15 April 2014

New Dell Chromebook best ever made?

Dell Chromebook 11 review | The Verge"....Almost every Windows laptop maker has a Chromebook or two in its lineup, and now Dell is entering the fray. Its Chromebook 11 (not to be confused with the HP Chromebook of the same name) is being targeted specifically to the education market, where Chromebooks seem like a natural fit. But anyone can order the Chromebook 11 for $299 from Dell’s website [4GB RAM] today — and get possibly the best Chromebook ever made...."

Facebook Is Reportedly Near Approval For E-Money Service In Ireland - The Next Web
By Kaylene Hong
The Financial Times reports that Facebook is planning an e-money service, and is close to getting regulatory approval in Ireland.
The Next Web

Twitter Gives a New Look to User Profiles - NYTimes.com - NYTimes.com: "...The redesign, which Twitter described in a blog post, is immediately available to new users and will be gradually rolled out to the rest of the social network’s users around the world. However, it only applies to the desktop version of Twitter, not the mobile version used by smartphones and tablets that is the principal way that people use the service...."

What Should You Do About Heartbleed? Excellent Question. | MIT Technology Review: "...Ordinary Web users really have no way of finding out how relatively safe or unsafe the websites they use are, or to know what, if anything, to do at this point...." more info: 
heartbleed.com and https://github.com/musalbas/heartbleed-masstest/blob/master/top10000.txt

Blackberry plans Heartbleed patches as mobile threat scrutinized | Reuters: "...While there have been no public reports of successful attacks involving the Heartbleed vulnerability, researchers say that it has been around for several years. That means that hackers could have successfully been using it without being caught since attacks do not leave any traces."

The decline of the mobile web | chris dixon's blog: "....1) Apps have a rich-get-richer dynamic that favors the status quo over new innovations. Popular apps get home screen placement, get used more, get ranked higher in app stores, make more money, can pay more for distribution, etc. The end state will probably be like cable TV – a few dominant channels/apps that sit on users’ home screens and everything else relegated to lower tiers or irrelevance. 2) Apps are heavily controlled by the dominant app stores owners, Apple and Google. Google and Apple control what apps are allowed to exist, how apps are built, what apps get promoted, and charge a 30% tax on revenues...."

Microsoft Cortana: My First Week
Microsoft released a developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1, which ... at translating speech to text as Apple's Siri or Google's Google Now -- at least, ...

Google May Push Sites to Use Encryption
Wall Street Journal (blog)
In a move that experts say could make it harder to spy on Web users, Google is considering giving a boost in its search-engine results to websites that ...

Google sees the light with Dublin Goes Dark project
Irish Times
“Google in Dublin recently ran an experiment to help them. It invited staff to check in their devices as they clocked off for the day, with the result that ...

Google's flat Android plan is not just about Apple
Computerworld (blog)
Google is going to pull an Apple and make the next version of Android ... but Microsoft and Google have also been working toward a cleaner look in ...

Facebook seeks help with Hack
When code bases get large, developer momentum slows and development becomes less safe. That was the challenge confronting Jay Parikh, VP of ...

Amazon may be developing 3D smartphone
CBS News
Amazon is preparing to announce the next generation of smartphones, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new phone will feature a 3D screen - and ...

Space Quest: Google Needs More Offices in New York City
Wall Street Journal
Google is doing a search: It wants to expand further in New York City for enough space to hold more than 3,000 employees. Eliot Brown reports.

Why isn't Apple suing Google?
FORTUNE -- Watching Apple's (AAPL) patent infringement trial from afar -- today, it's from Prague -- I can't tell if the jury got as clear an explanation of ...

UN Climate Change Report Says Worst Scenarios Can Still Be Avoided
Wall Street Journal
The sun rises over an oil field over the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing is on the verge of a boom on March 24, 2014 near Lost Hills, Calif. Getty Images. A United Nations report suggests that governments can ...

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