12 May 2013

Coral Reefs Endangered But Not Doomed

Coral Reef In Danger, But Not Doomed; Local, Global Action Needed: Study
Design & Trend
Corals are seen at the Great Barrier Reef in this January 2002 handout photo. Rising carbon dioxide levels in the world's oceans due to climate change, combined with rising sea temperatures, could accelerate coral bleaching, destroying some reefs before ...

Design & Trend

Tech Company Says It Can Recover 'Deleted' Snapchat Pics
It turns out those messages that delete themselves can actually be recovered – for a fee. The popular app Snapchat, which allows mobile users to send photo and video messages to friends and know that they will automatically delete themselves after viewing ...


Microsoft appoints first female CFO - Explosion.com
Xbox owner Microsoft this week appointed Amy Hood as the new Chief Financial Officer, and she will be replacing outgoing CFO Peter Klein. Amy Hood will be the first female CFO at the company. Klein announced his intentions to leave the company last...


Over 78000 sign up for a chance at a one-way ticket to Mars
If you think it is adventurous enough to take a flight into space, say via Virgin Galactic's (relatively) soon to launch service, how about a trip to Mars? How about a one-way trip to Mars. As of Thursday, more than 78,000 people wanted to go.


Leaproaches, Mutant Butterflies and Other Insect News That the 17-Year ...
Smithsonian (blog)
Periodical cicadas, like the one pictured above, have missed a lot of news about insects since they last appeared. Photo via Wikimedia Commons. After 17 years underground, billions of cicadas are ready to emerge and see sunlight for the first time. They will ...

Smithsonian (blog)

Dragon's Crown Art Book To Be Included with Pre-Orders
Gaming Union
After the recent unveiling of the North American cover art for the upcoming Dragon's Crown by George Kamitani, president of Vanillaware, Atlus has announced that those who pre-order the game will also receive a soft covered, 64-page art book. This will ...

Gaming Union

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review
Hindu Business Line
We're not even halfway through the year, yet the stage is set for a clash of the titans. First, we had only the Apple iPhone 5, released late last year which had enthusiasts and fanboys gushing over it till the Apple Maps fiasco came into light. Since then, there...
Hindu Business Line

Google Now, a proactive personal assistant, available for iPhone, iPad
Hartford Courant
Google Now, a mobile feature designed by the Silicon Valley tech giant to give users information they might want before they search for it, is finally available for the Apple iPhone and iPad. The feature arrived recently as part of the latest update for the iPhone ...

Olympus Unveils PEN E-P5 With 16MP Sensor and Wi-Fi Connectivity
The Next Web
Olympus has unveiled the latest in its flagship range of Micro Four Thirds cameras, the Olympus PEN E-P5, which continues to blend vintage design aesthetics with high-end performance and versatility. The new mirrorless camera sports much of the same ...
The Next Web

Researchers Develop New Technology to Generate Electricity from Plants
French Tribune
Plants are known to get their energy directly from the sun through photosynthesis. Now, the scientists are claiming that the vast, renewable and cheap source of energy could be available for the human use. Ramaraja Ramasamy, a researcher at the University ...

French Tribune

Google I/O 2013 Preview
To compete with the iPad Mini Retina tablet expected from Apple, Google is reportedly upgrading its Nexus 7 tablet with a high-resolution screen and faster processor. Although not an earth-shattering development, an upgraded mini tablet certainly will ...

Amazon smartphone rumored to have 3D capabilities. How have others fared?
Washington Post
And the latest company rumored to be taking on the 3D challenge is a big one: Amazon, which The Wall Street Journal says is working on a smartphone with a very advanced display. According to the report, the smartphone would have a hologram-like ...

Microsoft honcho pleads with media: 'Stop picking on us!'
Apple markets two operating systems – OS X and iOS – each targeted toward a different audience and a different type of device. Microsoft, on the other hand, seems to want to shoehorn everything into the same box – and this is, in fact, one of the most ...

Google Earth Engine unveils how Earth has altered
Christian Science Monitor
The interactive map lets you track year-by-year changes to every spot on Earth, such as the drying up of Aral Sea in Central Asia, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in South America, or the urban expansion in the Nevada desert. Google started ...

Google, Nokia, BlackBerry News: Mobile Week Ahead
It's shaping up to be an exciting few days in the mobile industry as overlapping events being held by Nokia, BlackBerry, and Google promise new hardware, new software, and new technologies. All three companies have kept a fairly tight lid on what will ...

Google's Cloud Drops Custom Linux For Debian
In moving to Debian, Google is demonstrating that it wants Google Compute Engine to become less Google-technology specific and more of a standard platform. Compute Engine's predecessor, App Engine, a developer's platform as a service, restricted itself ...

Google should think before it unloads its Wallet
Computerworld (blog)
Google has a bad habit -- a terrible one: it leaps before it thinks. That's precisely what's happened in the company's adventures in NFC-based payment systems within Google Wallet. While this gave the company a short-lived PR advantage against Apple ...

Amazon Glass: The ultimate shopping experience
Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos then turned Amazon's technology infrastructure into a massive side business, Amazon Web Services, and is taking on Apple, Netflix, and Google with music, streaming video, and original programming. Then there is the consumer ...

Pentagon Plans to Clear Apple Devices for Network Use
The move would give Cupertino, California-based Apple the chance to eventually compete for military market share with BlackBerry, the Pentagon's dominant smartphone supplier, and Samsung Electronics Co. (005930), which gained the department's ...

Through The Looking Glass: What You'll See Through Google's ...
By Drew Olanoff
I've spent a little over three weeks with Google Glass, and I've noted that the utility aspect of the device is strong, but the fun isn't there.. ... Microsoft Goes Nuclear On Google Docs · Musk FWD.s · Kids' Programming Tool Scratch Now Runs In ...

Amazon Releases 'Cloud Drive Photos' App for iPhone - Mac Rumors
By Juli Clover
Photos stored in Amazon's cloud can be viewed through the iOS app or through a browser, which gives Amazon Cloud Photos a slight boost over competing Apple service Photo Stream. Like many other cloud services, access to Amazon's Cloud ... 18 hours ago on Front Page · In an interview with CNN Money, Microsoft chief financial officer Tami Reller said that Microsoft has talked to Apple about creating an iTunes app for Windows 8, but that users shouldn't expect... 292 comments ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Dragon's Crown introduces the Amazon | Joystiq
By Sinan Kubba
Atlus released the sixth character trailer for Dragon's Crown today, and it features the Amazon - remember when you saw that word and thought of female warriors rather than online deals? What thisAmazon lacks in outerwear (or anywear), ...

Google's rumored Babel chat service will reportedly launch - Engadget
By Darren Murph
Google hasn't even officially launched Babel, but word on the street has it that the aforesaid term was being used internally to reference a new, unified. ... NBC renews Community for a fifth season, possibly thanks to Amazon, Netflix. Next ...
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This Week at Microsoft - The Next Web
By Alex Wilhelm
Breaking down those numbers by operating system, Google's Android dominated with 59.5 percent share, followed by Apple's iOS and OS X at 19.3 percent share, and Microsoft's Windows and Windows Phone at 18.1 percent share. Tack on ...
The Next Web

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