24 September 2014

SpaceX Launches First 3-D Printer to ISS (video)

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., the rocket maker led by Elon Musk, launched an unmanned cargo mission on Sunday from Cape Canaveral, Florida containing the first 3-D printer destined for the International Space Station. Here is raw footage of the liftoff with narration from NASA TV. (Bloomberg 9/22/2014)

New York Times

Months After Buying Beats, Apple's Plans for Its Music Service Remain Unclear
New York Times
On Monday, an online report by the technology news site TechCrunch claimed that Applewould “shut down” Beats' streaming service, Beats Music, ...

Wall Street Journal

Google Must Improve Search Settlement or Face Charges, EU's Almunia Says
Wall Street Journal
Ms. Vestager's position on the Google investigation remains unclear. But in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Tuesday, Ms. Vestager stressed ...

Wall Street Journal

Alibaba Deal Pummels Yahoo Stock
Wall Street Journal
Yahoo shares have plunged 8.2% in the two trading days since Alibaba ... Yahoo shares had surged 27% from mid-June through Thursday's close, ... Still, Yahoo continues to lose advertising revenue to Google Inc. GOOGL ... in Yahoo shares rose to its highest on Friday since May 2008, when Microsoft ...


Why The Apple TV HomeKit Update Makes An Apple Television More Likely
With all the hoo-ha surrounding the launch of Apple Apple's new iPhones and ... As reported by Forbes, Apple also apparently rolled out last week an ... For years now attechnology shows around the world TV brands have been ...

Economic Times

Wall Street thinks Yahoo is worth less than nothing
CBS News
In the shadow of that news is Yahoo (YHOO), the old-time Internet "portal," which held a bundle ... Say Google (GOOG) and you think search. Apple (AAPL) is consumer electronics. Facebook (FB)? Social networking. Even often dismissed Microsoft (MSFT) has been financially successful with operating ...

PC Advisor

Apple's Watch marks its transformation into a fashion brand
The Verge
Apple's big event this month relegated the company's best known and best selling ... The thing is, the Apple Watch isn't even all that special. ... and explain a piece of newtechnology is as essential to its commercial success as .... Sep 10 Between Google andApple, the smartwatch wars are over before ...

After eight years with Facebook's News Feed, there's no such thing as 'TMI'
Washington Post
When Facebook introduced its News Feed in 2006, users quite literally .... When you Google something, an algorithm surfaces some results and ...

TechCrunch (blog)

Google X Founder Sebastian Thrun Has Left His Role As Google VP And Fellow
TechCrunch (blog)
Sebastian Thrun has left the building — the Google X building, that is. ... and robotics that have paved the way for autonomous driving technology.

How Facebook Can Predict Your Politics, Your Love Life, And Even Your Sister's Name
Oh sure — the reality TV stars inhabit a different universe than most Americans. But their names aren't as unusual as you might think. If you have a ...

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