28 September 2014

Sunday Focus: YAHOO! Play OR Be Played?

New York Times
Yahoo Faces Moment of Decision, Again
New York Times
And some start-ups have looked warily at selling out to Ms. Mayer, seeing more prestige in choosing Google or Facebook or in going public....

Wall Street Journal

Starboard Pushes for Potential Yahoo-AOL Tie-Up
Wall Street Journal
Activist investor Starboard is pushing Yahoo and CEO Marissa Mayer to ... Analysts have said a Yahoo-AOL merger could create a strong competitor ...
Yahoo, AOL Pushed Toward Merger By Fed Up Activist Investor - Forbes

Activist Shareholders Go After Yahoo, Tell Marissa Mayer To Buy AOL - Business Insider: "... This time its Jeffrey Smith of Starboard. He doesn't want Mayer to resign. He wants her to… Sell Yahoo's stakes Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. Cut costs by $250 million to $500 million per year. Quit buying startups that don't add to revenues. Combine with AOL..."

Yahoo to Close Education, Qwiki and Directory Next Quarter: "Yahoo today announced it is closing three more products: Yahoo Education, Qwiki, and Directory. The company says the decision is part of a broader strategy to focus on its more successful projects. Yahoo Education will close down on September 30. The site is designed to connect users with education providers and content, but the company has concluded that education is an area outside of its core offerings “where users’ needs are already well served by alternative online resources.”..."

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