30 April 2014

Apple-Samsung Trial (video); Android Smartphones 71% Top EU Marketshare

Apple-Samsung Trial Is All About Messages: Feldman: Video - Bloomberg:
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UC Hastings' Robin Feldman, author of "Rethinking Patent Law," discusses Apple and Samsung's $2 billion trial with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg April 25)

Apple makes final pitch to US jury in Samsung trial
Fox Business
SAN JOSE, California (Reuters) - Samsung transformed the smartphone market only by copying iPhone technology, an Apple attorney said on ...

Kantar: Windows Phone ‘Stutters’ Amid Android Price Competition, iPhone 5S Is Apple’s Buffer | TechCrunch: "According to the latest 12-week figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech — a market research division of WPP — Windows Phone accounted for 8.1% of smartphone sales in the 12 weeks to the end of March across the top five markets in Europe (the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany), with Android taking 70.7% of sales and iOS 19.2%."

Viral Twitter protest targets Mexico Internet lawActivists are worried that the law, proposed by President Pena Nieto, would allow the government to restrict access to the Internet and increase surveillance. There are also concerns that the government could block communication signals at protests, reportedly for security reasons, potentially stopping activists and journalists from tweeting and live-streaming.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Will Talk Net Neutrality With Congress On May 20 | TechCrunch: "Mark your calendars: May 20 should provide fireworks. On that date, Tom Wheeler, current chairman of the Federal Communications Commission FCC will sit down in front of the House Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and testify."

Apple rolls out new, cheaper MacBook Airs
(CNN) -- Apple has refreshed its line of MacBook Air notebooks, dropping in more powerful processors and knocking $100 off the price. The 11-inch ...

Microsoft Office For iPad Gains Printing
Users can wirelessly print Office documents using Apple's AirPrint feature. In Word ...Microsoft also promised bug fixes and stability improvements.

Google: Driverless cars are mastering city streets
Washington Post
LOS ANGELES — Google says that cars it is programming to drive themselves have started to master the navigation of city streets and the challenges ...

Google: Weapon of Choice in the Cloud
Wall Street Journal
Google: Weapon of Choice in the Cloud .... Valuations at companies such as Google,Facebook, and Amazon are, in large part, bets on the ability of ...

Microsoft boosts OneDrive for Business storage
Microsoft is currently offering the first year's subscription at half the price. ... As part of its free Google account for individual consumers, Google offers ...

Apple Plans $12 Billion Bond Sale to Keep Cash Overseas
Apple Inc. (AAPL) is marketing $12 billion of bonds in the U.S. as the iPhone maker seeks a cheaper alternative to reward shareholders than overseas ...

Google acquires a taste for Power -- IBM's processors, that is
An effort to license IBM processor designs bears fruit as one of the most powerful computing companies on the Net shows its own server using Big ...

Facebook Launches Business Manager Tool
Business Manager streamlines workflows for large advertisers and provides one dashboard to manage accounts, pages, permissions, and more.

AOL probing security breach
Washington Post
CYBERSECURITY. AOL probing security breach. Those passwords you just changed? It's time to change at least one of them again — that is, if you use AOL. The company said Monday that it is “investigating a security incident” after being notified that ...

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