06 April 2014

Amazon Fire TV, not ready for Prime time?

Amazon Fire TV: $99 for the basic box + $99 for Amazon Prime subscription + $40 for Game Controller = $238 vs. $35 for a Chromecast

Amazon Fire TV review - CNET: "The Bad - The user interface strongly favors Amazon Instant content over other services, and the voice-search feature doesn't comb through Netflix or most other non-Amazon apps. Some major apps are missing, including HBO Go and Spotify. The $99 price feels relatively expensive, especially since you really need the $40 Fire Game Controller and a Prime subscription to get the most out of the box."

Brendan Eich steps down as Mozilla CEO after equality controversy
Brendan Eich is no longer the CEO of Mozilla. Effective today, he has stepped down. This news is rather bittersweet for me. While I disagree with Eich's perceived stance on marriage equality, I defend his right to express it. However, I also support the rights of ...

Nest halts detector sales, citing safety
Boston Globe
Nest Labs, the home automation company recently acquired by Google for $3.2 billion, said Thursday that it was halting sales of its smoke and carbon monoxide detector over safety concerns. Tony Fadell, the chief executive of Nest, said in a letter posted on ...

Microsoft's mobile moves: Still your father's technology company
Network World
This has been a big week for Microsoft, with a flood of new announcements and changes of direction. Along with its Build conference, new CEO Satya Nadella has made a number of moves designed to reverse the public perception that the company is an ...

Amazon Fire TV takes aim at Roku and Apple TV (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
Amazon has taken the wraps off a set-top box called the Fire TV, which can be used to stream a range of content, from video games to sitcoms and feature-length films. Skip to next paragraph. Recent posts. 04.03.14. Microsoft set to bring Internet Explorer 11 ...

Unreal Engine 4.1 update brings Linux/SteamOS support, free Elemental demo
Unreal Engine will receive an update "later this month" that'll add initial support for Linux and SteamOS, Epic has confirmed. The company released detailed information on the Unreal Engine 4.1 update on Thursday, which will expand one of the industry's ...

New atomic clock will neither gain nor lose one second in about 300 million years
Business Standard
U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has launched a new atomic clock, called NIST-F2, which will serve as the new US time standard, and will neither gain nor lose one second in about 300 million years.

5 Facebook problems you need to fix right now
Charleston Post Courier
Facebook has been in the news a lot recently. Mark Zuckerberg bought the What's App company in February for a staggering, mind-blowing, huge - I'm running out of adjectives here - $19 billion. Last week, the company bought a little-known virtual-reality ...

5-year-old Ocean Beach boy exposes Microsoft Xbox vulnerability
Click to view the latest contests and giveaways to find out how you can become a winner! ABC 10 Contests · More About Us. Weather. Back. All Weather Wildfires Radar Interactive National Weather Earthquake Preparedness. Weather. 277559704 - Weather ...

Apple Buys UK Voice Recognition Company Novauris
The Mac Observer
Apple CEO Tim Cook has made another corporate purchase, a UK voice recognition firm called Novauris. Bloomberg reported the acquisition, and Apple confirmed it without specifying terms or the purpose to which it will put Novauris. Apple Buys Novauris.

Europe's earth-monitoring Sentinel satellite heads into space
It is a revolutionary eye in the sky in what has been dubbed the most ambitious Earth observation venture ever. European radar satellite Sentinel-1a is being launched on Thursday. A fleet of other Sentinels will follow in coming years as part of Copernicus, ...

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