04 April 2013

Windows 8 remains behind Vista in desktop OS market

Windows 8 on the desktop is a worse failure than Vista--

Windows 8 remains behind Vista in desktop OS market - Technology on NBCNews.com: "Windows 8 has achieved a 3.17 percent share of desktop operating systems, putting it behind Windows Vista, Microsoft's most disliked OS — until now perhaps. The global figures, from Net Applications, show that Vista is on 4.99 percent of desktop operating systems. Venerable — but tired — Windows XP has a 38.73 percent share. Windows 7 is the most popular Microsoft flavor, with 44.73 percent. Windows 8 was released in October 2012. Windows 7, which was released in October 2009, captured a much higher percentage in the same five-month time frame after release, 10.45 percent of the global desktop usage market share by March 2010, Vincent Vizzaccaro of Net Applications, told NBC News"

Mao Would Have Loved Apple’s China Apology - Bloomberg: "The excesses of this campaign have likely undercut its effectiveness on the roughly 90 percent of Chinese whom Cook claims were satisfied with Apple’s service. On Chinese social media, the campaign has been roundly criticized and mocked, with some prominent microbloggers going so far as to compare it to a Cultural Revolution-era propaganda campaign. In one notable case, a microblogger photoshopped an image of Steve Jobs, head hung low, with a white placard around his neck, onto a classic Cultural Revolution poster. The text on the placard reads “The Obstinate Profiteer Jobs.” Below it, in the margins, the poster declares: “Fight the People’s war well, criticizing and denouncing Apple and Jobs.” As satire goes, it’s chilling. As prophecy goes, it’s accurate . . ."

Google Nexus 7: Expect July Fireworks
The thinking behind the low price is to steal market share from Apple, and get eyeballs looking atGoogle's services. Google makes the bulk of its revenue from advertising. It may sell the 2013 Nexus 7 at or slightly below cost just to move more units ...

Microsoft Sells Out Mac Developer Deal
To Microsoft, the enthusiastic response to the cheap licenses is no doubt encouraging. Still, it remains to be seen if that energy will translate to Windows 8's Modern UI, which currently offers fewer apps than competitors such as Apple's iPad ...

Apple gets warm reception in China after apology
Washington Post (blog)
Apple is now getting high marks and favorable coverage in China, following the company's public apology to customers Monday. Reuters notes that the tone of coverage about the company has changed drastically following the mea culpa, quoting the Global ...

Amazon Cloud is great, but not for business
PCWorld (blog)
The new Cloud Drive Sync app keeps files in sync across different devices and platforms, and pits Amazon Cloud Drive head-to-head against rivals such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple. However, businesses should steer clear of Amazon Cloud Drive.

PCWorld (blog)

Goldman takes Apple off list of highly recommended stocks, but keeps 'Buy' rating
Washington Post
NEW YORK — Goldman Sachs dropped Apple off its list of most highly recommended stocks Tuesday as it joined other analysts in reducing expectations for a company that hasn't had a revolutionary new product since the iPad in 2010. Goldman analyst Bill ...

Washington Post

Apple iOS 7 Delayed, But New iPhone Won't Be
Apple iPhone 5S: The Hot Rumors. It is taking longer to develop iOS 7 then perhaps Apple believed it would, because the company has pulled engineers off of Apple'smain desktop operating system to help with its mobile platform.

Google Cloud Gets Twilio Voice, SMS
Then in 2011, Google got serious about attracting businesses to its platform and competing with the better-established Amazon Web Services platform. It changed its pricing model and committed to a service level agreement, among other things. In a post ...

Amazon Is the Cloud to Beat, but Google Has the Cloud to Watch. Here's Why
Amazon Web Services (AMZN) is by far the biggest and most experienced public cloud provider. Accepting that, the next question is: What cloud vendor can give AWS a run for its money? Increasingly the money is on Google (GOOG)—at least in computing ...

Apple 'iRadio' service set for summer release, rumors suggest
Fox News
And Apple is certainly experiencing a lacuna in innovative product introductions (where's the Appletelevision? where's the Apple watch, when is Apple going to make a better-than-Samsung phone?). Now, the rumor mill is heralding the introduction of ...

Google Will Refresh Nexus 7 Tablet This Summer, May Drop Price ...
By Natasha Lomas
A key factor that could determine how Google ultimately decides to price the Nexus 7 is if Applelaunches new iPads this year. Reuters goes on to quote Fubon Securities analyst Arthur Liao noting that a ”zero-margin strategy” plays to Google's ...

Amazon's AutoRip now includes vinyl
By Brian Heater
Amazon's embracing the concept by extending its AutoRip promotion to records, giving consumers a 256 Kbps cloud-based copy of the music they buy on vinyl. The promotion extends to thousands of titles -- anything sporting the AutoRip logo ...
Engadget RSS Feed

Google Rolls Out Quickoffice for Android and iPhone
By Emil Protalinski
If you fit the bill, you can download the apps now for free from Apple's App Store and Google Play.Google's Quickoffice is ... Still, rumors of Microsoft releasing Office for Android and iOS keep surfacing, month after month....
The Next Web

Baidu, China's Google, Is Developing Product Similar To Google Glass
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Wearable technology is the latest technology initiative with many firms, including Google and AppleInc , set to roll out devices based on the belief that users will increasingly seek to stay connected without being tethered to a desktop, laptop or ...
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

Are iTunes Links Being Downranked by Google? - Mac Rumors
By Juli Clover
Searching for direct links is a popular way to locate apps, but it appears that Apple's App Store links are being downranked by Google. As...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Quickoffice on your Android and ...
However, not everyone you work with has gone Google yet. So to help, Google Apps for Business can already edit Microsoft Office files using Quickoffice on an ...

One Year Later, Nearly 50 Percent of Instagram Users on Android
PC Magazine
As the tech community celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first cell phone call today, Instagram also has something to cheer about — the photo-filtering service launched on Android one year ago. On April 3, 2012, more than a million people downloaded ...

First hint of dark matter detected by space station
First hint of dark matter detected by space station. A $2 billion cosmic ray detector on the International Space Station has found the first significant hint of dark matter, the mysterious substance ...

Shark tooth weapons lead to biodiversity discovery
Los Angeles Times
The shark tooth weapons were the kind of cool stuff that drew marine conservation biologist Joshua Drew to the Field Museum of natural history in Chicago. The postdoctoral researcher was admittedly a bit burned out from a job search and the demands of a ...

FTC Robocall Killing Campaign Announces Winners: Indie Devs and Google ...
Judges have selected winners in the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's "FTC Robocall Challenge". The challenge encouraged industry leaders and independent engineers/developers alike to come up with novel solutions for blocking automated spam phone ...

Can you hear me now? Cellphone turns 40
"Zack" (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) shows off his rockin' portable phone to "Screech" on "Saved by the Bell." Forty years ago, Martin Cooper, a VP at Motorola, made history by placing the very first cellphone call. Appropriately enough, he called his rival at AT&T's ...

Twitter rolls out mobile app updates
The changes mean a more native Android experience and more types of content can now be shown in expanded tweets on iOS and other mobile versions of Twitter's app....

Clouds Contributed to Record Greenland Ice Melt
The culprit behind the record-shattering level of ice melting in Greenland in 2012 may have been low, thin clouds, new research suggests. These novel findings, detailed in the April 4 issue of the journal Nature, may help answer climate mysteries elsewhere ...

Western American Mountain Ranges Formed as Slabs Collided
New data on how the mountain chain that runs from Alaska to Mexico was formed is causing geologists to rethink how the American West was made. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the area was under an ocean. Scientists had thought one large ...

Curiosity's Old Parachute Flaps in the Martian Wind
Discovery News
When NASA's rover Curiosity entered the Martian atmosphere to begin its famous “7 minutes of terror,” one component of its entry, descent and landing (EDL) included the deployment of a huge parachute to capture the thin Mars air to aid its rapid deceleration...

Twitter Beefs Up Cards Technology to Attract Mobile Developers ...
By Mike Isaac
As we reported it would last week, Twitter on Tuesday evening announced an expansion to its Cards technology program, aiming to encourage more mobile developers to create customized, multimedia-based tweets for the service. Twitter ...

Google engineers use Gmail filter technology to end annoying ...
By Andrew Kalinchuk
The Federal Trade Commission has announced the winners of its Robocall Challenge, which includes two Google employees tapping into Gmail's spam filtering.
Digital Trends

Press Start: GDC reactions, PlayStation 4 is a PC, stripey Xbox 720 ...
By Keith Stuart
Keith Stuart: Plus Jonathan Ross on his favourite games and Bulletstorm designer on what's wrong with the opening of Bioshock: Infinite.
Technology: Games blog | guardian.co.uk

Army lax when it comes to mobile security, says Defense ...
By Suzanne Choney
The U.S. Army does not have an "effective" cybersecurity program for mobile devices, says the Department of Defense's Inspector General, wit...

Catharina van Delden on Crowdsourcing, Innovation & Technology ...
By Guest Author
Catharina van Delden is founder and CEO of innosabi GmbH, a software company that helps companies integrate consumers into the early phases of product development. innosabi's clients include Drogeriemarkt dm, Daimler, Ford, EDEKA, ...
The Next Women - Business Magazine

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