18 September 2014

New iPads, Yosemite, Apple Event October 21; iPhone 6 Plus Review (video)

iPhone 6 Plus Review: Do You Need a Super-Sized Device?
Bloomberg's Sam Grobart reviews Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus. The smartphone is Apple's biggest yet, which makes for a sometimes uncomfortable phone experience. But do all the new features, from the viewing modes to the camera, make this super-sized device worth the purchase? (Source: Bloomberg-Sept 16)

Apple to unveil new iPads, release OS X Yosemite on Oct. 21On the heels of announcing two new iPhones and teasing the Apple Watch, Apple has a bit more to say. The company is planning to hold its next event on Oct. 21, where it will unveil two new iPads and announce the release of OS X Yosemite, the next version of its Mac operating system, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Irish Independent

Selling Yahoo For Alibaba? Not So Fast
There have been several commentators lately on business TV and on blog posts suggesting that Yahoo Yahoo (YHOO) investors will soon sell their ...
How Yahoo Can Maximize Its $35B Alibaba Stake - Barron's


Delamaide: Apple Pay may test regulators
WASHINGTON — Apple's ambition may have accidentally taken it where most ... But astechnology advances our means of payment — our very ...


Facebook 'real name' policy stirs questions around identity
(CNN) -- A Facebook policy that asks users to provide real names on profiles has people from all walks of life worrying their accounts might be in ...

Wall Street Journal

Microsoft's Big Makeover Continues
Wall Street Journal
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is giving the board its biggest makeover in ... Another director, Seagate Technology PLC CEO Stephen Luczo, stepped ...

Tech Times

Apple Pay strikes panic at PayPal
The critics on Twitter are having a field day with PayPal's full-page “We the people…” swipe at Apple in Sunday's New York Times (attached). Equating ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple iOS 8 Review: A New Phone Without Buying One
Wall Street Journal
Forget the iPhone 6, Apple's newest software upgrade brings big changes as ... By and large, iOS 8 is focused on making Apple's core apps better and ... aim at popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Google's Hangouts. ... it continues to lag behindGoogle's Android and even Microsoft's Windows ...

Financial Post

Apple iPhone 6: The Review
It and the Amazon Fire Phone actually watch you and react to your gaze. Even so, none put it all together in quite the same way. I do miss the edges of ...
Apple Pay Won't Sink Smaller Players -- Here's Why - Forbes
Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: The reviews are in - Fortune

Apple's next product splash slated for second half of October
Though the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch have been formally introduced, Apple is far from calling it quits on 2014, with the company's next major product ...

Google Play Services 6.1
Android Developers
Launched in Google Play services 5.0, Enhanced Ecommerce is an ... To learn more about Google Play services and the APIs available to you ...

Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations
John Gruber
Apple has long been 'the luxury brand', but it's been an accessible luxury, unlike ... Apple creates and uses technology in incredible ways. .... say, Lenovo laptops or Google's Nexus phones and tablets, would agree, if they're at all ...

Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS
The Stable channel has been updated to 37.0.2062.120 (Platform version: 5978.98.0) for all Chrome OS devices except Acer C7 Chromebook, ...

Microsoft Discusses Its Purchase Of Minecraft
Mark Serrels
Or more specifically Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, discusses the Minecraft purchase. And what strikes me most about this short discussion is how committed Microsoft is to maintaining the Minecraft community across all platforms with Spencer even going as far to mention the PlayStation by name...

Google Builds Out Native Ad Solutions, As Smaller Players Gain Speed
Sarah Sluis
Advertisers, Meet Apple Watch Read the .... That puts it in the company of other native technology companies focused on building out ... Yahoo also just entered the market with Yahoo Recommends, AOL has Gravity and IAC has nRelate. There's even talk that Facebook is working on such a solution.

Apple should lead the way between technology, culture and design
Karim Rashid
Dezeen on Facebook Dezeen on Twitter Dezeen on Pinterest Dezeen on Tumblr Dezeen on LinkedIn Dezeen onGoogle Plus Dezeen Feed ... Karim Rashid shares his opinion on Apple's Apple Watch ... Apple drove trends in design and technology and finally managed to create such a distance ...

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