10 April 2013

How to delete yourself from the internet (video)

 How to delete yourself from the internet - video ...
With help from technology writer Jemima Kiss, Guardian journalist Mark Rice- Oxley tries to ...

Google target of Microsoft-led antitrust complaint
Android operating systems have the largest share of the smartphone market worldwide, followed byApple's iOS platform with systems from Blackberry, Microsoft and others far behind. "Google'spredatory distribution of Android at below-cost makes it ...

Blackmagic ILC puts raw video in your pocketCNET
Blackmagic, maker of affordable 4K video cameras, has come up with a really interesting little $995 HD camera designed to appeal to video enthusiasts. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is an interchangeable-lens camera about the size of an ...

Worldwide Domain Names Top 252 Million
PC Magazine
More than six million names were added to the Internet in the fourth quarter of 2012, bringing the total number worldwide to a whopping 252 million-plus top-level domains (TLDs), according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign. The .coms ...

Q&A: Why Ericsson snagged Microsoft's Mediaroom
Microsoft's fizzled efforts in IPTV is viewed by Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson as a bright opportunity. USA TODAY asked Ericsson's senior executive Per Borgklint why the company is so bullish about it acquisition of Microsoft's Mediaroom IPTV ...

Intel announces next-gen Thunderbolt with 4K resolution support, 20Gpbs ...
Apple Insider
Intel on Monday announced the next-generation of Thunderbolt transfer technology, which promises to bring 20-gigabyte per second transfer speeds to computing systems equipped with the new technology. According to Intel, the upgraded Thunderbolt ...

Virgin Mobile fires salvo at T-Mobile, offers $100 to switch
The no-contract wireless wars are starting to heat up, with Virgin trying to lure T-Mobile customers over and buy a smartphone before May 31 Virgin Mobile has its sights set ...

Climate Change Could Mean Bumpier Flights
National Geographic
Areas of predicted clear-air turbulence at cruising altitudes over the North Atlantic Ocean on a simulated winter day under doubled carbon dioxide conditions. Image courtesy Paul Williams, University of Reading. Jane J. Lee. National Geographic News ...

National Geographic

Brain drain: Your thoughts could soon replace passwords
How many times have you been told never to write your passwords down? What if your passwords never had to leave your brain — ever? A team at the University of California Berkeley may have found a way to make “pass-thoughts” commercially accepted.


“Defiance” is both a TV show and a video game
The new SyFy drama “Defiance” is taking a big leap and is going to be the first TV show to have a video game counterpart weaved into it at the same time. While it's normal for some shows and movies to have video games made after they air, like The Walking ...


Microsoft Sheds Old TV Baggage to Focus on New Xbox
New York Times (blog)
Microsoft is planning to reveal details about its new Xbox video game console at an event in May, as the games industry prepares for a new generation of hardware that it hopes will lift sales. Microsoft is currently aiming to hold the event May 21, though it was ...

Liquid Robotics launches new generation of wave glider ocean robots
Liquid Robotics is revolutionizing our understanding of the oceans with its unmanned sensor robots. And today, the company is announcing a new version, dubbed the Wave Glider SV3, with advanced capabilities such as a hybrid propulsion system.


Patent troll Lodsys sues 10 mobile game makers, despite Apple's intervention
Ars Technica
Lodsys got attention back in 2011 when it went after small app developers, demanding about one half-percent (.575 percent, to be exact) of their revenue if they use in-app purchases. By May of that year, Apple intervened in the legal action, arguing that since ...

Ars Technica

Irrational releases beautiful alternative BioShock Infinite covers for printing
Developer Irrational Games released BioShock Infinite a few weeks ago to fawning reviews. Gamers seem mostly satisfied with the first-person shooter in the sky, but many still don't like the cover or even the alternative box art printed on the opposite side.


HTC Posts Record-Low Profit After Latest Smartphone Delayed
HTC Corp. (2498) (2498), Taiwan's largest smartphone maker, posted its lowest quarterly profit on record after the delay of its newest flagship phone caused revenue to miss the company's target. First-quarter net income plunged 98 percent to NT$85 million ...


Americans' Concerns About Global Warming on the Rise
PRINCETON, NJ -- U.S. worry about global warming is heading back up after several years of expanded public skepticism. Views on the subject are now near the midpoint in Gallup trends, exemplified by the 58% of Americans who say they worry a great deal ...

US patent office retracts rejection of Apple's iPad Mini trademark
Computerworld - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last week reversed itself, withdrawing a rejection of Apple's trademark application for "iPad Mini," according to a document published by the agency. In an letter mailed to Apple last Wednesday, ...


Microsoft to pull plug on Windows XP next year
A year from today, Microsoft will end support for XP, meaning millions of PCs that still rely on the operating system will no longer receive monthly security patches and system updates--a critical juncture for owners of the 39% of PCs worldwide still relying on ...

Frozen Record: Nissan GT-R Goes 183 MPH on Russian Lake
MotorTrend Magazine
The Nissan GT-R has set a new Russian record as the fastest production car on ice, with an average speed of 183.18 mph (294.8 kmh) across Lake Baikal. Driven by Russian race driver Roman Rusinov and auto journalist Andrey Leontjev, the stock 2012 ...

MotorTrend Magazine

Google Drive for iPhone updates with landscape mode and better performance
Google Drive and iPhone users rejoice. Google just updated their Google Drive app for the iPhone, and it comes with one new feature that completely changes how you edit documents on your smartphone. The updated app now includes landscape mode for ...


Monkey chatter smacks of human speech, researcher says
Los Angeles Times
Are monkeys talking behind our backs? That creepy "Planet of the Apes" sensation struck University of Michigan researcher Thore Bergman when he heard the lip-smacking sounds of wild geladas, a baboon-like primate found in the Ethiopian highlands.

Are We Paying Enough Attention to Information Technology's Dark ...
By Jason Dorrier
Technological power is not new, of course, but information technology's exponential pace and declining cost is changing how the global game is played and who the players are. Control of technology is passing from the richest states and ...
Singularity Hub

Column: Old movies harken to days of once-amazing technology ...
In the 1979 movie “The China Syndrome” the main character played by Jane Fonda returns to her home and listens to a message on her answering machine. It was the first time I saw an answering machine. It used cassette tapes and looked ...
Spokesman.com: Latest stories

IT Hiccups of the Week: Computer Technology Upgrade Sours Small ...
By Robert N. Charette
Computer problems greatest UK niggle, blunder at Hong Kong racetrack, New Hampshire Medicaid System passes first tests.
IEEE Spectrum Recent Content

Technology, public participation needed for better governance: Modi
Government means rules and regulations while governance means delivery. Government is all about power, governance is all about empowerment. Government is all about files, governance is all about life. Government is all about outlay, ...
IBN Top Headlines

Vehicle-to-Building Technology Rises With PEV Sales ...
By Environmental Leader
Vehicle-to-building technology, which makes energy stored in plug-in electric vehicle batteries available to commercial and residential buildings, is garnering new attention as PEV sales climb, according to a report by Navigant Research.
Environmental Management & Energy News

Smartphone Technology Puts Mobile Scanning Power in Customers ...
Mobile scanning technologies turn smartphones into mobile assistants that give shoppers independence as they browse the aisles and checkout.
Supermarket News

New Apple Job Listing Hints At Fingerprint Technology For Future ...
By Adnan Farooqui
Over the past few months we have heard a lot of rumors that the next generation iPhone could come with a fingerprint sensor under its Home...

Technology, Education and Brains Team Up at Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend EDU had five teams working together with technology, education and the future in mind.
WCAV - HomePage - Headlines

ISIS Pharmaceuticals Next-Gen cET Technology on Shaky Grounds
By Dirk Haussecker
On the same day, Santaris announced that the USPTO had rebuffed the second patent challenge concerning its conformationally constrained nucleotide technology (LNA). As ISIS and Regulus have decided on making the LNA-derived cET ...
RNAi Therapeutics

Technology allows firefighters to fight fires faster - 620 WTMJ ...
Former Acting Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt and his family are cleaning up after a fire at the family's home over the weekend. Read about what kept it from being worse.

How geolocation technology is helping save lives in the developing ...
We might use it to find a restaurant, but in Nigeria it is helping to reduce mortality in childbirth.

NASA - NASA Invests in Small Business Innovative Research and ...
NASA has selected 295 research and technology proposals from 216 American small businesses for negotiations that may lead to contract awards worth a ...

From touch displays to the Surface: A brief history of touchscreen ...
The beginnings of capacitive, resisitive, and multitouch screens.

Technology predictions - Chris Dixon
Technology predictions. For those of us in the prediction business, it's sometimes useful to go back and read past predictions to try to discern patterns in what ...

New Technology Could Engineer the Perfect Baseball Swing
What if a baseball coach could truly determine what a player must do to hit the ball out of the park?

Shaping technology to the story - Nieman Journalism Lab
"Sometimes the technology leads, and sometimes, the journalism has to lead."

"Digital technology will continue to disappear"
Google Creative Lab creative director Alexander Chen discusses Google Glass and the future of user interface design.


Globalism and Technology: A Hidden Misconception That Dooms ...
Money, not freedom, drives innovation -- so watch out for China!

Scientists develop fusion rocket technology in lab – and aim for Mars ...
Researchers at the University of Washington say they've built all the pieces for a fusion-powered rocket system that could get a crew to Mars in 30 days.

Beijing Opposes U.S. Rule on Technology Imports - NYTimes.com
China expressed “resolute opposition” and “strong dissatisfaction” with a new U.S. cyberespionage rule limiting imports of Chinese-made information technology ...

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