01 May 2013

Best Windows Laptop? Apple MacBook Pro

If you want a good Windows laptop, Windows 7 on an Apple MacBook is the way to go--

Apple Makes the Best Windows Laptop: Soluto: " . . . That's the advice being dished out by Soluto, a provider of cloud-based PC management and support services. The company revealed in a report that the 13-inch MacBook Pro, released during the mid-2012 refresh, is the best-performing Windows laptop. Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina model also ranked high, placing sixth on the company's list. . . . "

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Apple Readies Size, Price of Bond Sale
Wall Street Journal
The Microsoft bonds priced at a premium of 0.32 percentage point over comparable Treasurys for five-year debt, 0.70 percentage point over for 10-year and 0.90 percentage point over for 30-year. An Apple spokesman declined to comment Monday on the ...

Wall Street Journal

Google Now Melds With iOS
Al Hilwa, program director for applications development software at research firm IDC, said in an email that Google Now, like Apple's Siri, matters because of the shift toward voice interfaces for search. "In fact, for the promise of wearable computing ...

Apple's iOS 7 said to be visually different, flat
In taking a flat approach to its system software, Apple would join Microsoft and Google, which have gone that route with their Windows Phone and Android software. In both of those cases, the changes reflect part of a larger design language that can be ...

BlackBerry Chief Predicts Demise of Tablets Within 5 Years
PC Magazine
In an interview with Bloomberg at the Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles this week, Heins argued that within five years, "I don't think there'll be a reason to have a tablet anymore." People might have a "big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as...

Twitter updates Vine app with mentions, front-facing camera support
MICROBLOGGING WEBSITE Twitter announced the first major update for its Vine app on Tuesday, which will bring things such as Twitter-style mentions to the video service. Twitter announced Vine in January as a video capture alternative to hipster photo ...

CERN Celebrates WorldwideWeb's (WWW) Twentieth Birthday
While many people think Al Gore "invented" the internet (due to his push to fund it in Congress), that distinction arguably goes to CERN and British physicist Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Development on the WorldWideWeb (www) and its backing hypertext protocol ...


NASA Captures Monster Hurricane from Space
ABC News (blog)
NASA's spacecraft Cassini took this amazing colorful picture of a Saturn storm that resembles a hurricane on Earth. The center eye of the storm on Saturn is about 1,250 miles wide. That's 20 times larger than the average hurricane eye on Earth, that's the ...

ABC News (blog)

Physicists zoom in on antimatter behaviour
Paris: Physicists announced a breakthrough Tuesday in their quest to answer one of science's great questions: do the same laws of gravity apply to antimatter -- the obscure counterpart of matter as we know it? Though antimatter is thought to have existed in ...

Privately Financed Spaceship Roars Closer to Space
New York Times
For the more than 500 space tourists who have signed up for a trip on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, Monday was a milestone: the day the spaceship that will be carrying them aloft made its first powered flight and broke the sound barrier for its first time.

Google Glass – first pictures taken with smartspecs posted online
The Guardian
"Remember how positive so many people were that the iPad was the most ludicrous cock-up in Apple's history? Absolutely obviously." Gibson also commented wryly "If I were Google, I wouldn't be the first person I'd think of giving Glass to. If I were, I ...

The Guardian

Microsoft Azure Sales Top $1 Billion Challenging Amazon
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)'s Windows Azure software and related programs have surpassed $1 billion in annual sales for the first time, a sign of progress in the effort to challenge Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) in cloud computing. The sales milestone for Azure ...


Can Apple make a 5-inch iPhone this year?
Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc. has so far downplayed the notion that it needs to make an iPhone with a larger screen, but a growing number of analysts appear to be banking on the company doing just that — though timing remains largely a matter of wide-ranging speculation.

Apple Earns Top Tablet Satisfaction Score
PC Magazine
1 for consumer satisfaction among tablets, though Amazon and Samsung tablets weren't too far behind, according to J.D. Power and Associates. Of the 1,857 tablet owners polled by J.D. Power in February, Apple's iPad scored 836 on a 1,000-point scale.

Motorola buy delivers Google more heartbreak than patent help
Chicago Tribune
While the acquisition may have deterred Apple and Microsoft from filing new patent lawsuits against it, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google hasn't won a decisive legal case with a big payoff — such as a lucrative licensing deal. Motorola's patents also ...

Google's Android reigns, Microsft's Windows gains in smartphones: Survey
Economic Times
Kantar Worldpanel ComTech said Android was used on 49.3 per cent of smartphones sold in the US market in the first quarter, compared to 43.7 per cent for Apple's iOS, the operating system for the iPhone. Android has thus boosted its lead from a year ...

Economic Times

Apple, Samsung patent battle set for November
However, the court order will not allow either Apple or its South Korean rival to expand the trial by including "new sales data, new products and new methodologies or theories," according to the Reuters news agency. Apple's bid to increase the damage...


Amazon's Boom in Cloud Partners - NYTimes.com
Amazon Web Services is in the middle of a worldwide tour, selling itself to customers and partners and gearing up for competition from a variety of new competitors. Read more… ... This summer,Google is likely to announce an expansion of its own Amazon Web Services-type unit, called GoogleCompute Engine. Both Pivotal and Google are working hard on partner networks of ... The UnofficialApple Weblog. Microsoft ad shows the Apple and Android brawl you've been waiting for ...
NYT Bits

Apple looking for deeper iOS integration into cars — Tech News and ...
By Erica Ogg
A report on Tuesday indicates Apple has bigger plans for the car beyond a hands-free assistant app: teaming up with carmakers to offer Apple Maps and Siri on a car's in-dash system.

Apple Preps Bond Sale for Stock Buyback Initiative - Mac Rumors
By Juli Clover
Any bond offer from the makers of the iconic iPhone and iPad would be highly sought after by investors, and it is believed the company could raise funds at a cheaper rate than even Triple A ratedMicrosoft. Apple has a long history with both ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Original iPhone will soon reach 'obsolete' status in Apple Retail ...
By Michael Steeber
According to internal Apple documentation, the original iPhone, which first debuted in 2007, will soon enter “obsolete” status, with a few exceptions. The official switch will happen on June 11, 2013, when the iPhone, along with several other ...

Amazon Media Head Bill Carr Interview on Music, Video - Peter ...
By Peter Kafka
Peter Kafka: A couple years ago, Amazon and Google and Apple were all racing to develop music-locker services. But we don't hear much about them anymore. How is Amazon's locker working? Bill Carr: The fundamental things about cloud ...

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