01 April 2014

Why Android is Winning the Smartphone Market Over iPhone

Steve Jobs knew Apple was going to be beaten by Google's Android smartphone OS -- he saw it coming because he had seen this before when Microsoft took the personal computer market away from Apple --

"For example, if ridiculously long battery life is what you crave, there's the Motorola Droid Maxx. Looking for an excellent unlocked bargain? Well then, consider the Moto G, Moto X, or Nexus 5. 
Additionally, phablet lovers have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG G Pro 2 to tickle their fancy, while design aficionados will certainly enjoy the oohs and aahs they'll receive from the lovely HTC One M8. There's simply no contest here, since the singular iPhone can't hope to stand against a legion of very impressive (or more impressive, I'll wager) handsets from numerous companies." (source infra)

Why I’m glad I never abandoned Android for an iPhone - CNET: "....The future belongs to Android not Apple. Google is making inroads into virtually every area of modern life where technology plays a significant role, and I think that bodes well for Android's future. If we're soon to enter a brave new world of self-driving cars and smart home appliances, not to mention gadgets we will strap to our bodies that will track our movements, chances are good Android will be there in force...."

Xiaomi's Hugo Barra: True world phones in 2 years, Android all the way - CNET: "...."In a year or two, we will have completely shifted towards building inherently global products. Whenever we think about a new feature, we try to think about it from a Chinese perspective and a global perspective." The numbers show how precipitously Xiaomi is growing. The 4-year-old company is making phones as fast as it can sell them, and it's selling a lot of phones. In 2012, the company sold 7.2 million smartphones. In 2013, Xiaomi doubled that number, selling 18.7 million handsets...."

Moto G Forte rugged edition in pipeline
Phones Review
The affordable Moto G smartphone has been a big hit since its release late last year and now it appears another version of it is on the way. A device called the Motorola Moto G Forte has now been the subject of an image leak, and it looks as though it's a ...

Smartphone kill-switch could save consumers $2.6B per year, says report
Technology that remotely makes a stolen smartphone useless could save American consumers up to US$2.6 billion per year if it is implemented widely and leads to a reduction in theft of phones, according to a new report. Law enforcement officials and ...

Vudu Gets Updated to Work With Chromecast
Android Headlines - Android News
Google's Chromecast was announced in July of 2013. Since then, it has become a staple in many households. If you have a Chromecast, then you know just how convenient it is to have around. For $35, you can “cast” your media from your phone, tablet or ...

Apple's War on Samsung Has Google in Crossfire
New York Times
That means that if Apple wins, Google could have to make changes to ... In 1988, the company sued Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, claiming that ...

Microsoft's Word for iPad cracks top 10 in gross revenue
Computerworld - Microsoft's new Word for iPad app has cracked the top 10 on Apple'sApp Store "Top Grossing" chart. The app, which was released ...

Why Facebook was smart to buy Oculus
Yes, I think Facebook Inc. probably overpaid in its $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp . And yes, I think it ... Heck, even the not-so-sexy Microsoft Corp.

Amazon Picks Six Original Series, Dumps Two
Chris Carter fans, rejoice: Amazon (AMZN) has ordered a full season of The X-Files creator's new series The After for its original programming lineup, ...

Amazon workers in Germany strike again in protracted pay dispute
An Amazon spokeswoman said fewer than 340 workers took part and ... Amazonemploys a total of 9,000 warehouse staff at nine distribution centers ...
Microsoft to highlight its 'One Windows' progress at Build 2014
While Microsoft execs have made substantial progress in the past couple of years toward breaking down silos inside the company, there's still a long ...

Microsoft taps Scott Guthrie to head cloud business
In advance of this week's big developer confab, Microsoft also appoints Nokia chief Stephen Elop, who figured as a possible CEO candidate, as head ...

Microsoft and Ooyala Team to Deliver Best-of-Breed Multi-Screen Digital TV Services for ...
Ooyala also formed a global sales and marketing alliance with Microsoft, ... "Through this alliance, Microsoft and Ooyala are in a position to seize a ...

Microsoft Has Big Plans For Bing's Entity Engine | TechCrunch
By Frederic Lardinois
Both Microsoft and Google have long worked on getting users answers without having to click through a number of websites. At Google, the current ...

Microsoft loses another Windows executive as Sinofsky shakeup concludes | The Verge: [more housecleaning at Microsoft]

Journalists, media under attack from hackers: Google researchers | Reuters: ""If you're a journalist or a journalistic organization we will see state-sponsored targeting and we see it happening regardless of region, we see it from all over the world both from where the targets are and where the targets are from," Huntley told Reuters. Both researchers declined to go into detail about how Google monitors such attacks, but said it "tracks the state actors that attack our users." Recipients of such emails in Google's Gmail service typically receive a warning message." - Security researcher Ashkan Soltani said in an earlier Twitter post that nine of the top-25 news websites use Google for hosted email services.

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