01 June 2013

Hey Marissa! -- fix your email service!

BT customers who use the Yahoo! service have complained since February that hackers are repeatedly taking control of accounts and using them to pump out spam emails (source infra)

Will Yahoo! ever fix its spammy email service?

BT dumps Yahoo! email after hacking claims - Telegraph: " . . . . It will come as a blow to Yahoo! chief executive Marissa Mayer, who has been battling to restore the company’s reputation for technological competence since taking over last year. She is also tasked with reversing a long-term decline in traffic to Yahoo!’s email service and homepage, which account for most of its advertising business. The hacking problems that affected BT customers appeared to be repeated around the world. Subscribers to Telecom NZ, which has a similar outsourced email deal, reported similar security breaches. Internet security experts said criminals had used a an international network of hijacked computers to mount the attacks on Yahoo!. The new email system for BT broadband subscribers will be branded BT Mail and run by Critical Path, a privately-held specialist email provider based in California. BT will also replace the BT Yahoo! homepage with a redesigned BT.com website. It will feature breaking news and be used to showcase BT Sport, the company’s new television venture. . . ."

Motorola factory expected to have large economic impact on Fort Worth | Dallasnews.com - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News: "“The [potential] impact is pretty great to the metroplex,” said Randall, who worked for Nokia and helped develop the Fort Worth plant in 1994. “There were roughly 5,400 employees at Nokia and maybe another 3,000 to 4,000 at other companies.” Finnish-owned Nokia moved its cellphone production to Mexico and Asia in mid-2000. Motorola, based near Chicago and owned by Google, has invested $25 million so far to retrofit the 480,000-square-foot building, Randall said. Now it will become the only plant making Motorola products in the United States — and the first smartphone to be assembled in the United States."

Justice Department tries to force Google to hand over user data
Secret lawsuit in Manhattan filed last month asks judge to force Google to cough up user data without a search warrant. A different court has already ruled that the process is unconstitutional....

Apple Shifts Supply Chain Away From Foxconn to Pegatron - WSJ.com: "Pegatron's rise means an end to the monopoly that Foxconn Technology Group —the trade name for Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer—has held over the production of Apple's mobile products."

Apple's two-factor security isn't as good as Microsoft or Google's, say experts
Apple's two-factor authentication system does not protect users' private files backed up to the iCloud, it is claimed. Fanbois have been able to secure their Apple accounts with a two-step login process since March: these accounts are important because they ...

Google Announces HTC One with Clean Version of Android for $599
ABC News
At the All Things D conference Google Android and Chrome OS chief Sundar Pichai announced the HTC One Google Edition, which will take HTC's current One smartphone and put Google'suntarnished version of Android on the phone. HTC's One currently ...

Ex-Microsoft manager plans to create first US marijuana brand
SEATTLE (Reuters) - A former Microsoft executive plans to create the first U.S. national marijuana brand, with cannabis he hopes to eventually import legally from Mexico, and said he was kicking off his business by acquiring medical pot dispensaries in ...

Hey, Microsoft: It's the apps, stupid
Computerworld - Microsoft today revealed some of the changes in Windows 8 due to reach customers in a month, but didn't address what analysts called the biggest barrier to the OS's success. That would be Windows 8 apps, dubbed "Modern" apps, or if one ...

Microsoft aims to simplify with Windows 8.1
Fox News
Even as Microsoft positions Windows 8 as its solution to the popularity of touch-screen tablets, it hasn't proven it's compelling enough to put a major dent in the popularity of Apple Inc.'s pioneering iPad or other tablets running on Google Inc.'s ...

Google wants software vendors to respond to vulnerabilities within 7 days
... fix is very reasonable; they should not provide more." Google has a fairly large security research team whose members are often credited by third-party vendors, including large ones like Adobe andMicrosoft, with discovering vulnerabilities in ...

As Apple's CEO Hints At 'Game Changers' Like Smart TVs, Watches, Patents ...
While Apple Apple CEO Tim Cook declined to detail exactly what “incredible ideas” the company is working on, his hints this week around smart televisions and wearable computing devices suggest new gadgets in new categories are definitely in Apple's ...

Microsoft defends the design of the Xbox One
xbox-one-controller-2. SOFTWARE HOUSE Microsoft has treated punters to a closer look at its Xbox One games console, lingering on its controller, screens, and general desirability. The firm has pulled in some photos and comments from people close to the ...

Microsoft to settle Vringo lawsuit over search-related patents
Economic Times
The lawsuit came after a jury in Virginia awarded I/P Engine about $30 million in damages after fining companies including Google Inc and AOL Inc for infringing the same patents at issue in theMicrosoft case. That verdict last November was seen as a ...

Apple and Google got €25m in grant aid from IDA
Irish Independent
ENTERPRISE Minister Richard Bruton has said Apple and Google have received an aggregate €25m in grant assistance from the IDA since the two firms established in Ireland.

Apple's New Product Strategy | TechCrunch
By Darrell Etherington
Apple appears to be on a kick of delivering product refreshes to punctuate its major release cycle, with changes to devices and tweaked versions that go beyon..

Nuance CEO Confirms Siri Partnership with Apple - Mac Rumors
By Juli Clover
Nuance has long been given credit for powering Siri's speech recognition capabilities, but neither the company nor Apple have ever confirmed the... ... It has also formed partnerships with several other companies and Siri competitors, such as Amazon's Evi, and released an API for developers. Though Nuance is responsible for Siri's voice recognition capabilities, Ricci did point ... I love Apple, but face it, Siri's voice recognition is way behind Google. And until they allow developers to ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Want to know why there is no Apple TV yet? Then check out Fan TV ...
By Janko Roettgers
Fanhattan introduced a flashy new TV device that promises to combine live pay TV with online streaming - but making this actually work for consumers will be challenging.

How Google Is Finally Fixing Android's Deepest Flaw - Gizmodo
By Brian Barrett
You might not have noticed, but in the last two weeks Google has fixed the thing you hate most about Android.

HTC One Google Edition - Business Insider
By Steve Kovach
The HTC One Google Edition. ... Microsoft Invented A Tablet A Decade Before Apple And Totally Blew It · The New Bird Flu Will Spread More Easily ... 11 Hot Products From Amazon's Brand New Male Grooming Department · 11 Hot Products ...
Business Insider

Official Google Enterprise Blog: New mobile Admin app
To make it easier for Google Apps administrators to manage their users, services and devices, we recently announced a redesigned Admin console. Two weeks ...

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