08 May 2013

Microsoft prepares U-turn on Windows 8

But will it be too little, too late? . . .

Microsoft prepares U-turn on Windows 8
Financial Times
Analysts warned that changing course would be a significant admission of failure for Steve Ballmer, chief executive, who called the October launch of Windows 8 a “bet-the-company” moment as Microsoft sought to respond to the success of Apple's iPad.

After Bumpy Start, Microsoft Rethinks Windows 8 - NYTimes.com

Microsoft Tami Reller. REDMOND, Wash. — Windows Blue, the code name for an update to theMicrosoft's flagship operating system, sums up the current melancholy in the PC business pretty well, though Microsoft didn't intend it that way. PC shipments are slumping and the declines in the industry have gotten ... That could give Microsoft a stronger answer to the iPad mini, which has been a strong seller for Apple. Ms. Reller described Windows Blue several times as an “update” to ...
NYT Bits

Samsung-Apple Patent Fight: Is It Worth It?
Wall Street Journal
Judge Robart's decision comes amid questions about the strategies that have led technology heavyweights from Google to Microsoft to Apple to Nokia Corp. to the courts. Recent rulings "further this notion that buying up a few patents and trying to get...

Wall Street Journal

Google Glass Picks Up Early Signal: Keep Out
New York Times (blog)
SAN FRANCISCO — Google's wearable computer, the most anticipated piece of electronic wizardry since the iPad and iPhone, will not go on sale for many months. But the resistance is already under way. The glasseslike device, which allows users to access ...

New York Times (blog)

As Amazon and Barnes & Noble Slash Prices, the Cheap Tablet Wars Are ...
It's an Android tablet with the same screen resolution and aspect ratio as Apple's iPad Mini, but for half the price. HP just launched its own cheap Android tablet, the Slate 7, also for $169. ... That's why Barnes & Noble is injecting Google Play, why ...

Microsoft Surface: Seven things Microsoft must do to make it succeed
Building the Surface was a bold move for Redmond, because it meant finally taking on Apple's iPad head to-head after Microsoft's partners had conspicuously failed for so long. So far the gamble hasn't paid off: sales haven't been stellar, with the ...

Amazon Adds China Apps Store
Wall Street Journal
Yet the new Amazon China store underscores the continuing problems that Google is having in the country, which last year became the world's largest smartphone market. Difficulties accessingGoogle Play, the company's application store, have led users ...

Apple's Top 25 Most-Downloaded Paid Apps
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Apple has now unveiled the all-time most-downloaded apps on both the paid and free side. As we wrote about last week, the top list of free apps was pretty much what you might expect: Facebook on top, with a smattering of Google's most popular services...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Google Australia headquarters vulnerable to remote attack
Google Australia headquarters vulnerable to remote attack. Summary: Two security researchers have had to point out old and unpatched vulnerabilities in the software responsible for Google'sbuilding management systems to get the web giant to take action.

Foxconn Tries to Move Past the iPhone
New York Times (blog)
As the biggest contract manufacturer for American electronics companies like Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Amazon, Foxconn has been faced with labor unrest, worker suicides, industrial accidents and complaints about working conditions and labor ...

New York Times (blog)

Apple makes Fortune 500's top 10 for first time; Facebook makes list
Los Angeles Times
The drop in stock price comes as investors worry about Apple's grip on the smartphone and tablet market as Samsung and others begin to gain traction against the once seemingly unbeatable Cupertino, Calif., tech giant. PHOTOS: The top smartphones of ...

Protesters Smash Google Shuttle Bus PiƱata In Fight Against Rent ...
By Josh Constine
Google, Apple, and Facebook all have shuttle bus stops in the neighborhood making it easy for their employees to live in the hip district while commuting south to Silicon Valley in style. The buses have become a symbol of gentrification.

Apple Expands Crackdown on App Discovery Apps - Mac Rumors
By Juli Clover
Apple has been cracking down on app discovery resources in recent months, removing high profile apps like AppGratis for violating guideline 2.25,... ... Gmail for iOS Updated With Direct Linking to YouTube, Chrome and Google Maps Apps ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Is Google Places Search Permanently Closed? - Search Engine Watch
By Danny Goodwin
Google has removed the link to Places search. The link, which had been located in Google's "More" drop-down menu option, is no longer there, meaning local businesses can only be found via search (paid or organic), Google+ Local, ...
Search Engine Watch

Microsoft Confirms Windows Blue Update Coming; Says Windows 8 ...
By Ina Fried
“Windows Blue is a codename for an update that will be available later this year, building on the bold vision set forward with Windows 8 to deliver the next generation of tablets and PCs,” Microsoft's Tami Reller said in a blog post. “It will deliver ...

Embed Photo Spheres on Your Website - Google Developers
This page shows how to easily embed photo spheres on any website with an interactive, 360-degree panorama viewer. There is also source code for a fully ...

Samsung acquires second-screen startup MOVL
Samsung has picked up MOVL, a startup known for smart TV games and its TV app development platform. pokerfun. Samsung has acquired the Atlanta-based second-screen startup MOVL. The acquisition happened last month but hasn't been reported until ...

Google's Schmidt calls for 'DELETE from INTERWEBS' button
Google head honcho Eric Schmidt has called for measures to delete information from the internet. Speaking at an event held in New York University, the Google chief executive warned that mistakes made in a person's youth could haunt them forever. He said ...

Jon Rubinstein joins Qualcomm: 5 things he brings to the table
Summary: After a period of relative obscurity, the erstwhile HP, Palm and Apple executive joins the board of directors at the semiconductor company. Andrew Nusca. By Andrew Nusca for Between the Lines  ...


Apple's privacy policy violates German data protection law, Berlin court rules
Apple violates German data protection law by asking for users' broad, overall consent in its privacy policy, the Regional Court of Berlin ruled. Apple's terms for sharing personal information with the company are too broadly formulated, the court ruled on April ...

Seagate unveils SSD drives as storage market is predicted to boom
STORAGE VENDOR Seagate has unveiled three solid state disk (SSD) drives, including the firm's first designed for consumers, the Seagate 600 SSD. Joining two enterprise focused SSDs, the Seagate 600 Pro SSD and the Seagate 1200 SSD, the Seagate ...

Nokia investors' patience wearing thin; CEO says Windows Phone to the bitter ...
Summary: The Finnish phone maker isn't bailing on Microsoft any time soon. It's Windows Phone to the bitter end, even if shareholders and investors hate the idea — which they do....


European and Asian languages grew out of a common mother tongue
New Scientist
We are more connected than you think. Seven families of languages across the Eurasian continent, containing tongues as diverse as modern Inuit, Tamil, Japanese, Greek and Hungarian, evolved from a single language that existed around the time of the last ...

YouTube Maps Out Videos Trending Across US
It just got a little easier to see which videos people are watching elsewhere in the country. Google, which owns YouTube, unveiled a new feature on Tuesday that maps out videos trending right now in cities across the U.S. You can filter the results by the ...

Google and Facebook make moves, for better and worse - USA Today
USA TODAY (blog)
It's hard to believe that the same company that's behind YouTube Premium also green-lighted Google Glass. google logo. Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. (Photo: David Paul Morris Getty Images). All Web companies should act like Google and...

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