11 September 2014

Amazon China Takes On Alibaba, Apple Watch Disappoints, Apple Pay video

Apple Pay Is a Game Changer: Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster

True Ventures' Om Malik and Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster discuss the launch of Apple Pay. They speak with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg West." (Sept. 9, 2014 Bloomberg)

Alibaba Grabs The IPO Money But The Future Belongs To Jeff Bezos And Amazon China - Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Pending:BABA) | Seeking Alpha"While Alibaba touts itself and raises $20 billion from US investors, Jeff Bezos is busy in China with his Alibaba-killer business. Bezos has precision-targeted Alibaba's key weaknesses and is positioning Amazon China for long-term dominance. Amazon in typical style reveals nothing about its strategy or operations in China. Everything is secret. They're clearly spending heavily, but with outstanding results so far."

Wolverton: Apple Watch underwhelms - San Jose Mercury News"....That need for an iPhone link is likely to greatly limit its appeal. Even if you already own an iPhone, you may wonder why you need to buy an extra device... The other big problem with Apple Watch is its price, which starts at $350... it's a high price to pay for what is basically a phone accessory. It's also likely to be a high hurdle for many young people, especially since many of them have yet to be convinced that they need to wear a watch at all... its screen is generally turned off. To turn it on, you press a button or raise the watch to your face. That's annoying... at first glance, I wasn't convinced it's a device that most people need -- or may even want."

Alibaba's IPO covered in two days - Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Pending:BABA) | Seeking Alpha: "Within just two days of its launch, Alibaba (Pending:BABA) has collected enough orders for its IPO to cover the entire deal, although there still is no indication to where most of the demand is within its $60-$66 per share price range.At the top end of expectations, Alibaba would raise $21.1B as the largest ever tech IPO, smashing Facebook's $16B listing in 2012."

T-Mobile will give you a customized router for better Wi-Fi calling — Tech News and Analysis"T-Mobile will start providing a customized Wi-Fi router to subscribers that prioritizes voice calls over other packets. The device, called the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot, will require a $25 deposit and can work alongside an existing household router."

Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls | TechCrunch: "Google has long said that Hangouts is the future of Google Voice. The regular Google Voice service and site will still continue to work for the time being and most importantly, Google says that if you have a Google Voice number today, it has no interest in taking that away from you. “The important thing that users should take away is that the number they have will be carried forward and the feature and functionality set will be growing,” said Google VP of Engineering Chee Chew in an interview last week." (To make use of these calling features, you have to have the latest version of Hangouts (2.3) and also install a special dialer app.)

Google Should Buy MasterCard - Google Inc. | Seeking Alpha: "It's unfortunate for Google that Apple is receiving all the attention right now for launching a service that Google has already been providing for three years. An acquisition of MasterCard would provide a definitive statement that Google is here to stay in digital and mobile payments. It would also provide an ever-growing boost in revenue and earnings for years to come, as the world gradually switches from paper to plastic, and from plastic to digital."

America's new class system: Column"California now has the wealth distribution — and, in some disturbing ways, the political underpinnings — of a Third World country. In Silicon Valley, a group of super-wealthy tech oligarchs live lives of almost unimaginable wealth, while only a few miles away, illegal immigrants live in squalor."

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