29 April 2014

Mobile Keeping Tech Alive? (video); the iPad Fad

Is Mobile Keeping Tech Alive?: Video -
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Telsey Advisory Group Analyst Tom Forte discusses tech companies becoming phone companies with Trish Regan and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg April 25)

The Astonishing, Disappointing iPad — Five Hundred Words — Medium"If the iPad is a fad, it’s the greatest fad in the history of American business. And so I repeat: the iPad got too successful, too quickly. And everyone (including Apple) got spoiled by those insane numbers."

Former Comcast and Verizon Attorneys Now Manage the FCC and Are About to Kill the Internet | VICE United States: "The open Internet may soon become a thing of the past. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal dropped something of a bombshell with leaked news that the Federal Communications Commission is planning to abandon so-called “net neutrality” regulations—rules to ensure that Internet providers are prevented from discriminating based on content. Under the new proposed system, companies such as Comcast or Verizon will be able to create a tiered Internet, in which websites will have to pay more money for faster speeds, a change that observers predict will curb free speech, stifle innovation and increase costs for consumers...."

Why the government should provide internet access - Vox: "...Ezra: What is constraining cities now from building public internet options? Is the problem money? Regulation? Susan: It's almost funny. Twenty states have passed laws saying, "Cities don't have the choice to do this." These laws have been rammed through by incumbents happy with the way things are. One thing that needs to happen is we need to block these state laws so that cities can make these decision for themselves. FCC Chairman Wheeler has announced that this would be a good direction to investigate....."

Congress screwed up net neutrality, not the FCC - Vox: "...A better way to resolve the controversy over the FCC's authority would be for Congress to pass a new telecommunications law that either clearly authorizes network neutrality regulations or clearly prohibits them. A clear statement from Congress authorizing network neutrality rules would make it easier for the FCC to write rules that pass muster with the courts. A clear statement prohibiting network neutrality regulations would end the decade-long uncertainty about how broadband networks would be regulated. Either way, the nation would be spared another decade of legal Calvinball as the courts struggle to interpret a statute that gets more outdated with each passing year...."

Microsoft: No IE Patch For Windows XP
Microsoft confirmed over the weekend that Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6 through 11 are susceptible to a newly discovered vulnerability, and that ...

Google: Self-driving cars are mastering city streets
(CNN) -- Long a veteran of the highways of rural California, Google's self-driving car is working on becoming safer in the city. Over the past year or so, ...

Google Now and Cortana are the future, not Siri
Now that our gadgets are plenty fast and powerful, and most software is easy enough for babies to use, everyone is searching for the Next Big Thing in ...

Apple vs. Samsung: Google haunts the courtroom arguments
San Jose Mercury News
When an eight-member federal jury retreats behind closed doors this week to decide the outcome of the latest Apple v. Samsung patent showdown, a ...

Google Plus is turning negative, but don't bet on it going away
Gundotra spent most of his career at Microsoft (15 years from 1991) and ... Facebook has more global reach than Google Search or Gmail, Amazon, ...

Facebook Vies With Google and Apple for Mobile-App Makers
The social network recently reached out to Helsinki-based Huuuge Inc., the maker of the game, to convince the team to build mobile applications with ...

Microsoft Goes Hollywood With Slate Of 'Xbox Originals' TV Shows
Microsoft opened a new front in its war to control consumers' living rooms on Monday, announcing that it is developing a dozen original television ...

Amazon banishes Apple's comic cut with new ComiXology app
The new version of the app does not allow iOS users to purchase comics in-app and no longer allows Google Play customers to use their Google ...

Amazon Faces Profit Pressure: Honeymoon Over?
Amazon touts growth, but investor patience grows thin as shareholders ... may not show much growth at all, since Google kicked in 30% to 40% price ... last March across several basic services, and Microsoft soon followed suit. .....

Google Boosts Encryption In Chrome For Android
Yahoo, long a laggard in computer security, committed last year to adding ... And in December, Microsoft, acknowledging customers' concerns about ... include Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Intel ...

Microsoft fan goes Pro
Boston Herald
RETURN OF THE MAC: Phil Schiller, above, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, introduces the new MacBook laptops last ...

Apple Shares Diverge From Nasdaq After Stock Split
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Apple is no longer following the pack, but it's no leader of the pack, either. Shares of the iPhone and iPad maker have surged since last week's ...

Great Google-y Moogly: Internet Giant Slapped With Huge Tax Bill
For years, multinational companies like Google Google, Apple Apple and Microsoft Microsoft have been thwarting attempts by government authorities ...

Microsoft's Mobile First, Cloud First Strategy, Explained
After laying low during the first seven weeks of his tenure, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made four high-profile appearances in April: the Office for iPad ...

Microsoft announces price cuts for Xbox 360 consoles in India
There is some good news for those awaiting a price drop on Xbox 360 consoles with the launch of the Xbox One - they will not have to wait for the ...

Microsoft Wins Antitrust Case as Top Court Rejects Novell
The U.S. Supreme Court ended a lawsuit that accused Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) of illegally protecting its Windows computer operating system from ...

Microsoft vows to appeal federal email privacy ruling
IDG News Service - Email providers have to turn over a user's emails and other data to U.S. law enforcement when issued a search warrant, even if ...

Microsoft Research Special Projects group tipped to take on Google X
ZDNet (blog)
There's a new Special Projects Group in Microsoft Research (MSR) that is tasked with working on "disruptive technologies that could benefit the ...

Facebook announces second phase of Altoona data center
Facebook today announced plans to begin construction of the second ... center projects — Facebook in Altoona and Microsoft in West Des Moines.

Facebook open sourcing Paper's animation engine Pop
Facebook is kicking off the week with opening up and sharing a framework behind one of its newer products, Paper...

Center the Subject for Best Results with Google Camera's Lens Blur - Lifehacker
By Ed Rhee
Android: Google's new built-in camera app for Android includes a new feature that simulates the blur effect of SLR and compact system cameras.

Google's self-driving car gets much better at navigating cities — Tech News and Analysis - Gigaom
By Barb Darrow
Google says its self-driving cars have passed the 700000-mile mark navigating city streets -- without incident.

Apple MacBook Air Update - Business Insider
By Lisa Eadicicco
Apple may launch two new MacBook Air models with new processors and storage ... Login With Facebook Login With Twitter Login With Google.
Business Insider

How Google's Self-Driving Car Is Tackling the Chaos of City Streets - Gizmodo
By Adam Clark Estes
We've all heard about how well Google's self-driving car does on the highway. But is that so impressive? Heck, put on cruise control and an audiobook ...

Closing arguments set in Apple-Samsung trial - Phys.org
At stake: $2 billion if Samsung loses, a few hundred million if Apple loses. ... But Samsung fought back, using Google's Android system, offering less expensive smartphones with larger screens. Closing arguments set ... Phys.org on facebook ... Nokia, Microsoft complete $7.5B cellphone deal (Update 2).
Phys.org - latest science and...

Apple's Maps App Gets 3-D Flyover Support For Mysterious Stonehenge -- AppAdvice
By Bryan M. Wolfe
You can now visit Stonehenge via your iOS device.
App Advice

Conversations LIVE: Ask me anything with Stephen Elop - Conversations - Nokia Conversations
By Tiina Jaatinen
Microsoft Mobile uses cookies and similar technologies to manage, enhance and personalize your experience. We also use them to display ...
Conversations - Posts

Apple paying $80 more for iPhone 5 with faulty sleep/wake button - iDownloadBlog
By Christian Zibreg
Apple last week put forth a new replacement program dealing with the malfunctioning sleep/wake button on some iPhone 5 devices. Apple has ...

Siri coming to Apple TV? - FanSided - Sports News, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Technology - 270+ ...
By Ted Schwerzler
Sony to force Microsoft's hand? ... Voice commands from your couch to your Apple TV via your favorite voice? Yes indeed, Siri could be coming ... The recently announced Amazonproduct already includes voice commands. The new ...

A look into Facebook's f8 - Inside Facebook
By Justin Lafferty
On Wednesday, Facebook's f8 — a developer's haven — will return to San Francisco after a three-year absence, this time powered by Parse.
Inside Facebook

As Its Domestic Cash Plunges By Record To Early 2010 Levels, Apple Prepares Massive $17 ...
By Tyler Durden
While Apple's earnings report last week left little to be desired, one of the more notable observations was that the company's cash hoard, relentlessly ...

UPDATE: See Microsoft dig up landfilled E.T. Atari cartridges – video | VG247 - VG247.com
By Phil Owen
Today is the day that some enterprising folks are visiting that landfill in New Mexico where legend says millions of Atari E.T. game cartridges were ...

ComiXology Update for Android Removes Google Payments | Droid Life
By Tim-o-tato
It was only three weeks ago when Amazon purchased ComiXology, and at the time, ... purchases to be made through a single account, such as their Google Wallet. ... I completely understand the thinking, wanting to keep Google/Apple from taking a ...Facebook Google+ YouTube Twitter Subscribe.
Droid Life

Microsoft warns of Internet Explorer flaw affecting 1/4 of all web browsers | SiliconANGLE
By Mike Wheatley
small__35407674 Microsoft is warning customers of a newly discovered vulnerability affecting its Internet Explorer browser, from versions 6 through to ...

Microsoft Issues Advisory For Internet Explorer Vulnerability - Slashdot
jones_supa (887896) writes "Neowin reports how Microsoft made a rare weekend post on its Security Response Center blog to announce an advisory ...

Google Draw: The Perfect Google Glass Accessory - MakeUseOf
What if you're not in the position to speak commands out loud to your Google Glass?

Now back at Microsoft, Stephen Elop says Nokia X's forked Android is here to stay | 9to5Google
As Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia's smartphone and handheld ... Nokia X uses the MSFT cloud, not Google's. ...

In 2014, Google Aims To Train 20,000 Third-Party Sales Reps To Sell Local - Marketing Land
When small businesses see Google as the "Wild Wild West" of confusing ... He can be found on Facebook, Google + and microblogs on Twitter as ...

SpaceX launches lawsuit over spy satellite contracts
Daily Digest
SpaceX, a company that creates space launch materials for NASA, is suing the government over an Air Force deal with United Launch Alliance (ULA). ULA, a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, is being given contracts for U.S. Air Force's Evolved ...

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