27 April 2013

Dutch Man Arrested in DDoS Attack

Distributed Denial of Service attack leads to arrest--

Dutch Man Said to Be Held in Powerful Internet Attack
New York Times
Dutch authorities say they have arrested a man in connection with an online attack on a spam-fighting site that ensnarled the Internet last month, causing widespread congestion and jamming crucial infrastructure around the world. . . . His arrest followed an investigation by authorities in the Netherlands and other European countries into Mr. Kamphuis’s involvement in one of the largest attacks on the Internet. Mr. Kamphuis has been suspected of starting a distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack against Spamhaus, the antispam group. Such attacks are a criminal offense under Dutch law. . . "

Swype (for Android)
PC Magazine
Highly customizable. Cloud syncing dictionary. Voice dictation. Handwriting recognition. Clever short cuts. Learns as you type. Cons Handwriting recognition is finicky. Some learning curve. Speech to text isn't perfect. Slow cloud syncing. Bottom Line ...

Smartphones Overtake 'Dumb' Phones Worldwide
ABC News
Research firm IDC said more smartphones than "dumb" phones are being made this year, a milestone in a shift that's putting computing power and Internet access in millions of hands worldwide. Manufacturers shipped 216 million smartphones worldwide in ...

Waters off Northeast US coast unusually warm, says NOAA
Christian Science Monitor
From North Carolina to Maine, the waters have been unusually warm lately. . . Global warming mystery: Are North and South really polar opposites?

Christian Science Monitor

AT&T lets people control homes using smartphones
SAN FRANCISCO — US telecom titan AT&T launched a service Friday to use smartphones or tablets to activate home alarm systems and perform other duties like open doors for guests or adjust the temperature. A Digital Life home security and management ...


Tesla offers idiot-proof battery warranty
Tesla Motors is offering a new "no fault" warranty on the batteries in its Model S sedans in a bid to entice more buyers to try its all-electric luxury car. The battery is covered even if an owner fails to follow charging guidelines laid out in the owners' manual.

Heard on the Street: Growth River Silts Up At Amazon
Wall Street Journal
As it gets more massive, revenue growth at the e-commerce giant is slowing down. Amazon grew its top line by 22% in the first quarter, compared with growth of 34% a year earlier, falling slightly short of forecasts. That continued a trend of deceleration that...

Monkeys do as the Romans do too, scientists find
It is advice that all good travellers will know: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Scientists, however, have found that humans are not the only species to adapt to different cultures and food in an attempt to fit in – monkeys also copy new hosts by switching ...


Marco Arment on Instapaper's sale and the “big” market for read-it-later apps
Marco Arment sees a bright future for read-it-later services, and says that Instapaper's acquisition by Betaworks will allow it to get some new features that he hasn't had time to add. Marco Arment, Instapaper founder and the former CTO of Tumblr, announced ...

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen on What's Next for the World
Four years ago, I accompanied a State Department delegation of tech executives visiting the war zone of Baghdad in an attempt to introduce Silicon Valley ideas to a barely recovering Iraq. The trip was organized by Jared Cohen, then a sharp young policy ...

Amazon may introduce a Kindle TV accessory
Washington Post
Some Prime customers can already watch Amazon content on their televisions, through Internet hookups or hookups with Microsoft's Xbox, Nintendo's Wii U , Sony's PlayStation 3, as well as through set-top boxes such as the Roku or on some smart ...

Washington Post

Google makes concessions in EU antitrust case, to change display of search ...
Washington Post
A group of 17 companies competing with Google — including tech giants and internet companies such as Microsoft, Nokia Expedia and TripAdvisor — vowed to carefully study the concessions proposed by Google. “The most important remedy to Google's...

Washington Post

Microsoft Raises Nearly $3 Billion in Bond Sales
Wall Street Journal
Microsoft Corp. shopped nearly $3 billion in debt in the U.S. and euro markets Thursday, getting some of the year's lowest rates and tapping bond investors before rival Apple Inc. issues its expected bond. The software giant sold $1.95 billion in the U ...

What Apple's stock buyback shows about corporate tax games
Washington Post
Reuters published a wonderful series last year detailing the efforts by European subsidiaries of such U.S. multinationals as Starbucks, Amazon and eBay to move taxable income out of countries such as England, Germany and France, which have corporate ...

Microsoft wins first round in Google fight
Financial Times
A US judge has sided with Microsoft in the first round of a patent dispute against Google that is seen as having far-reaching implications for how technology companies put a price on innovations used by the rest of the industry. At issue in the case is ...

Google searches predict market moves
BBC News
The volume of Google searches for finance-related terms may predict moves in markets, research suggests. As the search volume on generic terms such as "debt", "portfolio" and "stocks" fell, the Dow Jones average tended to go up - and vice versa.

BBC News

Google Reports Censorship Surge
Google's seventh semi-annual Transparency Report arrives much like its previous one and the one before that, with word of growing government demands for user data and for the removal of content posted online. The company began releasing figures about ...

Apple's Smartphone Market Share Falls
Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc.'s iPhone saw its share of the global smartphone market decline in the January-March quarter, as its shipment grew at the lowest rate in its history, research firm Strategy Analytics said in its quarterly industry report. Apple's market share ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple versus Microsoft: the ticker tape tells the tale
The conventional wisdom is that Microsoft is flailing and Apple is a productivity machine. Apple'sproducts are uniformly loved and Microsoft's are unable to get any traction. Apple's cool,Microsoft's not. And yet the company's stock prices have gone ...

Apple's Acquisition Aspirations: Think Again
But Apple Apple has historically been unusual and when polling bankers I find people who expect so little M&A from the iPhone maker they tell me not to bother wondering about potential targets. “Apple's banker has traditionally been Morgan Stanley ...

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