20 April 2014

Sony’s PS4 Outsells Microsoft’s Xbox One in March (video)

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Bloomberg’s Mia Saini reports on the state of the video game market and how Sony’s PS4 outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One game console in the U.S. for the last three months. She speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Bloomberg April18) 

Flickr Ventures Into Instagram's Territory With Mobile Redesign
Cult of Mac
Flickr's redesigned mobile apps, which are out today, look very much Instagram. And I think it's safe to say that the design decision was intentional. The question now is whether Flickr can set itself apart with its pro-friendly features and more free cloud storage ...

Earth-size planet with right temperature found 500 light-years away
Press Herald
The planet is the first Earth-size sphere found outside the solar system in the 'Goldilocks zone.' By Meeri Kim The Washington Post. The hunt for Earth's alien twin reached a new milestone with the discovery of a faraway exoplanet that's not much bigger than ...

Twitter Makes Bold Moves in Mobile Ad Game
Twitter has taken a deep breath and plunged into mobile advertising with zeal, announcing a MoPub platform integration that could provide marketers with access to more than a billion pairs of eyeballs. In addition, it's taking another page from Facebook with ...

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released.
PC Perspectives
Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution, has been on a steady six-month release schedule for eight years. Every four versions, that is, once every two years, one is marked as Long Term Support (LTS). While typical (non-LTS) releases are supported for around ...

Modern sharks are sleeker, faster than their ancestors, fossil find suggests
Fox News
Sharks turn out to be more modern and sleek than anyone had ever imagined, given a new study that negates a prior theory that today's sharks are “living fossils,” changing little over time. Instead, like the latest and greatest electronic devices or sports cars, ...

Windows Phone 8.1: Finally, a worthy rival to Android and iOS
Economic Times
It has been nearly four years since Microsoft launched Windows Phone. The OS is beautiful to look at and with its unique tile-based user interface, offers an approach to software that is fresh and modern compared to Android or iOS. The OS even forced both ...

Marshall Space Flight Center prepares for dynamic year with Space Launch ...
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAAY) - The Marshall Space Flight Center says, over the next several years, it could break new ground, when it comes to all kinds of discoveries. As NASA and the Marshall Space Flight Center enter next year's budget year, they're poised ...

In weird Brazilian cave insects, male-female sex organs reversed
Reuters UK
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - This may be the role reversal to end all role reversals. Scientists on Thursday described four insect species that dwell in extremely dry caves in Brazil, feed on bat guano and possess what the researchers called an "evolutionary ...

Centipede eats its way out of deadly snake [PHOTO]
Science Recorder
Scientists are astonished to find a viper eaten alive from the inside out by his prey, a centipede. Centipede eats its way out of deadly snake [PHOTO]. Science Recorder | Delila James | Friday, April 18, 2014. While scientists were on a field study in Macedonia, ...

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