glass Year In Review | TechCrunch
By Drew Olanoff
The “wearable computing” age is upon us, and it's been widely reported that Apple was working on a watch, therefore many assumed that Google was working on a similar device to keep up. This was not the case and Google's co-founder ...

Apple Reportedly Testing 1.5-Inch OLED Displays for Smart Watch ...
By Eric Slivka
Japanese blog Macotakara points to a pair of reports in today's edition of Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times addressing rumors surrounding Apple's smart watch effort. According to the first report [Google translation], Apple has begun ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Microsoft trademarks 'Forzavista' | Joystiq
By Richard Mitchell
Be sure to tune into Joystiq on Tuesday, May 21, for more live coverage of Microsoft's event than you can shake a stick shift at. Via: Siliconera; Source: ... Rating. View on Amazon.com ... Appleremoves "Bang With Friends" from the App ..

Don't Upgrade to Hangouts If You Use Google Voice on Your ...
By Jamie Condliffe
In many respects Google Hangouts is impressive—it brings together Google's disparate chat options rather neatly—but you should think twice about using it if you rely on making Google Voice calls from your computer.

Set Google Now Reminders from Google Search Results - Lifehacker
By Whitson Gordon
Google Now's new Reminders feature is pretty darn awesome, but reader Gmapper14 found a great, lesser-known feature: you can add reminders right from Google search results.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet is now integrated into Gmail. This means you can securely send money to friends and family in the U.S. - without leaving your Gmail inbox.

How to Use Google's Music Streaming Service (But You Might Not Want to Bother)
Last week Google unveiled its terribly named music streaming service, Google Play Music All Access, brandishing access to 18 million or so songs plus cloud integration so that your preexisting music library can mingle with their hulking collection. So how ...

Leatherback Sea Turtle Comeback in Caribbean: Endangered Species ...
Science World Report
Endangered leatherback sea turtles are making a comeback in the Caribbean. While poachers once combed beaches in order to ransack the turtles' buried eggs, residents are now stepping up to protect these sea creatures. (Photo : Flickr/Florida USFWS) ...

Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON
Vid Sensational news today from the Moon, as skywatchers say a huge explosion - as bright as a star, and visible from Earth with the naked eye - has been seen on the lunar surface. "It exploded in a flash nearly 10 times as bright as anything we've ever seen ...

Google's new version of Hangouts can't make outbound calls
As the company continues to integrates Google Voice into its social network, the latest update for Hangouts is missing the ability to make calls....

Google I/O 2013: 10 Key Takeaways - eWeek
There weren't stunts at Google I/O 2013 resembling the Great Google Glass Launch of 2012, and there wasn't nearly the same level of hard news as there was in 2012, but nonetheless it was a significant event for both software developers and users.

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