20 April 2013

Google's Profit Up 16%

Despite Microsoft's cheap shots, and meritless "investigations" by the EU and the FTC, Google perseveres, and is profitable--

Google's Profit Rises 16%
Wall Street Journal
Google on Thursday provided more evidence it is weathering the storm of lower prices for online ads on mobile devices when the Internet giant reported stable revenue for the first quarter. WSJ's Amir Efrati reports.  Google Inc ...

Amazon to pilot TV comedies and children's shows online
BBC News
The shows will be aired on Amazon's pay subscription services - Amazon Prime in the US, and Lovefilm in the UK - but Morris told the BBC they would be available to everyone and not just subscribers. The adult pilot shows include Alpha House, about four ...

BBC News

Amazon's Goodreads Purchase Scuttled Apple Partnership
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Around March, Apple pinged Goodreads to move forward with the talks, these people said. ITunes officials were perplexed when Goodreads executives went quiet, two of the people said. During that period, Goodreads had cozied up to Amazon, which ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Apple Finally Reveals How Long Siri Keeps Your Data
Wired (blog)
This is the first time that Apple has said how long it's keeping Siri data, but according to Nicole Ozer, the American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who first brought these Siri privacy questions to our attention, there's still more that Apple could do ...

Amazon: S3 cloud contains two trillion objects
As with all things cloud, Amazon's figure is difficult to use to compare S3 against other storage clouds: mid-level operators such as Joyent and Rackspace don't break out storage figures, and neither does Amazon contemporary Google. Amazon S3 now ...

Google to pay $1 to buy fibre-optic system that cost $39 mn to build - IBN Live
Salt Lake City: Google will pay $1 for a municipal fibre-optic system that cost $39 million to build, according to terms of the Internet company's agreement with Provo. The deal is widely expected to be approved Tuesday by the City Council, making ...


Apple heads to lows not seen since Steve Jobs died - USA Today
This crash has obliterated $291.2 billion in shareholder wealth, which exceeds the market value ofGoogle and Microsoft individually and is nearly five times the market value of Facebook. ASK MATT: Why does Apple stock keep falling? MARKETS: IBM's ...

Google tells Explorers: No selling Glass
The company's terms of sale forbid Google's Explorers, who are the first to try out the futuristic-looking wearable computers, to sell, loan or give away the glasses. If an Explorer goes against these terms, the company retains the right to deactivate ...


Biz Break: Google keeps winning, Apple keeps losing
San Jose Mercury News
Today: Google's (GOOG) ability to continue leading in Web search ads while advancing in newer fields leads to big profits, while Apple (AAPL) falls to new lows and Microsoft, IBM, AMD and Intuitive Surgical announce earnings. Google's profits move ...

Larry Page Says Google Glass Runs On Android | TechCrunch
By Darrell Etherington
Google's CEO Larry Page revealed something during today's earnings call that his company doesn't seem to have actually spelled out before: Goog.....

Google paying $1 to run Provo fiber, must build it out within five years
By Jon Fingas
While it's well-established that Google Fiber's expansion into Provo, Utah hinges on Google buying the city's existing iProvo network, we didn't immediately learn what it took to land the tentative deal. Newly available details of the agreement ...
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Google Earnings Are Strong; Revenue Is Okay - Peter Kafka - Media ...
By Peter Kafka
The “real” Google numbers — Google's ad business, net of Motorola — were $12.95 billion minus traffic acquisition costs of $2.96 billion, or $9.99 billion. Revenue was up 22 ... Apple Unleashes Its New Mountain Lion System. Katherine ...

Potential Apple/Goodreads Partnership Quashed by Amazon ...
By Jordan Golson
Am I the only one who doesn't want to see every cool little social/technology startup that gains traction just bought by Amazon/Apple/Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Samsung/Wayne Enterprises?? To it's credit Google seems to be the only one not ...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Microsoft video game division turns a profit in Q3 | Joystiq
By Richard Mitchell
Microsoft has announced earnings for its fiscal third quarter (ended March 31), drawing attention to the Entertainment & Devices Division (EDD), which handles products like the Xbox, Windows Phone and Surface. The EDD reported revenue ...

Microsoft, partners readying iPad mini competitors for later this year - AppleInsider
Apple Insider
The next few months may see Microsoft taking the fight for the smaller tablet market to Apple, firing back at the iPad mini with one or more similarly-sized devices running some form of Windows. not the iphone 4s. Microsoft's Surface tablet has so far seen ...

Nexus 5: The likely price, specs, camera tech (video)
CNET ponders what Google has in store for its next Nexus and considers whether it will have the low, low price that made the Nexus 4 such a success. Luke Westaway. by Luke Westaway. April 19, 2013 6:38 AM PDT Follow @lukewestaway ...

Apple says it keeps Siri data up to 2 years
Washington Post
Apple keeps voice queries from Siri for up to two years, the company told Wired on Friday morning. The company, which introduced the voice assistant software in the iPhone 4S in 2011, had never shared the full specifics of how it stores data. But after a Wired ...

LulzSec hacker receives year in prison for Sony breach
By Dan Whitcomb. LOS ANGELES | Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:57pm EDT. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A hacker who pleaded guilty last year to taking part in an extensive computer breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment was sentenced on Thursday in Los Angeles to ...

What Happens When You Wring a Washcloth in Orbit?
Discovery News
In space, even the most mundane activities take on an exotic twist. Eating, drinking, sleeping… going to the bathroom… all of the everyday things that we do on Earth rely in some way on the constant, ever-present force of gravity. Remove that force — or at ...

Hubble at 23: Horsehead Nebula in a New Light
Discovery News
To celebrate its 23rd year in space, the Hubble Space Telescope snapped this view of the famous Horsehead nebula in infrared. NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). Gallery. Hubble'sLatestMindBlowingCosmicPictures. View Caption + ...

Kepler spots a pair of the most exciting alien planets yet
NASA announced yesterday that its Kepler space telescope has discovered a pair of potentially habitable exoplanets orbiting a star much like our sun. These planets are such good contenders for habitable life, that scientists have been speculating (kind of ...


Rock You Like a Hurricane: Watch Sandy Shake the US
Hurricane Sandy's fateful left turn toward the mid-Atlantic Coast in October last year lit up earthquake monitors all the way to Seattle, according to results presented at the Seismological Society of America's annual meeting today (April 18). When Hurricane ...

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