06 April 2013

Microsoft decided it didn't want to be Microsoft anymore, hence Windows 8

At some point, Microsoft decided it didn't want to be Microsoft anymore. It wanted to be Apple. Hence the disastrous world of Windows 8--terrible to unusable on the desktop, tiny market share in tablets and phones. Brilliant!

Microsoft's Influence Fading Fast: Gartner
What's more, the firm believes Apple's ecosystem will end up running on about as many machines as Microsoft's, leaving Redmond, at best, as one of three major OSes in the mix. "It becomes obvious Microsoft has a problem," Milanesi said. Microsoft can ...

and Microsoft was warned--early--
Final thoughts on Windows 8: A design disaster | ZDNet: (June 7, 2012) "I've been following Windows 8 closely over the past few months, spending a lot of time not only with the official releases but also with a number of leaked builds, and I've had the chance to install the operating system on a variety of hardware platforms, both old and new. . . I'm now ready to sum up my Windows 8 experience with a single word: awful. I could have chosen a number of other words -- terrible, horrible, painful and execrable all spring to mind -- but it doesn't matter, the sentiment is the same. And I don't say this lightly. I want to like Windows 8. I really do. From a performance point of view, I've no complaints . . . But despite being rock-solid, snappy and responsive, as a platform to do real-world work on, Windows 8 feels utterly unusable, and that's down to one thing -- the "Metro UI" user interface . . . "

and there is no good reason for Windows Phone to exist--

Boot up: Facebook Home, Apple loses patent plea, Windows Phone failure, and more | Technology | guardian.co.uk: "In 2012, UK telecom carrier O2 commissioned a study of smartphone users. It showed that a typical user spends more than two hours a day (128 minutes) with their smartphone. The majority of this time, however, is spent on activities where Microsoft's Windows Phone offers no significant advantages over iPhone or the best Android devices."

Google's Blink: In beta for everything but iOS by June - but don't expect to ...
One of the technical reasons Google cites for the move to Blink is Chrome's multi-process layer.Apple wanted to integrate that layer with WebKit2 when it was introduced in 2010, but Googleknocked it back due to the work it would require. Instead ...

Facebook barges into Google's Android smartphone turf with Home application
Washington Post
Facebook Home will operate on phones running Google Inc.'s Android software and present Facebook status updates, messages and other content on the home screen, rather than making the user fire up Facebook's app. The software will ... By contrast ...

Microsoft Outlook ready to run on Windows RT?
A fresh rumor out today holds that Microsoft Outlook is coming to Windows RT. The popular e-mail application is conspicuously absent on Windows RT devices. That is, RT devices -- which run a limited version of Windows 8 on the ARM chip platform -- come ...

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos invests in Business Insider
Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon (AMZN, Fortune 500), led a group of investors in a $5 million funding of Blodget's financial blog Business Insider. Blodget told staffers in an internal memo that Bezos' individual investment is a "significant" portion of ...

Microsoft: No more support for you, Office for Mac 2008
Customers, however, have less than three more years before Office for Mac 2011 falls off Microsoft'ssupport list in January 2016. Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld.

Boot up: Facebook Home, Apple loses patent plea, Windows Phone failure, and ...
The Guardian (blog)
Samsung and Google's Motorola Mobility have just scored a win over a famous Appleuser interface patent. The Bundespatentgericht, Germany's ... Ouya review: can an indie console take on Sony and Microsoft? >> The Verge. David Pierce: With Ouya's...

The Guardian (blog)

Google and Frommer's Part Ways
Wall Street Journal
Google declined to give a reason for the about-face but said it had been integrating content from Frommer's into its Google+ Local business listings and other Google services. It also said it is licensing certain travel content to Mr. Frommer, though ...

Indian police investigating Google mapping contest
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Police in India are investigating to determine whether U.S. Internet company Google Inc violated rules in a competition that asked users to add information about their local areas for its online map services after a government ...

Apple's iRadio service completes its '2013, innovation on steroids' agenda
Computerworld (blog)
The Apple [AAPL] rumor mill is in overdrive as it seems all the eggs in the company's barn are beginning to hatch. This week has seen news on new iPhones, iPads, the Apple television, "cheap" iPhone, iOS 7 and, now on the playlist -- Apple's iRadio ...

Google Says Facebook Home Demonstrates Android's Openness ...
By Drew Olanoff
Clearly, Google is firing a rocket at its competitor Apple, which is notoriously very stiff when it comes to customization. In Apple's mind, its users don't know what they want to see until it shows it to them. By letting a company like Facebook take ...

Google Glass developer presentation from SXSW finally available to ...
By Richard Lawler
We covered it in our liveblog and dug up news on various apps already working with Google's Mirror API to present their information in ways that are designed for the wearable units, don't get in the way, and don't pop up at bad times.
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Apple Close to Striking Deal with Record Labels for iRadio - Mac ...
By Juli Clover
Apple is close to signing a deal with both Warner Music and Universal Music Group for its rumored streaming music service, reports CNET. ... Google's Project Glass for example. ... Microsoft to End Support for Office 2008 for Mac on April 9 ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Microsoft Creative Director 'Doesn't Get The Drama' Around Always ...
By Luke Plunkett
Adam Orth is a creative director at Microsoft Studios. That places him pretty high up on Microsoft's video game chain of command. Not the top, but he's an important guy.

Google fighting back on unconstitutional National Security Letters - RT
Google, the world's largest search engine and primary arbiter of the Internet, is putting up a fight against a controversial and unconstitutional national security inquest from the US government.
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