02 April 2014

NSA PRISM-Proof Web Services

NSA PRISM-Proof Web Services? Only a matter of time now --

Building PRISM-Proof Web Services | MIT Technology Review: "Researcher Raluca Popa of MIT thinks many online services should and could be redesigned to guard against that. “Really, there’s no trusting a server,” she says. Popa has led the development of a system called Mylar for building Web services that puts that philosophy into practice. Services built using it keep data on their servers encrypted at all times and only ever decrypt it on a person’s computer...."

Apple vs. Samsung: Jury has non-tech look and feel
San Jose Mercury News
SAN JOSE -- In a region brimming with software engineers and tech entrepreneurs, the Silicon Valley jury picked Monday to decide the fate of the ...

Facebook CEO reaps $3.3B gain from stock options
Washington Post
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reaped a $3.3 billion gain last year by exercising stock options in the social networking ...

Microsoft Clarifies Email Snooping Policy
Now the question is whether Google and other companies that store customer data will join Microsoft in rejecting the special privileges written into ...

Amazon greenlights six series, renews 'Alpha House'
Get ready to binge-watch even more because Amazon has added six series to its lineup. The shows all are exclusive to Amazon's Prime Instant video ...

Microsoft's Nadella names Xbox, cloud leadership team
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has filled three important executive positions, as he continues putting his mark on the company he was chosen to lead ...

Microsoft Previews 'Smarter' Outlook Web App
Microsoft on Monday announced several new features for its Outlook Web App, including a tool that learns which emails are important to the user, and ...

Minyanville: Facebook and Google can't buy their way to innovation
When Facebook bought Oculus VR last week, Facebook CEO Mark ... cry from the organic growth that saw Microsoft pull Office out of Windows, and Apple nurse the ...AMAZON: Free or cheap, 'Kindle TV' may squash the competition.

Google Researchers Give the Media a Grim Reminder
Journalists and news organizations are “massively overrepresented” in targeted hacking attacks sponsored by nation-states, according to two Google ...

Microsoft's Word for iPad cracks top 10 in gross revenue
Computerworld - Microsoft's new Word for iPad app has cracked the top 10 on Apple'sApp Store "Top Grossing" chart. The app, which was released ....

Oracle doubles the speed of MySQL query handling

For the next release of its open source MySQL, Oracle is making a number of changes designed to vastly boost the speed of the open source relational database management system. Such a sizeable performance bump could help organizations save money ...

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: E-Money Digital Payments Sweep Africa, Head for Europe and India: " The mobile payment system that has revolutionised business and banking in sub-Saharan Africa is to come to Europe as Vodafone seeks to spread the popular digital currency outside emerging markets. Vodafone has acquired an e-money licence to operate financial services in Europe, with plans to launch M-Pesa (which means mobile money in Swahili) in Romania as a first step to potential expansion in the region."

Find Secret Public-Sleeping Dens With 'Google Naps' - John Metcalfe - The Atlantic Cities: ""Naps" is one of the few crowdsourcing projects out there geared toward lowering productivity. Simply allow it to sense your location, and it spits out a Google Maps-powered guide to where to find the nearest snoozing spot. Options range from public benches to lounges in businesses to libraries to a surprisingly number of grassy fields."

Japan told to halt Antarctic whaling by international court | Environment | theguardian.com"Judge rules that Japanese whaling program is not scientific and that it failed to justify the number of minke whales it kills"
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