05 September 2014

New Moto Products LIVE; Microsoft Android Patents Worthless?

Join Lauren Gellman, Director of Product Marketing, and Steve Sinclair, VP of Product Marketing, for a first look at the new portfolio of Moto products.  They will be answering your questions live Friday, September 5, 2014,  at 1:30 PM CT -  time conversion. Mark your calendars and post your questions using #askmoto 

@Motorola: join us at 1:30 PM CT on Sep. 5 for our "First Look" live Q&A (post questions now using #askmoto). The details: http://bit.ly/1BdRi2Q

It is estimated Microsoft gets $2 billion (US$) a year from its Android patents, but a recent analysis in wake of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce's disclosure of what patents Microsoft claimed, questions the value of Microsoft's patents--

M-Cam specifically tried to answer the question of whether Microsoft owns proprietary rights to Android OS, and whether the giant software maker was unfairly taxing Android device makers....The most damning part of the M-Cam report, however, was the revelation that more than 40 of the 65 commercially viable patents had actually been preceded by other companies, and that Microsoft had failed to cite them in its patents filings as required by law. (source infra)

What Lies In Store For Microsoft's Android Patents? - Microsoft Corporation | Seeking Alpha: "...Hitherto, only Motorola has ever successfully challenged Microsoft in court regarding patent demands. Motorola won 16 of the 17 patent suits it had filed before the Germany Federal Patent Court. Microsoft's only victory in the case was in regard to U.S. Patent No. 6,370,566 for ActiveSync. All other Android manufacturers have usually elected to pay whatever Microsoft demanded from them, due to the fear of heavy litigation costs. After all, patent trolls cost the U.S. economy nearly $30 billion per year... With the Microsoft's Android patents no longer a secret, you can expect to see more disgruntled Android manufacturers taking Microsoft to court instead of simply putting up and paying up like they've always done...."


Groups Accuse Apple Supplier of Labor Violations
New York Times
The allegations involve employees at a factory in the eastern China city of Suqian that is owned by Catcher Technology, a Taiwan company, and that ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple Watch to Allow Mobile Payments
Wall Street Journal
Apple also is expected to add the wireless technology to the next versions of its iPhone, people familiar with the device said, potentially simplifying the ...

CBS News

Even If You Use Apple's Two-Step Verification, Your Photos Are Still At Risk
Huffington Post
But as Michael Rose at TUAW, an Apple news site, noted on Tuesday, ... Google,Facebook, Twitter and Apple are among the companies that offer the ... I'm a technologyreporter who takes my online security very seriously, and I ...
Apple's iCloud woes come just as it doubles down on the cloud - Washington Post
How and Why to Turn On Two-Step Verification for Your Apple, Google, and Yahoo Accounts - Yahoo Tech
Apple security breach causes investor panic, stock slide ahead of iPhone 6 launch - ZDNet

Modern Readers

Apple stock plunges amid celebrity hacking, ahead of purported iWatch announcement
Washington Post
More quantifiable was the downward lurch Wednesday that pushed the market value ofApple down by $26.1 billion. That's the price tag USA Today ...

Google Hires Leading Researcher to Build a Quantum Computer | MIT Technology Review: "Google is about to begin designing and building hardware for a quantum computer, a type of machine that can exploit quantum physics to solve problems that would take a conventional computer millions of years...."

Amazon, Microsoft may invest in Cyanogen to better compete with Google - Silicon Valley Business Journal"...The report said that Cyanogen is planning a large Series C round of funding. It has raised about $30 million to date from investors who include Andreessen Horowitz, Tencent, Benchmark and Redpoint Ventures. The company faces the usual challenges of startups that are built on open source software that is supported by enthusiastic developers. It would likely need to find services and apps that it can charge for on top of CyanogenMod. But if it is acquired by a handset maker like Microsoft or Amazon, it could become an important differentiator from makers of other Android-powered devices."

Chromebooks: Going offline to compete | ZDNet: ... quite a few apps work offline; there's even a section in the Chrome Web Store that makes them easy to find. This improvement, coupled with the fact that like PCs and Macs users are rarely offline, make Chrome work like most platforms. Google isn't content with this, and recently mandated that legacy packaged apps must go away by the end of the year, and will get kicked out of the store...

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