29 May 2013

Google to Build Wireless Networks Abroad

Google is getting the next billion people online--

Google to Build Wireless Networks Abroad, Expand Ad Empire: Report
Google is strategizing to bring wireless connectivity (and mobile ads) to parts of the world without Internet access, says a new report. Nokia has talked about getting the next billion people online, but it's Google that's planning to build the networks. Google is ...

Western Digital debuts Se enterprise-class drive family
The four drives, which will ship in capacities between two terabytes and four terabytes, are now available through select distributors and resellers. They are priced between $160 and $310. Large-scale replicated environments, mid-sized network attached ...

Why Israel's Map App Waze Is Grabbing the Attention of Google and Facebook
The potential bidding tussle for Waze Inc., which uses information from online communities to improve driving directions, reflects the widening importance of maps on smartphones and other handheld gadgets. Waze has come long ...

EU to Ask More of Google
Wall Street Journal
BRUSSELS—The European Union's competition watchdog is likely to ask Google Inc. to make further concessions to address the concerns of competitors who have complained about the way the Internet search giant displays results. EU antitrust chief ...

Opera Launches Chromium-Based 'Next' Browser for Windows, Mac
PC Magazine
Opera has totally revamped the desktop version of its browser, which is now available for trial on Windows and Mac. The all-new browser, dubbed Opera Next 15, was built from scratch with a refreshed design and a slew of new features for a better browsing ...

Obama to confront Chinese president over spate of cyber-attacks on US
The Guardian
Barack Obama will confront Chinese president Xi Jinping next week over a spate of cyber-attacks on the US, including the latest allegation that Chinese hackers gained access to more than two dozen of America's most advanced weapons systems.

QE2 asteroid will fly by Earth, stay safe 3.6 million miles away at closest ...
Fox News
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – QE2 is set to sail ... at thousands of miles per second. An asteroid more than 1½ miles long -- with the same name as the famous cruise ship -- will zoom past Earth this week from a far-off distance. The big rock is called Asteroid ...

97% global warming consensus meets resistance from scientific denialism
The Guardian
The Skeptical Science survey finding 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming has drawn an incredible amount of media attention. Hundreds of media stories documented our survey and results. Lead author John Cook and I participated in a ...

The Walls Come Down in Fortress Nokia
Wall Street Journal
Samsung has vaulted to top spot by taking a commanding position in Finland's market for smartphones, and now controls 36% of the Finnish market compared with Nokia's 33.5%. A year ago, Nokia had a 48% share of the Finnish market, compared with 28% ...

Samsung likely to reveal Galaxy S 4 mini at June 20 event
Los Angeles Times
Samsung has scheduled a press event for June 20, where it is expected to introduce new products for its Android and Windows Phone lineups. The company Monday sent out an invitation for the event, saying it will take place in London starting at 10 a.m. PDT ...

Invasive lice causing baldness, death in US deer
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California wildlife officials in say an invasion of aggressive lice is causing deer across the state to go bald and is linked to numerous deer deaths. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that since 2009, researchers have collected hair ...

PC industry bleeding to explode into full-blown hemorrhaging in 2013, says IDC
The long, slow bleeding out of the PC market is going to explode into full-on hemorrhaging in 2013. So sayeth the market analysts at IDC, which just released a revised PC shipment forecast that casts the computer business in a very unflattering light.

Scientists transform cement into liquid metal
Laser beams and an aerodynamic levitator help scientists melt cement into a metallic-glass material that can act as a semiconductor. This playful image composite released ...

Report: Majority of Windows 8 Users Ignore Metro / Modern UI Applications
Tom's Hardware Guide
According to Soluto's May 2013 Monthly Insights Report, the majority of Windows 8 users on desktops, tablets and touch-screen notebooks do not use Metro / Modern UI applications. Included in Soluto's latest Monthly Insights Report is a rather interesting ...

Can Earthlings Crowdfund a Moon Colony?
The idea of moon colony isn't quite so alien anymore. Bigelow Aerospace LLC, a Las Vegas-based company that makes inflatable space habitats, has reached an agreement with NASA to study the possibility of returning men to the moon. It's part of a larger ...

A Ferrari Extravaganza at the RM Villa Erba Auction
New York Times (blog)
This 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta Competitizione sold at an RM Auctions event in Jerry Garrett This 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta Competitizione sold at an RM Auctions event in Italy late Saturday for $12,812,800. CERNOBBIO, Italy – A Ferrari ...

Mozilla and Foxconn Are Reportedly Building a Firefox Tablet
Mozilla is teaming up with Taiwanese company Hon Hai Precision Industry — better known as Foxconn — to launch a new device running the Firefox OS. Mozilla confirmed the partnership to Reuters and although the company wouldn't share the exact nature ...

Is It Time For A Private Space Race?
With the NASA on Russia for rides to the International Space Station (ISS) at $70.7m a seat until 2017 at the earliest, advocates of space exploration are increasingly looking to the private sector for their jetpack, moonwalk, rocket-powered future.

BL2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - The First 40 Minutes
Gearbox's Anthony Burch gets snarky while showing off the first forty minutes in Tiny Tina's DLC. Download. Choose your preferred download format: HD H.264 ...

Google Play Still Missing Top App Titles From iOS, Many Of Which Are Games
Many of today's tech companies and startups are still building their apps for iOS first, despite Android's growing marketshare. The problem stems from a lack of in-house talent, fewer Android-owning beta testers, technical hurdles, fragmentation issues, ...

LG Announces White Nexus 4, No Nexus 5
In a spring season loaded with new entries into the smartphone market, LG has announced a new color for its prized Nexus 4 model. It's also been reported that the new white Nexus 4 will most likely be the end of the Nexus line, and that previous indications ...

Microsoft Study: Employees More Productive With Social Tools Yet Companies ...
I've been thinking lately of corporate America's social lobotomy. Its disconnect between the wants and the want-nots. According to a recent Microsoft survey conducted by research firm Ipsos, nearly 50% of employees believe social tools make them ...

WordPress Is Now 10 Years Old
Ten years ago today, the first public release of WordPress became available. Initially started as a fork of the little-known blogging platform b2/Cafelog, WordPress has grown to be the largest CMS in the world, powering an astounding 18% of the web.

Centuries-old frozen plants revived
BBC News
Plants that were frozen during the "Little Ice Age" centuries ago have been observed sprouting new growth, scientists say. Samples of 400-year-old plants known as bryophytes have flourished under laboratory conditions. Researchers say this ...

Rumor: Apple to double 'iPhone 5S' Retina resolution to 1.5M pixels
Apple Insider
A new report claims Apple is planning to increase the resolution of a future iPhone model to 1.5 million pixels — double that of the pixel count on the current iPhone 5. The details come from a report by Chinese-language Weiphone (via Unwired View), which ...

Time-lapse video of Mars Curiosity rover sums up nine months of work - in just ...
Daily Mail
An amazing time-lapse video has squeezed the Mars Curiosity rover's nine-month mission into just one minute of viewing. The incredible clip is the work of Karl Sanford, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who claims that it's his first time making such a video.

U.N.: Accelerating loss of biodiversity poses serious threat to human survival
Science Recorder
A decline in the diversity of farmed plants and livestock breeds is gathering pace, threatening future food supplies for the world's growing population, the head of a new United Nations panel on biodiversity said on Monday.

The Evil Within Impressions: Pure Blooded Terror
What is "Survival Horror"? The term, originally coined back in 1996 with the release of Shinji Mikami's Resident Evil, officially means something along the lines of de-emphasized combat and the confrontation of traditionally horrific ideas and enemies.

Humpback whale spotted in Boston Harbor
BOSTON (AP) — A juvenile and possibly injured humpback whale was spotted swimming in Boston Harbor on Memorial Day before making its way back to the open ocean. The whale was spotted Monday morning by a whale watch boat about a half mile off ...

Microsoft Maneuvers For Piece Of Used Video Game Market
NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 08: GameStop e... The controversy over used games has erupted ever since the unveiling of the new Xbox One by Microsoft Microsoft. In my analysis, Microsoft is purposely creating this confusion about used games.

Great guns, but Fuse shooter is bursting with sameness
Globe and Mail
If I had to pinpoint it, I'd say it was between the 142nd and 143rd wave of seemingly unending generic enemies that I lost interest in Fuse, the latest shooter from Insomniac Games. Or maybe it was between the 202nd and 203rd? Who can really tell? That's not ...

Mojang's Scrolls open beta launch date and pricing revealed, collect those cards ...
Scrolls, that Mojang card game that had the crazy legal battle with Bethesda over the rights to the title Scrolls, now has a sort of release date. Just like Minecraft, Scrolls purchases will unlock access to the game's open beta and then the full release later on.

Google Glass: facial recognition coming soon
The new software from Lamda Labs, who are based in San Francisco, raises the prospect of never forgetting a face again, and also of internet recommendations for who Google Glass wearers should meet at large social gatherings. It will launch to computer ...

Future iPhone could adjust its volume based on your proximity
A newly published patent application from Apple describes a way in which the iPhone would automatically lower or raise its volume based on how close you are to the device....

For the cicada-obsessed, a place to watch them in action around the clock
Washington Post
Cicada Invasion. Go on bug watch with 'Cicada Cam'. More health and science news. Kids use Adderall and Ritalin without parents' knowledge. Rachel Rettner. Study finds disconnect between teens using stimulants without a perscription and parental ...

Bike Share Gets Rolling Across City
Wall Street Journal
Straddling a bike but never pedaling, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg rolled out a long-awaited bike-share program with a ding of a bicycle bell on Monday, an effort dubbed the city's first new public-transit option in 75 years. A signature Bloomberg ...

Testing an Android App Is a Huge Headache. Until Now. Meet TestFairy!
Huffington Post
While the mobile smartphone wars continue to intensify, judging by the pure market share numbers, Android is the clear winner. Again, not talking about revenue, mind share, branding or anything else, just pure market share. Yet, despite its dominance and ...

German rail network to fight graffiti with drones
Deutsche Bahn wants to deploy silent drones to thwart vandalism to its trains and property, which cost the operator nearly $10 million last year. Trains such as Deutsche Bahn's ...

Evacuations begin as volcano rumbles to life
New Zealand Herald
Chilean Interior and Security Minister Andres Chadwick said officials would soon begin evacuating 2240 people. Chilean and Argentine officials issued a red alert for the increasingly active Copahue volcano bordering the two countries and ...

Here's how to hunt planets in the dusk
Looking westward tonite (May 28th) about 45 minutes after sunset from about 40 degrees north. If you've never seen the planet Mercury, ...

Magic Lantern brings the gift of Raw video to Canon 50D
imaging resource
First announced way back in 2008, the Canon EOS 50D had a long run as Canon's premier mid-level DSLR. And this rather old camera may soon be getting a new lease on life thanks to the addition of a feature that it was never intended to have: video ...

UK Man Wins Curiosity, Finds Out What's Inside the Cube
Tom's Hardware Guide
Released back in November, Peter Molyneux and 22 Cans' Curiosity has attracted quite a bit of attention over the last six months. The experimental mobile game was launched as a multiplayer social experiment that saw players attempt to gain access to a ...

Google Buzz Data Migrated To Google Drive
Google Buzz Data Migrated To Google Drive Google is certainly big on the cloud, and their ill fated Google Buzz might still have some life left in it, or at least, in a spiritual sense. We have heard that Google's social service that hit a brick wall in October 2011, ...

Verizon Brings Blue RAZR HD And RAZR M To Market
Hot Hardware
Over the years, U.S. carriers have begun grasping for straws when it comes to "exclusives." In more recent days, coloring has been the in-thing. AT&T just announced that it would be the exclusive home to a red version of the Galaxy S4, and now Verizon is ...

Bell sounds for TV everywhere in Canada
Rapid tv news
Leading Canadian telco Bell Canada has launched technology that it claims will free viewers' HDTV experiences from cable. The new Fibe TV Wireless Receiver, exclusive to Bell, enables customers to transmit TV to up to five additional screens around a ...

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