21 April 2013

Google CEO Hints At New Motorola Hardware

Google CEO Hints At New Motorola Hardware
... with an operating loss of about $271 million. Considering that Motorola hasn't introduced any new products during the last six months and has just a small handful of devices available in the market today, its impact on Google's earnings shouldn't ...

Siri is a secret spy! It reports your dirty questions back to Apple
Digital Trends
Remember that time you thought it would be funny to pick up your iPhone, hit up Siri, and ask her a strain of dirty questions, just to see what she would say? You do? Well so does Apple, or so it seems. According to a report from Wired, Apple keeps each and ...

Digital Trends

Amid Electric Push, China's Cars Get Bigger
Wall Street Journal
It's hard to walk 20 meters at the Shanghai auto show without seeing a burly off-road style sport-utility vehicle, jacked-up pickup truck or even a motor home. It looks a lot like the Detroit auto show from the late 1990s. In this case, most of the vehicles on display...

Yahoo Kids, Deals, More Getting the Boot
PC Magazine
Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer is taking a page from her former employer with a little spring cleaning that will see the demise of several aging Yahoo products. Yahoo will be shutting down products like Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Kids and older ...

Google Glass mysteries revealed!
Computerworld (blog)
At Googe's June developer conference last year, called Google I/O, Google offered to sell Glass to any attendee. Approximately 2,000 developers who purchased those units (on Amazon.com) have not received them yet, but are expected to in the coming ...

Computerworld (blog)

Microsoft Readies New Mobile Devices
NEW YORK (AP) — Microsoft is working with manufacturers to produce a line of small touch-screen devices powered by Windows, apparently intended to compete with 7-inch tablets like the iPad Mini and Amazon Kindle Fire. Peter Klein, Microsoft's chief ...

Google Wants To Pay More For Clean Power
Like Google, Apple buys energy for its Maiden, N.C., data center from Duke Energy. Apple did not... Cook said that Google's plan, if approved, "could really open the market for Apple and other large utility customers that have renewable energy ...

Apple says it keeps Siri data up to 2 years
Washington Post
In a statement to Wired, Ozer said that she would like Apple to post this information on the frequently asked questions page for Siri, to let potential customers know how long the company may store their voice clips. Apple did not immediately respond ...

Amazon Studios unveils its 14 pilots online, wants user feedback to determine ...
Entertainment Weekly
Amazon's comedy roster, in particular, is packed with stars. Alpha House stars John Goodman and Mark Consuelos with an appearance by Bill Murray, the musical Browsers features Tony-winner Bebe Neuwirth, and Jeffrey Tambor is part of the Onion News ...

Google again beats Viacom in YouTube lawsuit
San Jose Mercury News
For the second time in three years, U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton in Manhattan rejected Viacom's damages claims over Google's alleged unauthorized posting of clips from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," "South Park," "SpongeBob SquarePants" and ...

Microsoft, Google lift techs; IBM falls hard
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Strong gains by Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Apple Inc. helped lift the tech sector on Friday despite selloffs at IBM and Dell Inc. Getty Images. Enlarge Image. IBM shares slid on Friday after Big Blue missed Wall ...

AMD nabs Apple graphics chip designer
Raja Koduri, who most recently served as director of graphics architecture for Apple, will be rejoining AMD four years after leaving that company, people familiar with the hire told CNET. He will be taking on a role in AMD's graphics business, though ...

Wall Street gets Google lift in S&P's worst week since November
Among other tech gainers, shares of Microsoft MSFT. jumped 3.4 percent to $29.77 and topped the Nasdaq's most-active list after the company reported quarterly revenue and earnings that exceeded Wall Street's expectations. Shares of Boeing Co (BA.

This Week With The TechCrunch Gadgets Podcast: Google Glass ...
By John Biggs
This week on the TechCrunch Gadgets Podcast we talk about Google Glass, the Galaxy S4, and the magic of Ubuntu laptops. This time we're joined by Matt Bu..

Apple Director of Graphics Architecture Is Second Chip Executive ...
By Jordan Golson
AMD has hired away another executive from Apple, CNET is reporting. Raja Koduri, Apple's former director of graphics architecture, has been...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Editor's Letter: Google glass gone wild - Engadget
By Tim Stevens
It seems like ages since Sergey Brin staged one of the most dramatic product launches of all time at last year's Google I/O, guiding a bemused audience through a cavalcade of extreme antics that saw a prototype Google Glass headset delivered to the Moscone Center courtesy of skydivers, BMX riders ... Microsoft is also rumored to be taking a bit of a half-step back from some of the more radical UI tweaks made in Windows 8, starting with the return of the dearly departed Start button.
Engadget RSS Feed

Google Fiber Plans - Peter Kafka - Mobile - AllThingsD
By Peter Kafka
Apple and Samsung tower over the fortunes for software-only Microsoft or service-oriented Googleand Amazon. Although all companies are growing, the value, as defined by the buyer, resides in the whole product. — Horace Dediu, writing ...

Today's Scuttlebot: Weightless Water, and Google Meets Wikileaks ...
Today's Scuttlebot: Weightless Water, and Google Meets Wikileaks. By THE NEW YORK ...Transcript of Meeting Between Assange and Google Chief Wikileaks.org ... Smartwatches; 2.GoogleEmulates Apple in Restricting Apps for Glass; 3.
NYT Bits

Inside the mind of Eric Schmidt
The Guardian
Schmidt on the power of connectivity. I would argue that Google and the internet enable people to move up the supply chain. So people, instead of doing rote work, can do more creative work. More creative work requires more jobs, more fees, and so forth.

The Guardian

Facebook Rolls Out Free VoIP Calling to US Android Users
Tom's Guide
Earlier in January, Facebook introduced an option for Canadian iOS users to call their friends via Facebook's Messager app. Later that same month, Facebook rolled out the feature in the United States. Now, it seems Android users in the United States are ...

Always On: Microsoft Xbox Live Subscriptions Up to 46M, Will Never Be Free
There's been some debate about whether or not Microsoft Microsoft will try to compete with Sony Sony on a more direct level by going after one of their competitor's best features: free online play. PSN has always been free while Xbox Live Gold is a ...

Monster Hunter finally gets an MMO… in China
Digital Trends
Even with its global popularity, Monster Hunter can't be played online on the scale some people may want. Capcom's RPG is – even after nearly a decade of soaring popularity in Japan and a growing cult following in the US and Europe – still an intimate affair ...

Digital Trends

Reaching an Arctic Accord
New York Times
The central Arctic Ocean has been covered in ice for eons, but under the influence of global warming, nearly half of it is now open water for part of the year. Commercial fishing has not yet begun there, but the urge to begin fishing is almost overwhelming.

Russian becomes world's oldest spacewalker at 59
Fox News
SPACE STATION – A 59-year-old Russian cosmonaut became the world's oldest spacewalker Friday, joining a much younger cosmonaut's son for maintenance work outside the International Space Station. Pavel Vinogradov, a cosmonaut for two decades,...

Family of “BadNews” malware in Google Play downloaded up to 9 million times
Ars Technica
Security researchers have unearthed a family of malware for Android-based smartphones that's been downloaded as many as 9 million times from Google Play, the official distribution platform hosted on Google servers. BadNews, as the library of malicious ...

Ars Technica

Massive amounts of charcoal enter the worlds' oceans
Science Codex
Wild fires turn millions of hectares of vegetation into charcoal each year. An international team of researchers led by Thorsten Dittgar from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen and Rudolf Jaffé from Florida International University's ...

Science Codex

One fifth of US consumers want an Apple iWatch, sight unseen
A 1,713-strong survey of North American consumers says that 19 percent of us want a shiny new iDevice that doesn't even exist yet. Or, at least, isn't public and isn't purchasable. Yep, that's the Apple iWatch. The iWatch, which has been rumored for months ...

Chesapeake Bay survey shows drop in blue crab population, but spawning-age ...
Washington Post
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay has dropped steeply, according to an annual survey released Friday, and Maryland officials said they will work with the crabbing industry to reduce bushel limits by about 10 percent for ...

Philly Tech Week: celebrating momentum in technology and ...
The founders of Technically Philly, Christopher Wink (left) and Brian Kirk (center) along with tech reporter Juliana Reyes (right) gear up for the fourth annual Philly Tech Week. This year the first-ever NASA International Space Apps hackathon ...
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