08 April 2013

Facebook: why build a smartphone when you can hijack the Android OS?

Looks like Zuckerberg has done Jeff Bezos one better--why bother with hardware, when you can just hijack the whole Android OS on any and every Android device--

By mounting an effective takeover of Android, Mr Zuckerberg aims to increase the amount of time mobile internet users spend on Facebook, without the risk and expense of developing his own hardware, or software from scratch. (source: Telegraph, infra)

On the earning calls for its most recent results, Zuckerberg said “We’re not going to build a phone”, but emphasised that it was easy to integrate with Android. That in itself speaks volumes – what was once a device simply to free phones from the desk is now much more: it’s a platform for multi-billion pound businesses who are still in their infancy, and the lens through which many users now see their entire world. That Facebook isn’t focusing on the device itself indicates how quickly mobiles are becoming commoditised. (source and read mor
e at Facebook prepares Android 'takeover' - Telegraph: "Facebook will today make its boldest move yet in its bid to become a major player in the smartphone market currently dominated by Apple and Google.")

Google, BlackBerry, EarthLink and Red Hat ask DoJ and FTC to help starve patent trolls: "Google, BlackBerry, EarthLink and Red Hat -- have decided to do something about it, taking the fight directly to the FTC and DoJ. In a recent blog post, Google explains that -- along with its collaborators -- it has submitted comments to the aforementioned agencies, detailing the impact that "patent trolls" have on the economy."

Torment: Tides of Numenera is Most-Funded Kickstarter Game Ever
PC Magazine
That is, of course, one of the more beloved role-playing games that graced the Infinity Engine in the 90s with its delicious mix of "you can't die" and "what the heck is going on" kind of gameplay. We kid, of course, but not that much: When your chief travelling ...

New Malware Propagates on Skype, Mines Bitcoins
PC Magazine
Malware that makes money is the crux of a new Trojan that's allegedly making its way around the Web, passing its way from computer to computer using links sent via a user's Skype application. Once the malware has fired up on an unsuspecting user's ...

More than 2 billion gadgets are forecast to ship in 2013
Almost 2.4 billion computers, tablets and cellphones will ship this year, according to estimates from Gartner. That's a jump of nine percent on 2012 and—if Gartner's figures are correct—the industry has plenty more growth ahead. By 2017, Gartner expects just...

New Jersey braces for once-in-17-years cicada invasion
Fox News
BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – Like clockwork, they're coming back -- after 17 years. "They" would be cicadas, the big, noisy bugs that climb out of the earth about every decade and a half to make everyone's life more exciting. Experts tell Gannett News Service that ...

New Mewtwo revealed for Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y promise a lot of new changes coming to the Pokemon handheld series, but one of these new changes will bring a wave of nostalgia from the classic days of Pokemon. Nintendo and Game Freak have released a trailer and teasers for a new ...


Developers finally unlocked bootloaders for many Motorola phones
The time has come. Motorola owners can rejoice because developers have finally unlocked the bootloaders to a good number of Motorola's devices. So far, it's been confirmed that the DROID RAZR HD, DROID RAZR MAXX HD, DROID RAZR M, and Atrix HD ...


Server attack forces Harmonix sites offline
Rock Band developer Harmonix has taken down its websites as it investigates a possible attack on its servers. Rock Band Blitz Screenshot RockBand.com, DanceCentral.com, and Creators.RockBand.com have all been affected by the possible intrusion, ...

Facebook reveals its first TV ad for Facebook Home
Facebook has just revealed its first television commercial for Facebook Home, which is set to hit your television sets soon. The commercial is titled “Airplane” and it centers around a man who livens up his business trip by bringing his friends “on the journey ...


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D gets 3DS-exclusive content, 'easy' option
Nintendo has revealed that the 3DS version of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will contain new content not in the Wii original. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Screenshot As before, each level will contain letter collectibles that spell K-O-N-G. Collecting ...

New Black Rock Shooter: The Game trailer unveiled, PSN release date announced
A trailer for the North American release of Black Rock Shooter: The Game was recently released for public consumption by NIS America. There's not a lot of gameplay footage in the trailer, but given that the Japanese version of the game has been out for ...

Facebook actually sorry for banning breastfeeding pic
Facebook and those mothers who wish to post breastfeeding pictures have had a long battle. In the case of one activist, she actually gets an apology for having breastfeeding pictures removed. ...

Tencent CEO promises free service for popular app
BOAO, April 7 (Xinhua)-- In response to netizens' complaints about the possibility of being charged for using the mobile chat application WeChat, Liu Chiping, president of Chinese Internet giant Tencent, said Sunday that the company's popular software will ...

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 in detailed review
Product Reviews
A few days ago we looked at how the prices of the HTC One compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4, considering pre-orders have already begun for the former and are soon to begin for the latter. Because these handsets are being released so close to each ...

Product Reviews

EA the worst company in America? Again?
Electronic Arts COO attempts to express understanding of why his company is again in the Final Four of the Consumerist's Worst Company awards. Is the company really so bad? ...

Sea turtles leave Baltimore after winter rehabilitation
Baltimore Sun
Three endangered sea turtles that spent the winter in Baltimore departed Saturday evening, joining a caravan of at least 43 others bound for Florida's warm waters and a return to their natural habitat. The three turtles — Chet, Biff and Two-Bit — were among...

Woman claims to have solved time traveller mystery
A woman has been captured in archival footage from 1938 holding what appears to be a mobile phone. The mystery of a young woman who appears to talk on a mobile phone in video footage from the 1930s may have been solved after a ...

Japanese 'tsunami fish' found alive
The striped beakfish, which is native to Asian waters, was found alive in a small boat thought to have drifted to the US west coast after the Japanese tsunami in March 2011. The fish was found alive in a bait box on the boat by an official from the Washington ...

NASA to place an asteroid into orbit around the Moon
NASA will likely be funded $105 million for a new mission proposed by the Obama administration. President Obama will likely request the $105 million when he releases his federal budget request for 2014 next week. In the mission, NASA will seek out a ...


The US Army's newest recruit: Scarily lifelike robot created to test military's ...
Daily Mail
Dressed in a boiler suit and wearing a gas mask the figure strapped to a treadmill, bending and moving in a variety of bizarre poses looks more like something out of a Doctor Who episode than a member of the team at an American military hardware company ...

Daily Mail

Second beta test now in progress for Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn
Square Enix has launched a second round of beta testing for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. As you're no doubt aware, Final Fantasy XIV launched in late 2010 as the second MMO in the long-running series, and was basically pants. No, really. It was so ...


PS4's Backward Compatibility Removed Due To Manufacturing Issues
Gaming Union
Sony has stated that it made the decision to remove backwards compatibility from the PS4 due to manufacturing issues, stating that it would have been difficult in the long run. The news comes after Sony also revealed that they thought long and hard about ...

Gaming Union

Innovation when Samsung steals from Apple
Society and Religion
At the D10 conference Steve Jobs had said, if the market speaks they will listen to the market. He said if they are doing the right thing users will buy their devices, and if they go off path users won't. Apple isn't a one-hit wonder; they've been around since the ...

Society and Religion

Top 5 DLCs I'd Like to See in Bioshock Infinite
If you picked up the Bioshock: Infinite season pass, you know that we have been promised “new stories, new characters, and new weapons,” but none of the specifics of these additions have been clarified. Well, I”m going to give you my own personal wish list, ...


Google to sell second-gen Nexus 7 tablet from July
Himalayan Times
Google is aiming to ship eight million of the Asustek-made tablets in the second half of the year, throwing down the gauntlet to other low-end tablets such as Amazon.com Inc's Kindle Fire and Apple Inc's iPad mini, the sources with knowledge of the new ...

Hackers target Israeli government websites - Technology on ...
JERUSALEM -- A weekend cyberattack campaign targeting Israeli government websites failed to cause serious disruption, officials said Sunday...

#13ntc Nonprofit Technology Conference: Plenary Session on ...
By Beth
The 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference takes place in Minneapolis next week. It is the largest gathering of people who work in the nonprofit sector and.
Beth's Blog

Aavishkaar'13, MS Ramaiah Institute Of Technology, Bangalore ...
By Santosh
AAVISHKAAR is an annual showpiece of IEEE MSRIT student branch. IEEE-MSRIT, student branch of M S Ramaiah Institute Of Technology is one of the most active IEEE student chapters in the state.
Know a Fest - Campus Festivals in India

ICITEE 2013 : The 5th International Conference on Information ...
ICITEE 2013 : The 5th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. ... Theme: “Intelligent and Green Technologies for Sustainable Development” ​ ICITEE 2013 aims to strengthen the collaboration and ...

Online Education: A Science and Technology Studies Perspective ...
By fsaba
This paper argues that research into the pedagogical value and potential of newtechnologies is limited by the implicit philosophical perspectives on technology that such research adopts. These perspectives either imbue technologies with ...

Online Technology Key to Mental Health Interventions | Reportage ...
By Antigone Anagnostellis
A new study has confirmed that looking to online technologies may be the key to dealing with supporting patients of mental illness. Rachel Worsley reports.
Reportage Online

Bracelet uses social network to protect civil rights activists
By David Szondy
Civil Rights Defenders is bit hazy on the technology, which is understandable. However, it did reveal that it uses GPS and GSM technology and that the bracelet is programmed with "individual protocols for security." In addition to the bracelets, ...
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

Critical Mass: "Technology & Art: Gimmick or Transformation ...
By Leah Harrison
This panel discussion opened the Ulysses Festival, whose 2013 theme is "Brave New Worlds: Technology and Art." Featured speakers included UNC Charlotte dance professor Sybil Huskey, Opera Carolina's Director of Production Michael ...
Critical Mass

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