04 April 2014

Microsoft Build, everything you need to know in 7 minute video

Microsoft Build -- everything you need to know in 7 minute video
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Microsoft still has a #Loser in Windows 8 point whatever, however --
Windows 7 Outgains Windows 8 and 8.1 Again, Windows XP Above 27%
Windows 8.1 grows steadily while Windows 8 stays flat, together they only have 11 percent market share. Windows 7 outgained them both by jumping 1.46 percentage points from 47.31 percent to 48.77 percent. Windows XP still has more than 27 percent of market share. How embarrassing for the team in Redmond! (sources: Net Applications and TheNextWeb)

Microsoft's Windows 8 is Less Popular than Discontinued Windows XP - CraveOnline: According to StatCounter, statistics revealed in March indicate that Windows 7 has held on to its spot as the world's most popular operating system by a considerable margin, with the OS installed on 55% of all surveyed systems. Meanwhile, Windows XP is the second most popular OS, despite Microsoft announcing that it will be discontinuing the OS in a matter of days, with 18.6% of all installs.

But Microsoft putting more lipstick on the pig, making Windows free on devices with screens under nine inches -- Microsoft making Windows free on devices with screens under nine inches | The Verge: "Microsoft today said it will make Windows free of charge for phones and tablets with screens smaller than nine inches, a move designed to help boost the company's market share. The announcement comes alongside plans to let developers make universal applications that work on all devices running Microsoft's software — both Windows Phone and Windows. That feature is headed to Windows 8.1 as well as Windows Phone 8.1, which was also detailed on stage and is arriving on mobile devices in the next few months."

How Russians Are Outsmarting Internet Censorship - Global Voices Advocacy"Mere days after several opposition websites were blocked [Global Voices report] by Russia's mass communications regulatory agency, Roskomnadzor, free speech proponents have created a unique system for circumventing censorship — and imposing counter-attacks. This approach could create problems both for censors and pro-Kremlin websites. Indeed, it seems that Russian Internet activists have taken the adage “the best defense is a good offence” to heart."

Intel outs 64-bit KitKat Android, 'Braswell' chip for Chromebooks - CNET: "Intel revealed a new processor dubbed "Braswell," the QVOD media box, and a 64-bit Android kernel, among other announcements at the second day of a China conference...Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president at Intel, disclosed that a chip code-named Braswell will be the follow-on to a version of the Bay Trail processor now found in low-cost devices like Chromebooks and sub-$500 Windows PCs. Braswell will be a system-on-a-chip, aka SoC, built on the company's next-generation 14-nanometer manufacturing process. SoCs typically squeeze most of a device's core electronics onto one piece of silicon...."

FireChat Could Be the First in a Wave of Mesh Networking Apps | MIT Technology Review: "FireChat makes use of a feature Apple introduced in the latest version of its iOS mobile software, iOS7, called multipeer connectivity. This feature allows phones to connect to one another directly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as an alternative to the Internet. If you’re using FireChat, its “nearby” chat room lets you exchange messages with other users within 100 feet without sending data via your cellular provider."

[Rumor] "Android Silver" May Be Google's Attempt To Finally Provide A Premium Android Sale And Support Experience: "To qualify for Android Silver status, a handset must "run the latest version of Android with no or very limited customizations," (emphasis ours) and only 5 such handsets will be selected by Google for Silver status at any given time. These devices will not be sold by Google, however - at least not exclusively - this campaign is aimed squarely at carriers. Carrier stores will have an Android Silver display, showcasing the Android Silver devices available on their network. Google will be entirely in charge of how this experience is crafted, and carrier store staff must be trained and certified to sell Android Silver devices. Carriers will be required to stock a certain number of Android Silver devices and accessories." (read more at link above)

Amazon announces $99 set-top box
Boston Globe
NEW YORK — If Amazon has its way — and it did not become one of the country's most ... Google, and Apple, have three problems: It is too hard to search for content, performance is slow ... “The likely winners are Apple and Amazon, both of which offer entire ecosystems, ... Facebook · Twitter · Google+ ...

Microsoft Is Now An Underdog, Sort Of
Microsoft Microsoft kicked off its Build developer conference in San ... Apple and Google battle already for supremacy in various aspects of the next ...

Microsoft's Cortana Raises Important Questions About Sexism and Gender Stereotyping
Cortana, the name Microsoft's given its response to Apple's Siri virtual assistant, may turn out to be a bolder move for the company than I suspect many ...

Apple Bulls Bet New Products Will Bring Stock Revival
Options (AAPL:US) traders are betting new Apple Inc. products will propel the world's largest company after it rebounded from the worst monthly loss ...

Apple, Facebook, Google Internet Data Centers Getting Greener, Report Finds
Fox Business
Apple Inc, Google Inc and Facebook Inc have made significant progress in adopting renewable energy sources to power their Web services, the ...

Apple to raise app prices by up to 30 per cent
Sydney Morning Herald
A price increase was foreshadowed by Fairfax Media on Tuesday, and has been followed up with the release of updated pricing tables to Apple ...

Does Microsoft Office Turn an iPad Into a Workhorse? Just Barely
Wall Street Journal
How Word, Excel and PowerPoint perform on Apple's market-leading tablet..... Microsoft says Apple restricts developers from pointing users to offers ...

Apple's WWDC set for June 2–6, and you must apply to attend — Tech News and Analysis - Gigaom
By Stacey Higginbotham
Amazon has one of the dirtiest powered clouds around, says Greenpeace. Apr. 2, 2014. While Google, Facebook, Apple and others made major ...

Report: Google Wants to Become a Wireless Carrier - Gizmodo
By Adam Clark Estes
Google bosses are dreaming about adding wireless service to the search giant's menu of offerings. A couple of unnamed sources "who have ...

Google Has 49 Pct Of Mobile Ad Revs, Just 18 Pct Of Time Spent: "Google makes more than its “fair share” of mobile ad revenue based on time spent with Google mobile properties, whereas Facebook’s revenues are in line with time spent. That’s according to data published by Flurry, relying on ad revenue estimates from eMarketer."
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