24 April 2013

Neither Apple nor Google have decisive legal wins

Well, at least Apple and Google are making the lawyers rich--

Apple Wins Case Brought by Google's Motorola Over IPhones
The decision marks the latest instance in which neither Cupertino, California-based Apple nor Google has been able to strike a decisive blow against its competitor in a squabble that began more than two years ago. Each has claimed the other is ...


Sun-watching observatory turns 3
Three years ago, NASA launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory on an Atlas rocket from Cape Canaveral. Since that time, the millions of images returned have given us an unprecedented understanding of the sun. This image is a composite of 25 images ...

Health Care Point-of-Sale Breaches a Rising Concern: Verizon - eWeek
Cyber-crime impacts point-of-sale systems in health care and other industries, and organizations should focus their security efforts in this area, Verizon warned. Financially motivated cyber-crime was a key part of 75 percent of the incidents in Verizon's 2013 ...


Google Acquires Wavii to Beef Up Web-Search 'Knowledge Graph'
Wall Street Journal
Google is close to announcing its acquisition of Wavii, according to people familiar with the matter. The Seattle startup had been trying to give people a “a better way to consume the mountains of information being created on the Web.” One of the people said ...

Hubble's first photo of potentially spectacular Comet ISON
Los Angeles Times
It's hurtling through space at approximately 47,000 mph. Its dust tail extends for more than 57,000 miles. And this fall it may appear as bright in our sky as the moon. Its name is Comet ISON, and the Hubble Space Telescope has just snapped its first picture of ...

Forget online drives, sync directly with BitTorrent Sync
If you do not trust online storage drives for file syncing across your devices or are frustrated with storage limits, there is another player in town. BitTorrent has released a new alpha version of its Sync software, which supports syncing folders across the Internet ...

Apple now has more than 300M iCloud users
Apple now has more than 300 million people using its iCloud storage and syncing service, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said today on its Q2 2013 earnings call. During its last quarterly earnings report, Apple announced that it had 250 million iCloud users.

Galaxy Goes Green in Burning Stellar Fuel
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Galaxy Packs Big Star-Making Punch The tiny red spot in this image is one of the most efficient star-making galaxies ever observed, converting gas into stars at the maximum possible rate. The galaxy is shown here in an image from NASA's Wide-field Infrared ...

Study Finds Voice-to-Text Apps Don't Increase Driver Safety - Mashable
In an effort to be a safer driver, many people, myself included, have started using voice-to-text mobile apps like Siri to keep two hands on the steering wheel. However, a new study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute finds using voice-to-text apps to ...

$15 Apple 'Antennagate' Checks in the Mail
PC Magazine
Apple iPhone 4 owners who participated in a class-action lawsuit over "Antennagate" are starting to receive their $15 payouts from the tech giant, according to reports. Checks issued on April 17 are arriving for the first wave of class-action responders who ...

Gcorelab Gets $482,000 For New Battery Cooling Technology ...
By Victoria Ho
She was previously the technology correspondent for The Business Times in Singapore, and senior writer for ZDNet Asia prior to that. She started out working for ComputerWorld and CIO Asia magazines, under the IDG and Fairfax Business ...

Why Facial Recognition Technology Didn't Help ID the Tsarnaevs ...
By Erika Eichelberger
So it was a perfect setting for the FBI to make use of facial recognition technology. But even though Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev's images existed in official databases, the brothers were not identified that way—because we just aren't that ...
Political Mojo | Mother Jones

"12 Hours of Separation" Connect Individuals on Social Networks ...
Social networks can be used to track random individuals in just 12 hours provided the right incentives are on offer, say computer scientists.
New on MIT Technology Review

The 5 Worst Error Messages in the History of Technology | Cracked ...
Error messages are a necessary evil. We live in a world filled with complicated things that break in complicated ways. If we're all being honest with ...

Google Predicts Australia Tech Boom
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Google's study, co-authored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, predicts Australia's technology entrepreneurs could contribute up to 109 billion Australian dollars (US$112 billion) a year to the economy and directly employ 540,000 people by 2033. If achieved...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Google Glass for consumers 'coming in 2014', says Eric Schmidt
In an interview with the BBC this weekend, Schmidt said Google will probably be making some changes to the Explorer Edition before a final consumer release goes ahead in early 2014. "Well, the developers are beginning now. It would be fair to say that ...

Germany fines Google as Facebook, Microsoft launch privacy campaigns
Washington Post
(Read more about the U.S. settlement here.) At the same time, Google's largest competitors are working to persuade users they are committed to privacy. Microsoft launched a new advertising campaign this week on the issue, The Washington Post reported: ...

Microsoft launches free consumer privacy tool - USA Today
The TV commercial dramatizes the potential harm of oversharing online, without making any references to the roiling Do Not Track debate simmering in the U.S. and Europe over new rules that could hinder how Google, Facebook and even Microsoft tracks ...

Microsoft's Blue: What will developers do?
One of Microsoft's goals with Windows 8, sources have said all along, was to try to convince the developer community that it is/was still worth writing "killer apps" for Windows. But if Blue, a k a Windows 8.1, allows users to opt to boot straight to ...

Google Now Destined For Google.com?
Telltale code on a Google test web page suggests that Google Now, the service that displays appointments and other personalized info on Android screens, will soon be part of the desktop. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Thomas ...

ValueAct Takes $2 Billion Stake in Microsoft
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Mr. Einhorn, who has become known for doggedly pushing for changes at companies such as investment bank Lehman Brothers and most recently at Apple Inc., hasn't said more publicly about Microsoft since his 2011 speech. Mr. Einhorn's Greenlight Capital ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Apple reportedly restricting use of special characters in app descriptions [u]
Apple Insider
In a reported change to its iTunes Connect developer portal, Apple recently deprecated the use of special emoji-type characters for app descriptions, limiting app makers to standard text for submitted updates. iTunes Connect. The exact date of the ...

Apple Insider

Amazon's AWS Turns On Redshift Data Warehousing And EC2 High ...
By Ingrid Lunden
Amazon's business model, CTO Werner Vogels reminded us today, is based on "low margins, high volume", and today the company announced a develop..
TechCrunch » Enterprise

Apple Donates $8 Million to Chinese Earthquake Victims - Mac ...
By Juli Clover
Following a devastating earthquake that struck in Sichuan, China over the weekend, Apple has donated 50 million RMB or approximately $8 million... ... Microsoft is way ahead in this charity game.. Just saying. Charity should not be a competition. Rating: 13 ... 18 hours ago on iOS Blog ·Apple has won a small victory in its long standing case against Google's Motorola, reports Bloomberg, after the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) upheld an earlier invalidation.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Google patent details augmented reality overlay for sat nav - Engadget
By Steve Dent
Google's been granted a patent that puts quite a few of its favorite ideas together, namely Maps Navigation, Street View and augmented reality. The. ... Google patent envisions Street Viewlike functionality with GPS navigation. Google's been ...
Engadget RSS Feed

Hedge Fund Takes $2 Billion Stake in Microsoft - Emily Glazer and ...
By Emily Glazer and Shira Ovide
A hedge-fund executive disclosed that he owns about $2 billion in Microsoft Corp. stock, stating that the value of the software giant's businesses wasn't appreciated by other investors.

Without a big product launch, don't expect too much from Apple's Q2 ...
By Erica Ogg
January through March sales are always slower compared to the holiday buying period. And all ofApple's major products -- iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Macs -- were refreshed in the fall, leaving Applewith no major new device release during the ...

One Today by Google - Android Apps on Google Play
Do a little. Change a lot. Learn about a new project from a nonprofit every day. One Today by Google is a mobile app that brings together people and nonprofits ...

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