22 April 2013

Google Affiliate Program ending

Google shuts down its affiliate program--affiliate programs' effectiveness are being questioned, and then the following is an example of an affiliate who landed in criminal hot water--

How This Man Cheated eBay Out Of $5 Million And Now Faces 20 Years In Federal Prison - Business Insider: " . . . . Normally, the cookie is directly relevant to what the user is doing. But some web site owners noticed that WhoLinked was serving irrelevant links to eBay. In 2006 and 2007, KFC earned $5.2 million from eBay, and became the company's No.2 driver of new affiliates, the FBI alleged in a "superseding information" filing in federal criminal court. EBay accused him of taking financial credit for users who had no clue they were carrying an eBay cookie. (Normally, affiliate marketers drive traffic to eBay by advertising eBay products on their sites — so it's really obvious that the affiliate drove the click-through to eBay.) Dunning fought both eBay and the feds for years, but on April 15 he changed his mind and pleaded guilty. . . ."

Small business faces slowdown as Apple demand wanes
Irish Independent
The decline underscores concern among investors about Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook's plans for future products in an industry crowded with rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co, Google Inc andAmazon.com. The iPhone, Apple's biggest source of ...

Amazon's new pilot shows are up -- check them out for free and decide which ...
Entertainment Weekly
This weekend, the online shopping mall is making its boldest gambit yet to get into the original programming game with free peeks at the 14 shows vying to become new “Amazon Original” internet series. There are some bold-faced names attached with these ...

Entertainment Weekly

Google activists try to sabotage Google Glass auction
Since Google announced the names of those who would get the first exemplars of Google Glass, I have been barely able to focus for wondering what Newt Gingrich is doing with his. I await his new and vital perspective on Washington with rapt excitement.

Amazon woos Indian developers
The Hindu
The competition to attract developers and cash in on sale of content and mobile applications has seen Google, Apple and Microsoft, who have all launched their respective stores in India, fight it out fiercely in recent times. Indian developers will now...

The Hindu

Provo, Utah's Response to Google Fiber: +1
In Thursday's meeting, Mayor John Curtis and Google Fiber Head of Community Affairs Matt Dunne noted that while Provo is the third city announced in the Google Fiber network, Provo will actually be the first city connected due to the high-speed fiber ...

CBI may take up Google Mapathon case
The Hindu
The Google Mapathon case, in which the Internet giant is alleged to have violated India's 'National Map Policy' and jeopardised national security interest, is likely to be handed over the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as the investigation will ...

The Hindu

'BadNews' Android Malware Briefly Bypasses Google Play Protections
PC Magazine
If you're big into random Russian apps on Google Play, watch out – you might very well have been one of the many victims of a new bit of malware dubbed "BadNews." The malware (appropriately named) was first discovered by the mobile security company ...

Apple's dimming luster roils suppliers, investors
TOKYO/TAIPEI, April 21 (Reuters) - Apple Inc marketing chief Phil Schiller let slip during last August's courtroom battle with Samsung that when setting forecasts for new iPhones, the inside joke was that people should assume sales would equal all ...

TechBit: Facebook Home for Android should please power users
Washington Post
Facebook's major push into the mobile world puts the social network at the heart of Android smartphones, which should appeal to its most-addicted users. Friend updates appear on the lockscreen, from which users can double-tap to like a post or chime in ...

Weekend tech reading: 'BadNews' malware found on Google Play
The bearer of BadNews Lookout has discovered BadNews, a new malware family, in 32 apps across four different developer accounts in Google Play. According to Google Play statistics, the combined affected applications have been downloaded between ...

Antares rocket launch scheduled for 5 pm, third time the charm?
Washington Post (blog)
1:45 p.m. Sunday update: NASA and Orbital Sciences will make a third effort to launch the Antares Rocket from the Wallops Island, Va. flight facility, starting at 5 p.m. today. Whereas upper level winds were too strong to attempt launch yesterday, they are ...

Eco games and apps that celebrate Earth Day - USA Today
While nothing beats taking a nature walk or planting a tree with your kids in honor of Earth Day (April 22), here are some online games and apps that can help spur a discussion about recycling and protecting our earth. WEBSITE. Maggie's Earth Adventures ...

NASA Discovers Three Potentially Earth-like Worlds
Kepler 69-c orbits a star like our own Sun and might be habitable. (Credit: Image credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech). NASA's Kepler mission, which seeks out planets outside of our solar system, has just discovered five new planets around two stars – and three ...

Team Fortress 2 on Oculus Rift with an Omnidirectional Treadmill
If we're stacking up Kickstarted video game systems next to each other, I think it's safe to say I'm a bit more excited about the Oculus Rift than the Ouya. Virtual reality has been the dream of nearly every gamer since they were old enough to pick up a controller,...

Information technology has revolutionalized financial services. So ...
By Phil Fasano, Guest Contributor
Americans spend more than any other country on healthcare, and yet experience the worst medical outcomes of any developed nation. Investment and innovation in healthcare is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs that will benefit ...

CBS News says some of its Twitter accounts were hacked ...
By Julie Ingwersen
(Reuters) - Social media accounts maintained by CBS News programs, "60 Minutes" and "48 Hours," were compromised on Saturday, the two progra...

NASA Seeks Innovative Suborbital Flight Technology Proposals
For a second year, NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate is seeking proposals for suborbital technology payloads and spacecraft capability ...

Samsung's Mind Controlled-Tablet Project - Technology Review
An easy-to-use EEG cap could expand the number of ways to interact with your mobile devices.

Can Technology Create Happiness? - Forbes
For decades, GDP has been the primary measure of the success of a society. Is it any wonder than we're ever more prosperous but no more happy?

BBC News - Does technology hinder or help toddlers' learning?
Should parents worry if pre-school children love fiddling with their smart phone? Recent research suggests touch screens suit the way children interact with the ...

Fujitsu Develops Technology That Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen
We're quickly getting used that computer, smartphone and tablet screens can be touched -- but what about paper?

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