15 April 2013

Guardian Goggles video - life is too short to think for yourself

 Guardian Goggles: because life's too short to think for yourself - video
Alan Rusbridger, editor in chief, unveils the latest exciting step in the Guardian's mission to ...

Google Proposes Settlement Terms to EU Regulators
Wall Street Journal
That means Google is likely to avoid the fate of Microsoft Corp., which was punished by the EU over how it distributed its Internet Explorer Web browser to consumers. The EU levied multibillion-dollar fines against Microsoft forced it to change some of ...

No Microsoft Office for iPhones or Android devices until 2014
Sin Chew Jit Poh
However, the longer the company waits to launch its apps, the more competition it will face and new apps and services offering everything from word processing and inbox management to spreadsheet formatting appear in Apple's App Store and the Google ...

Apple board member's remarks pique iWatch speculation
Recent remarks from Bill Campbell, an Apple board member and close friend of Steve Jobs, suggest that rumors about an iWatch -- or perhaps even an Apple competitor to Google's high-tech Glass specs -- might be worth heeding. At an event for Intuit ...

Does Apple need a hybrid MacBook?
Then there's Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet. It has laptop-class performance (via its Intel Ivy Bridge chip), but it's considerably thicker and heavier than an iPad and has inferior battery life. Putting aside the question of whether Apple would ...

Google releases tool for managing online data after death
Arab News
Planning “your digital afterlife” — a phrase Google uses on its website — is aimed at keeping the company out of messy family affairs. Privacy laws prohibit Google from sharing personal information, even with a user's closest surviving relatives ...

Arab News

Microsoft History: Windows, Office, IE and Xbox 360
Vancouver Sun
Formed in 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, Microsoft is one of the biggest and most successful computer tech companies of all-time. The business worked with several other companies early on to develop programming ...

Veteran analyst Sherlund downgrades Microsoft in wake of steep PC shipment ...
The Seattle Times (blog)
Microsoft shares, which had been up earlier this week agove $30 — possibly as a reaction to the news that the company along with 16 others had brought antitrust complaints against Google'sAndroid before the European Union — was down again today.

Google Enters test Phase
Last week FairSearch, a group representing Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Expedia Inc. (EXPE) and Nokia Oyj (NOK1V), filed an antitrust complaint against Google over its Android operating system, which FairSearch said was used in 70 percent of smartphones at ...

Google superfast Internet service heads to Texas
Google Fiber debuted in Kansas City and in November began providing users there with Internet service that moves data at a blazing gigabyte per second, about 100 times faster than the speed provided by typical broadband connections. Photo: AFP ...


Google, Yahoo, Microsoft execs back CISPA through trade group
A tech trade group whose guiding lights include executives from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo sent a letter to Congress this week in support of CISPA -- the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act -- proposed cybersecurity legislation that's ...

Songza Raised $3.8M According To SEC Filing, Amazon Still In The ...
By Mike Butcher
While Amazon has long been an “unconfirmed” investor listed on AngelList, it parlayed its investment in the earlier Aime St vehicle into Songza. In late 2011 the startup closed what was reportedly a 'seven-figure' round of financing led by ...

PSA: Xbox Live sign-in issues ongoing, Microsoft working on it ...
By Jordan Mallory
Update: Limited connectivity appears to have returned, although Microsoft warns that users may still encounter errors while managing their friends lists and/or while attempting to send text or voice messages over Xbox Live. [Thanks to ...

Xbox Live is Down: Microsoft is Working on Signing In Issue
By Alex Wilhelm
This sort of network issue is embarrassing for Microsoft, a company that recently endured a very public squabble concerning gaming console access; an employee at the company went on a public tirade on Twitter, claiming that 'always -on' ...
The Next Web

Mental Health Related Google Searches Decline In Summer ...
Mental Health Related Google Searches Decline In Summer. A study tracking Google searches about mental health issues showed substantial decreases in summer versus winter, implying a lessening of symptoms during the longer, warmer days. Larry Greenemeier reports. Tweet. Tweet. submit to reddit · play Listen to this Podcast. Listen to this Podcast. Download MP3. More 60-Second Tech. Amazon X-Ray Aims to End Unidentified Actor Angst. 4/7/13 ...
Scientific American

Baidu Sets Up Shop In Google's Backyard - Business Insider
By Julie Bort
Google Is Whittling Away At The iPhone's Best Remaining Advantage · Microsoft Skewers GoogleFor Giving Your Personal Data To App Developers. About six miles south of the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif., is the town of Cupertino.
Business Insider

Facebook Home - Android Apps on Google Play
Facebook Home is the mobile experience that puts your friends at the heart of your phone. From ...

How to tell Google what to do with your account in the afterlife - CNN ...
Google launched the service on its account settings page to give users options with their account should it remain inactive for an extended period of time.

Successful Indie Dev Defends Microsoft, Xbox 360 - IGN
The Behemoth, the successful indie dev behind Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater, has come to the defense of Microsoft.
Cameron: 'fact' that North Korea has 'technology ...
David Cameron has said that it is a “fact” that North Korea has thetechnology to reach the UK with ...

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