10 September 2014

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch (videos)

Featuring a larger, more advanced display, and significant leaps in capability and performance, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus represent the biggest advancement in design and engineering since we introduced the original iPhone. Published on Sep 9, 2014

Apple Watch unites the capabilities of an all-day fitness tracker and a highly advanced sports watch in one device you can wear all the time. Narrated by Jay Blahnik, Director of Fitness, Health Technologies at Apple. Published on Sep 9, 2014


What you need to know about the new Apple Watch
Technology ... The move was hotly anticipated, as Apple enters a competitive and rapidly expanding market. ... There's a reason Apple invited fashion bloggers to the event today. ... It will show Facebook updates and baseball scores, as well as where you left your car (assuming that car is a BMW).
Is it time for Apple smartwatch to jump-start wearables market? - USA TODAY
Apple Unveils Smartwatch, Its First New Product in 4 Years - Wall Street Journal
Is Apple Getting Over Its Allergy To Social Media? - Forbes

Best places to trade in your old iPhone - CBS News: "... If you're more interested in getting actual cash, you've got your pick of sites that take trade-ins online. Sites like Next WorthGlyde, and Gazelle all work more or less the same way, offering you a competitive price based on the phone model, as well as its condition. There's also the trade-in route, in which you literally exchange your used phone for a discount on your next handset. A slew of retailers offer this convenience, including AppleBest Buy and Target...."

Baidu Hires Top Microsoft Executive in China - WSJ: "Zhang Yaqin will become Baidu's president for new business, effective Wednesday, the Chinese company said Monday. He previously served as Microsoft's vice president and chairman of its Asian-Pacific research and development group."

Comcast Wi-Fi serving self-promotional ads via JavaScript injection | Ars Technica: "Comcast has begun serving Comcast ads to devices connected to one of its 3.5 million publicly accessible Wi-Fi hotspots across the US. Comcast's decision to inject data into websites raises security concerns and arguably cuts to the core of the ongoing net neutrality debate."

Facebook’s Value Tops $200 Billion on Mobile-Ad Optimism - Bloomberg: "“This latest rally stems from their last earnings announcement, when they reported higher demand and sales numbers for their mobile ads,” said Jeffrey Sica, who oversees more than $1.5 billion in assets as president of Sica Wealth Management, in an e-mail. “If they can continue to grow their mobile ads, they will have a sustainable demand for their stock.”"

EU Asks More of Google - WSJ: "....The decision to reopen settlement negotiations for an unprecedented fourth time marks something of an about-face for Mr. Almunia, who has long insisted that Google's commitments were sufficient to meet his agency's competition concerns. The turnaround comes after the European Commission decided that some concerns raised by complainants in response to letters explaining Brussels' latest settlement with Google were "justified," Mr. Almunia told Bloomberg TV in an interview recorded on Sept. 6...."

Maybe The Stock Market Isn't So Dumb - IBM Reaps A 6% Loss On A $156 Billion Investment - International Business Machines Corporation | Seeking Alpha"Even with an investment of $156 billion, IBM's market value has decreased by 5.99% in the last fifteen years."

New York Times

Amazon Cuts Struggling Phone's Price to 99 Cents
New York Times
Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon's founder and chief executive, announcing the Fire ... usually work,” said Wayne Lam, a senior analyst with IHS Technology. He noted that the so-calledFacebook phone quickly dropped to 99 cents ... Apple, which is releasing its new iPhones on Tuesday, surpasses that every ...

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