30 May 2013

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report (slides)

Mary Meeker at D11 presents Internet Trends.
PALOS VERDE, Calif. -- In 1993, on the Internet nobody would know you were a dog. In 2013, everybody knows that you are a dog. That's how Mary Meeker, a general partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, described changes over the last two ...

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts
Did the real Justin Bieber just send you a friend request? Now you can know for sure, thanks to a new Facebook feature: Verified Pages. Much like verified accounts on Twitter, verified Facebook pages will now display a small blue check mark beside their ...

We should nuke dangerous asteroids, expert says
What could go wrong? Sending nuclear warheads into space might seem crazy, but it could be our only chance against asteroids in a crisis. Tim Hornyak. by Tim Hornyak. May 29, 2013 11:21 AM PDT Follow @robotopia. Hypervelocity hit: Comet Tempel 1 ...

Hellish Venus Dried Out Because It's Closer to Sun
Ultraviolet rays from the sun sapped Venus' atmosphere of water during the planet's evolution, keeping it in a "prolonged molten state" for longer than Earth's molten state, a team of Japanese scientists has found. Venus' vastly different environment came ...

Sandberg: Teens not abandoning Facebook
Facebook's No. 2 exec also addresses lukewarm reaction to Home, saying the company is on a path to make it more stable: "You love it or you don't. It's bimodal." Dan Farber. by Dan Farber. May 29, 2013 10:20 AM PDT Follow @dbfarber. Facebook COO ...

Beam us up! Upstart's Transporter whisks small biz from cloud madness
Connected Data has launched its cloud-free Transporter storage box in Europe. A second-generation version is due to go on sale in the US. The upstart hardware maker, which yesterday announced a merger with file storage firm Drobo, is betting that not ...

Cisco gobbles cloud power meter biz JouleX for $107m
The cash-laden and ever-acquisitive Cisco Systems is at it again, and has snapped up JouleX, which has created a set of cloudy software tools to monitor and manage power consumption in the data center. Cisco is shelling out $107m to acquire JouleX, and ...

Facebook waves good-bye to Waze, opens door for Google
Computerworld - Facebook is reportedly pulling out of acquisition negotiations with mobile app provider Waze, opening the door for a Google buy. Citing unnamed sources,All Things D reported today that talks between Facebook and crowd-sourced mapping ...

Even Finns Don't Want Nokia Phones Anymore
Nokia, which once sat atop the pile in the mobile phone world, lost its distinction as Finland's leading seller of mobile phones in the first quarter, according to numbers from the research firm IDC, which were first reported by Digitoday.fi, a Finnish news site.

Robot predicts your actions - so it can help (or pour you a beer)
The robot helps a human accomplish a task it has anticipated they are attempting (putting something inside a refrigerator). It's a sci-fi trope that's been used in dozens of movies and books: The robot with the high-precision eyes, blazing-fast silicon brain, and ...

Use-it-yourself orbiting space telescope in the works
Asteroid mining company Planetary Resources has launched a $1 million Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put a publicly-accessible telescope into space, and fund educational research. Daniel Terdiman. by Daniel Terdiman. May 29, 2013 10:33 AM ...

Microsoft delivers first phase of Lync-Skype integration
Summary: Microsoft is rolling out, as promised, the first of its Lync-to-Skype integration capabilities, with more features and platform support to follow. Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | May 29, 2013 -- 15:22 GMT (08:22 PDT). Follow @ ...

Twitter supercharges tweeting on iOS and Android
The latest versions of Twitter's mobile apps are designed to make tweeting -- and sharing photos -- easier than ever. Daniel Terdiman. by Daniel Terdiman. May 29, 2013 10:56 AM PDT Follow @GreeterDan. Twitter released new versions of its iOS and ...

'Mars rat' spied by NASA's Curiosity rover
Fox News
Is that a rat on Mars? A photo from the mast camera on NASA's Curiosity rover reveals the dusty orange, rock-strewn surface of the Red Planet -- and what starry-eyed enthusiasts claim is a dusty orange rodent hiding among the stones. The photo, taken Sept.

New Gmail Inbox Will Auto-Organize Incoming Mail
ABC News
Google is about to make some big changes to its popular Gmail that will make it easier to sort email. Today the search giant announced a new style and some additional features, which are set to roll out soon. Android, iOS, and desktop users will be treated to ...

Apple Files $53M iPhone Settlement
ABC News
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has filed a $53 million preliminary class settlement agreement in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, potentially allowing $200 refunds to iPhone and iPod Touch customers who claim they should be covered under warranties ...

Microsoft adds a 256 GB Surface Pro to its line up
Summary: Microsoft is starting to roll out 256 GB versions of its Surface Pro tablet/PC hybrids, starting with Japan in June. Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | May 29, 2013 -- 13:35 GMT (06:35 PDT). Follow @maryjofoley. Microsoft will ...

Archaeopteryx restored in fossil reshuffle
BBC News
What may be the earliest creature yet discovered on the evolutionary line to birds has been unearthed in China. The fossil animal, which retains impressions of feathers, is dated to be about 160 million years old. Scientists have given it the name Aurornis, ...

Microsoft Office 365 Hits 1 Million Subscriptions
The latest version of Microsoft Office is the company's best-selling edition to date, hitting the 1 million milestone just 100 days after its launch, Microsoft announced on Wednesday. The company said Office 365 Home Premium — also known as Office 2013 ...

Google's 'Roll It' transforms your phone and PC into a virtual skee ball game
PCWorld (blog)
Prepare to waste some time today, though this game's a bit more difficult to hide from the boss than your average hand of Solitaire. Google's released a nifty little browser game dubbed Roll It, a virtual version of the classic skee ball game that shows what's ...

Twitter CEO: We're not competing with TV and news media, we're 'complementary'
RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. – While others might see tech companies as competing with the media, Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo doesn't see things that way. “We view ourselves as complementary to what those folks are doing, and we try to ...

On NYC's Wheels, Chicago Joins The Bike Sharing Craze
Chicago has always been known as the Second City, and on Wednesday, it became the second major U.S. city this week to embrace bike sharing. The Windy City kicked off the membership drive for Divvy Bikes, a new transit system of 4,000 bikes and 400 ...

Tropes vs. Women In Video Games Reveals An Ugly Truth
The Feminist Frequency uploaded the second episode of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, “Damsels in Distress part 2″ on Tuesday, and whether or not you agree with Ms. Sarkeesian's analysis on female characters, she does bring to light an ugly truth ...

Social networks face free-speech test
Financial Times
In the US Supreme Court's 1964 landmark ruling on obscenity, Justice Potter Stewart famously refused to define pornography. “But I know it when I see it,” he wrote. Half a century later, social media networks are the new arbiter of what is offensive and what is ...

Tim Cook Should Stop Trying To Win Over Investors Through Speeches
The stock has dropped from $700 to the low $400s.David Einhorn has criticized the company for not returning more cash to shareholders. Jeff Gundlach has said the company is no longer innovative. I thought Tim Cook was a fine leader last August and I still ...

Google+ iOS App Gets 'Awesome' Photo Boost
PC Magazine
Google on Tuesday rolled out an update to its Google+ iOS app, which focuses on keeping Google+ images organized and looking snazzy. In a blog post, Google's Frank Petterson tipped functions like Auto Backup, Highlight, Enhance, and Awesome, as well ...

Acer Working on Windows 8 Haswell-based Tablet
Tom's Hardware Guide
Currently using the codename "Bulgari," the unannounced tablet will reportedly feature a huge 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and an 8 MP camera on the back. The tablet is reportedly "almost ready" to launch, indicating that it could be one ...

Opera 15 provides a mish-mash of Opera features and the Chrome interface
Ars Technica
The beta of Opera's WebKit-based browser will be familiar to both Opera and Chrome fans. by Peter Bright - May 29, 2013 2:45 am UTC. The Web · 77. Opera Software has released the preview of Opera 15, the first version of its desktop browser to use the ...

ITC to review split decision in Apple v. Samsung patent case
Apple Insider
Ahead of an expected final decision in the coming months, the International Trade Commission will take another look at a decision by one of its judges that found Samsung had infringed one Apple patent but not another. overthinking. A figure from Apple's U.S. ...

AMD Still Too High To Buy After Bounce On Xbox And PlayStation Wins
The big three in gaming consoles are Sony Sony, Microsoft Microsoft, and Nintendo Nintendo. Both Microsoft and Sony have announced new next generation consoles after a long hiatus. PS4 is the new console from Sony and Xbox One is the new console ...

Fast-Spinning Magnetic Star Has Strange Glitch
One of the strongest magnets in the universe, a magnetar, is unexpectedly capable of a strange new kind of glitch — a mysterious, unexplained drop in speed, researchers say. Unraveling what briefly put the brakes on this powerhouse's spin could help shed ...

Verizon's Galaxy S4 will be first to utilize faster LTE spectrum
TechRadar UK
Sure, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 from any major U.S. carrier, but how many of them can promise you'll have an even faster data connection in just a few short months? If you answered Verizon, give yourself a pat on the back. Bloomberg reported ...

Google updates New York Street View with 9/11 memorial
CNET (blog)
Those of you who can't travel to New York City to see the 9/11 memorial can now tour it through the eyes of Google's Street View. The latest changes to Street View display images of the memorial at the World Trade Center site where you can zoom in and out ...

ILOA details its ILO-X lunar telescope, wants it on the Moon in 2015
The International Lunar Observatory Association and Moon Express have spent years working on their privately-backed, Moon-bound ILO-X telescope. Today, they can finally share the nuts-and-bolts details of their flight test hardware. Not surprisingly, the ...

iPhone owners spend 55% more time on their phone than Android users
Apple Insider
New smartphone usage data shows that iPhone owners spend an additional 26 minutes per day on Apple's handset more than the average Android device user. Experian. While an Android smartphone owner spends an average of 49 minutes per day on ...

MediaTek launches quad-core tablet chip
Taiwan's MediaTek has launched a new quad-core ARM processor for tablets that is slated to be used in an upcoming IdeaTab device from Lenovo. The MT8125 chip features a quad-core processor built with ARM's Cortex A7 CPU and can run at up to 1.5 ...

Microsoft helps launch interactive Everest site mapping climate change and 60 ...
The Verge
Microsoft is teaming up with GlacierWorks to launch Everest: Rivers of Ice, an interactive website that lets you explore the areas around the world's tallest mountain. Built entirely in HTML5, Rivers of Ice contains gigapixel panoramas that capture life in the ...

AMD bridges road to ARM with new low-power x86 server chips
Advanced Micro Devices had no plans to release low-power x86 server chips until the release of its ARM-based servers in 2014, but sagging server fortunes have changed the company's direction. The company is introducing two low-power quad-core ...

GM 'hybrid' fish pose threat to natural populations, scientists warn
The Guardian
The offspring of genetically modified salmon and wild brown trout are even faster growing and more competitive than either of their parents, a new study has revealed, increasing fears that GM animals escaping into the wild could harm natural populations.

New Macs, Updated iOS and Mac Software, No iOS Hardware Expected for ...
Mac Rumors
Wwdc Following Tim Cook's appearance at D11 last night, respected Apple journalist Jim Dalrymple has posted his expectations for Apple's WWDC Keynote next month. It's not clear if Dalrymple, who is known to have excellent contacts at Apple, is passing on ...

Frozen plants from the Little Ice Age regenerate spontaneously
Ars Technica
Retreating glaciers are proving to be good news for plant scientists. Underneath one such glacier on Ellesmere Island in Canada, researchers have found plants that they believe have regrown after being entombed in the glacier for more than 400 years, since ...

What does Blue mean for Windows Server 2012?
We're expecting to hear the details about the Blue update of Windows Server 2012 that's proceeding in tandem with Windows 8.1 (as the Blue update of Windows 8 is now known) at Microsoft's TechEd in the first week of June. We've heard little about this ...

Small-scale US lab experiment removes CO2 from atmosphere at relatively low ...
Environment & Energy Publishing
Scientists say they have found a cheaper and more efficient way to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory also say that their tested process has added benefits -- it may be able to reduce ...

Google may have to revise proposals to EU competition authorities yet again
Computer Weekly is the leading provider of news, analysis, and opinion for the UK IT community. DOWNLOAD NOW! IT Management. IT management. Strategy · Governance · IT leadership & CW500 · Project management · Supplier management ...

New Space Station Crew Arrive in Record Time
Discovery News
A Soyuz spacecraft carrying the Expedition 36/37 crew to the International Space Station is seen in station cameras just before docking on May 28, 2013. NASA TV. Related Links. VIDEO: What Space Does to the Human Body · New Space Station Crew ...

BlackBerry Q10 coming to T-Mobile June 5
CNET (blog)
You may have already pre-ordered the T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10, but today TMO officially announced the device will hit its stores on June 5. T-Mobile also disclosed the physical-keyboarded handset will cost an initial payment of $99.99. Running BlackBerry's ...

Here we go again! Analyst says PC market will wait for Windows Blue
As the PC market continues to tip further into free fall–with IDC forecasting a 7.8 percent sales decline this year—one Wall Street analyst suggested Tuesday that PC buyers will continue to wait for Windows Blue and the second half of 2013 to upgrade their ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to arrive early alongside two new iPhones?
TechRadar UK
The next few months could turn out to be pretty busy as rumours start to circulate around several new smartphones which may break cover in that time. Now we'll warn you that the latest news comes via Digitimes - the incredibly hit and miss Taiwanese ...

Apple CEO: Google Glass a 'difficult' product
CNN International
Rancho Palos Verdes, California (CNN) -- Google Glass, the wearable technology from the search giant, is gaining a ton of buzz. But Apple CEO Tim Cook is not a huge fan of its potential. "I think from a mainstream point of view, this is difficult ...

Amazon now supports signing in to apps, sites with your Amazon ID
Using a new API announced by Amazon Web Services, developers can use Amazon.com, Facebook, or Google's sign-in systems for their cloud-based apps. Perhaps more importantly for end users, Amazon Web Services has also integrated the recently ...

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