18 April 2013

Google Person Finder, Boston Marathon bombing info, crowdsourcing

Google Person Finder: Boston Marathon Explosions - Google.org

Boston Bomb Clues Surface: Lethal Devices Believed Built From Pressure Cookers; Hotels, Rentals Canvassed - WSJ.com: Wall Street Journal has best  info/graphics on the Boston Bombing (go to the link)

Data for the Boston Marathon Investigation Will Be Crowdsourced | Danger Room | Wired.com"The investigation of Monday’s deadly twin bombings in Boston will rely to an extraordinary extent on crowdsourced surveillance, provided by Marathon spectators’ cellphone photos, Vine videos, and Instagram feeds. Investigators in Boston, led by FBI special agent in charge Richard DesLauriers, want to see any and all imagery taken by anyone and everyone where the blasts occurred Monday. In an unusual move, the team of local, state and federal authorities investigating the crime openly called for spectators to provide any images or video they might have, all of which could potentially provide leads or evidence in the case. “We’d like to review any type of media,” to include “video [and] photographic evidence” of the attack that killed three and injured more than 150 people, Gene Marquez of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said today."

Microsoft signs Android patent deal with Foxconn
BBC News
Microsoft has secured a patent deal with the world's biggest consumer electronics manufacturer to receive fees for devices powered by Google's Android and Chrome operating systems. Hon Hai - the parent company of Foxconn - said the deal would help ...According to the tech consultancy Asymco, Microsoft is likely to earn several times more money through its Android patents than it does from licences for its own Windows Phone system.

BBC News

Why Microsoft won't make an iPhone rival
Why Microsoft won't make an iPhone rival. Rather than creating a premium device to rival Apple and Samsung in the developed world, Microsoft plans to rely on partners to mine emerging markets with budget smartphones. Jay Greene ... In February, Windows ...

Apple Named in China Porn App Investigation
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Some analysts compared Apple's run-in with state media last month to Google's difficulties with China Central Television, which accused the company of spreading pornography in 2009. The accusations presaged deeper difficulties in China, including...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Google Offers Life Support For Old Internet Explorer Versions
Having worked for years to discourage use of Internet Explorer, Google is now offering businesses a way to keep older versions of Microsoft's browser on life support. As part of its hard-fought campaign to woo business users from the desktop to the ...

Google releases tech specs for Glass
Washington Post
Google, which is stepping up its challenge to Apple Inc. and other smartphone makers, said Glass devices will feature about a day of battery life, a high-resolution display and a five megapixel camera, according to a statement on its website. The ...

Washington Post

Google Emulates Apple in Restricting Apps for Glass
New York Times (blog)
On Monday night, Google released extensive guidelines for software developers who want to build apps for Glass. With those guidelines, it is taking a page from Apple'splaybook, by being much more restrictive about the glasses than it has been with ...

New York Times (blog)

Eric Schmidt denies claims Google plans to block Facebook Home
The Guardian
In response to Terry Myerson, Microsoft's head of Windows Phone, who said he would be "very surprised" if Google wasn't looking for some way to block Facebook Home on Android phones, Schmidt responded: "Why are you listening to Microsoft's ...

The Guardian

Amazon's Android Appstore lands in nearly 200 more countries
Amazon's Kindle Fire device is not on sale in all of the markets that the Appstore has been rolled out to but people will be able to download the Appstore Android app on their smartphone, enablingAmazon to sell apps that aren't in the Google Play Store.

Foxconn Becomes Largest Microsoft Patent Licensee, Pays Royalty ...
By Victoria Ho
Foxconn is an ODM, or “original design manufacturer”, and makes Android devices for clients like Acer and Amazon (it makes the Kindle Fire). It's famous for making iPhones and iPads as well. ...Microsoft going after manufacturers has been referred to as “extortion” by Google. It made this statement in late-2011 after Samsung and Microsoft decided to cross-license their patents. Probably because Samsung was sick of all the lawsuits with Apple. Hon Hai is the world's largest contract ...

Amazon's Appstore prepares for international availability in 'nearly ...
By Richard Lawler
Peter Sleeman, Director of P2 Games, is quoted in the press release claiming his company saw 4-5x sales of a recent app on Kindle Fire compared to Google Play. That feat is echoed by several others quoted, citing Amazon's in-app ...
Engadget RSS Feed

Here's What's Inside Google Glass' Box - Gizmodo
By Casey Chan
Even though we've seen Google Glass be leaked, be announced, be presented, be demoed, be worn, be used and even be mocked, it's always represented some far off future technology that we never were sure if it would ever be real (in a I ...

MLB.com's Bob Bowman on Apple, Android, Samsung, BlackBerry ...
By Peter Kafka
The last time we asked MLB.com boss Bob Bowman for his take on mobile platforms, it went something like this: He loved Apple and Apple users, supported Android because he had to, and thought BlackBerry was still a viable market. That was two years ago. What do things look like now? Well, Bowman, who runs Major ... Google's Next Group of Gadgets Will Blow You Away, Says Eric Schmidt. April 16, 2013 at 7:29 am PT. D: Dive Into Mobile. Explore the impact of the “mobile first” ...

Google Glass specs revealed: One-day battery life, bone-conducting ...
By Rosa Golijan
Ever since Google first showed off Glass, there's been speculation about the futuristic headgear's specifications. Now we've finally got some official details, straight from the tech deities of Mountain View, Calif. — right down to the fact that Glass ...

Nearly 200 Countries - Amazon Media Room: Press Releases
Amazon Expands Global App Distribution to Nearly 200 Countries ... within a couple of weeks we saw the sales on Kindle Fire overtake Google Play to a factor ...

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