25 April 2014

FCC Proposal to Destroy Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (appointed by Barack Obama) obviously cares nothing about the public interest, net neutrality, an open internet or internet freedom. He is only serving his masters in the communications industry (ISPs) and and their lobbyists! This is the worst public policy to come out of Washington DC in years!

FCC proposal would destroy net neutrality | The Verge: "....The goal of net neutrality rules is to prevent service providers from discriminating between different content, allowing all types of data and all companies' data to be treated equally. While it appears that outright blocking of individual services won't be allowed, the Journal reports that some forms of discrimination will be allowed, though that will apparently not include slowing down websites. Nonetheless, allowing some websites to pay for preferentially treatment would inherently favor larger, more successful companies. A MAJOR CHANGE TO THE MEANING OF "OPEN INTERNET" The actual draft of the proposed rules has not yet been released, but the FCC did release a framework of the rules back in February. These proposed changes, however, are a large departure from the original Open Internet rules as well as what was shown earlier this year...."

F.C.C., in ‘Net Neutrality’ Turnaround, Plans to Allow Fast Lane - NYTimes.com:  " . . . The proposed rules are a complete turnaround for the F.C.C. on the subject of so-called net neutrality, the principle that Internet users should have equal ability to see any content they choose, and that no content providers should be discriminated against in providing their offerings to consumers....The new proposals, drafted by the F.C.C.'s chairman, Tom Wheeler, and his staff, will be circulated to the other four commissioners beginning Thursday, an F.C.C. spokeswoman said. The details can be amended by consensus in order to attract support from a majority of the commissioners. The commission will then vote on a final proposal at its May 15 meeting."

Samsung Galaxy Series Riding High on Overall User Engagement, but lukewarm Response to its Content and App Strategy.: "...Bonny Joy, Chief, Consumer Telemetry Platforms, said:  “Clearly, Galaxy Sx series have succeeded in creating more engagement by growing the overall pie, but its own content and media strategy is faring low at the moment. Galaxy S5 is a step-upgrade from the Galaxy S4, but as far as content and media is concerned, little has changed to draw consumer attention to its latest launch.”..."

Megaupload seeks return of millions in frozen Hong Kong assets ( - Legal - Security ): "...The company's assets were frozen by Hong Kong at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice around January 2012 after its operators, including founder Kim Dotcom, were indicted by U.S. prosecutors for allegedly profiting from large-scale copyright infringement. On Wednesday, the High Court ordered Hong Kong's Department of Justice to respond to Megaupload's filing by June 4...."

Amazon's Prime Pantry service lets you ship 45 pounds of groceries for a $6 fee
By Sarah Silbert
Amazon's dead-set on killing off the grocery store, with a same-day delivery service and even a Dash gadget for restocking items around the house.
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Why Apple Can't Quit Steve Jobs
ABC News
Despite Steve Jobs' advice to never think about what he would do, the ghost of the visionary founder still rules at Apple two and a half years after his ...

Microsoft Earnings: 6 Questions
Microsoft has been on fire lately, but new CEO Satya Nadella will face ... has turned a skeptical eye this year toward Apple, Netflix, Google, Amazon, ...

Facebook Profit Tripled in First Quarter
New York Times
For the last two years, Facebook has been growing like a beanstalk in mobile advertising, gaining ground against Google, its chief rival. Credit Luong ...

Amazon snares classic shows in deal with HBO
Boston Globe
Starting May 21, Amazon Prime members — who pay $99 a year for ... other content to televisions, competing with the likes of Apple Inc. and Roku.

Microsoft's Bing goes ad-free for all US schools
Although Microsoft used the pilot launch last year to take shots at rival Google -- part of its then-running "Scroogled" attack ad campaign -- the ...

Google Street View Offers Time Travel
Google Maps Street View gained a new feature on Wednesday: a way to travel through time. Street View has always offered time travel of a sort: Its ...

Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence
San Jose Mercury News
Facebook, Google and other leading tech companies are jockeying to hire ... each works differently, Tempo is vying with Siri, Google Now and Microsoft's new Cortana. ... But there are signs Apple is working feverishly to improve it.

Google, SunPower unwrap solar-power deal
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Google Inc. on Wednesday said it has teamed up with SunPower Corp. for a big push to make solar power more ...

Heartbleed: why did a computer bug have a name and a logo?
The Guardian
The Heartbleed flaw is being fixed more quickly because of the decision to give the bug a memorable name and a cute logo, according to the firm that first identified it. The flaw was caused by a simple coding error which resulted in passwords and security ...

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