03 September 2014

Apple Spaceship, Drone Flyover, iCloud Security (videos)

Apple's 'Spaceship' Campus Captured by Drone Camera: Video - Bloomberg:
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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- A Bay Area photographer used his DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with Zenmuse H3-3D 3- Axis Gimbal for GoPro Video Camera to take aerial footage of Apple's new corporate campus in Cupertino, Calif. on Aug. 24. The campus is still under construction. (Source: Bloomberg)

Apple Says iCloud Not Breached for Hacked Celebrity Photos: Video - Bloomberg:
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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Apple said its iCloud service wasn’t breached by hackers who posted nude pictures of celebrities. The celebrity accounts were “compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that is all too common on the Internet,” the company said in a statement. Julie Hyman has more on "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)
Apple Denies iCloud Breach
Wall Street Journal
Apple says its investigation indicated certain celebrity online photo ... to its competitors, famously lampooning the security measures in Microsoft Corp.
Nude celebs on iCloud? The timing for Apple Inc. couldn't be worse. - Fortune
Apple: It's not the cloud's fault - Politico
Apple: nude photos leak not linked to systems breach - USA TODAY

Apple Is Totally Screwed
Michael Arrington
Even if Apple fixes the problem, or has fixed the problem with the patch they just ....

Apple denies iCloud/Find my iPhone breach, says 'very targeted attack'
Mark Gurman
Apple is presenting this as a very targeted username, password, and ... Nor did we hear “outraged” from Microsoft, Google, Samsung, HTC, or any ...

Will Alibaba Cripple Google Wallet And Others? - Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) | Seeking Alpha"The race to make our wallets electronic, once led by Google, has many participants with competing versions of the concept. Over the holiday weekend, however, e-commerce giant Alibaba (Pending:BABA) announced via its blog that it plans to revolutionize electronic payments through its Alipay Wallet app and in partnership with smartphone maker Huawei."

Drone Developers Consider Obstacles That Cannot Be Flown Around - NYTimes.com: ".... Of course, the Federal Aviation Administration controls the skies in the United States, and it would have to sign off on any kind of drone management system. An F.A.A. spokesman said the agency expected to publish a proposed rule for small unmanned aircraft (less than 55 pounds) this year. The F.A.A. prohibition on commercial drone use has not stopped photographers. Indeed, a video of the damage created by the recent earthquake in Napa, Calif., shot by a camera attached to a drone, was widely circulated over the Internet last week. And hobbyists do not need F.A.A. permission, so long as they don’t endanger other “aircraft or people or property.”..."

Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 7
Juli Clover
Apple today released a new version of OS X Yosemite to developers, two weeks after releasing the sixth Developer Preview and three months after ...

If Anyone Can Get Delivery Drones Legalized, It's Google
Meg Neal
The FAA told me that Google hasn't requested permission yet, but it has hired a lobbyist firm (the same asAmazon's, in fact) to influence policymakers ...

Microsoft Might Be About To Make A Giant Move Into Android Phone Software
James Cook

...However, if the Cyanogen operating system is better than Android — and if it came preloaded on a decent phone — it might take off. Every single Android app works on Cyanogen, so Cyanogen users can get the best of both open-source worlds....

Google rebrands its enterprise business services as Google for Work
Roberto Baldwin
Google rebrands its enterprise business services as Google for Work ... Obviously, Google's biggest competitor in this market is AWS (Amazon Web ...

Insert Citations in Multiple Formats Easily with Google Docs
Patrick Allan
Google Docs is a great free writing tool with a ton of great hidden features, including the research tool. You can save yourself some time and use the ...

'Google Enterprise' As The Far More Approachable 'Google For Work'
Jillian D'Onfro
Google Just Rebranded 'Google Enterprise' As The Far More Approachable 'Google .... 

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