28 April 2014

FCC Plans to Destroy the Internet as We Know It

FCC proposal for fast lanes / slow lanes on the internet should be killed IMMEDIATELY

How the FCC Plans to Save the Internet By Destroying It: An Explainer — Medium:
1) The FCC has a very simple way to create simple, fair and enforceable rules to protect innovation, free speech and commerce. It lacks the courage and (perhaps) political capital to re-grant itself this power.2) Lacking this power, the FCC is relying on a small loophole given to it by the courts.
3) That loophole requires the FCC to allow Verizon, Comcast and AT&T to create slow and fast lanes.
4) The loophole also allows ISPs have to strike individual deals with sites and apps. The rates for non-slow service can vary hugely. Those services that don’t pay will get relegated to the slow lane.
5) The FCC wants to call this “net neutrality.” It’s nothing of the sort and the proposal needs to be killed. It’s a bargain that will kill innovation on the net.
6) Even if you are a progressive who loves Obama, the best thing you can do is help kill this proposal and show there is political will for real internet protection
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Apple Mobile Payments E-Commerce - Business Insider: "In fact, Apple is trying to build out its iTunes business into a full-blown e-commerce and mobile payments business, according to Re/code. The company is looking to hire a head of product and head of business development for mobile payments. On top of that, Apple is building out two other pieces of e-commerce/mobile payment infrastructure: Touch ID and iBeacons."

Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe Escape Cheaply From The Engineers' Class Action Suit
Here's the background: it was alleged that the major tech firms in Silicon Valley, Google Google, Apple Apple, Intel Intel and Adobe (Facebook was an ...

​Comixology cuts Apple, Google out of digital-comics kickback
Following Amazon's purchase of the digital-comics marketplace, Comixology updates its Comics apps to prevent Apple and Google from taking a cut....

Google's Top Social Networking Exec Hits the Road
CIO Today
Gundotra had been in charge of Google Plus as the company's Senior VP of ... a nearly eight-year stint highlighted by an audacious challenge to Facebook. ... Gundotra originally joined Microsoft in 1991 and later became the ... Billions of Bytes · Mobile Device Now ·Apple Info Center · TopTechWire.com ...

Microsoft Just Solved One Of The Biggest Mysteries In Video Game History (MSFT)
Microsoft dug up a bunch of "E.T." Atari video game cartridges in the New Mexico desert Saturday afternoon that had been buried there for over 30 ...

Apple to Fix iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Issues for Free
PC Magazine
Apple realizes as well, for the company has just launched a new program that will allow the "small percentage" of those affected by this issue to have ...

The Amazon Deal With HBO
The recently announced deal between Amazon and HBO in which Amazon will offer to itsAmazon Primes customers much of HBO's classic ...

Facebook Acquires Maker of Mobile Fitness App Moves
Top Tech News
The cross-platform Moves mobile app that Facebook just acquired ... been circulating about Apple's interest in fitness, not to mention Nike's and others.

Microsoft-Nokia deal: US software giant eyes $50-billion market
India Today
Looking at $50 billion-mobile market, US software giant Microsoft has ... Nokia lost market share to Samsung and Apple as it struggled to position itself ...

Apple's Quick-Links May Lessen Samsung Fine
EE Times
SAN JOSE — Judge Lucy Koh took center stage in the Apple-Samsung patent infringement case on Friday. She arrived at the bench with the daily ...

Apple Has Dazzling Sideshow, But Main Event Is Boring
Imagine. Steve Jobs comes onstage, firing up his iPad to project beautiful tables and charts of money. From the stage sofa, he announces Apple ...

Curiosity prepares to carry out some Mars drilling
Science Recorder
The Mars Curiosity rover team has begun the process of finding improved drill sites on Mars. Curiosity prepares to carry out some Mars drilling. Science Recorder | Rick Docksai | Sunday, April 27, 2014. NASA's Mars Curiosity rover is preparing to make the ...

Mobile application ad race heats up
Buffalo News
The competition for advertising on mobile applications is in full swing, with Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. ramping up efforts. Twitter said last week it will offer ads across the mobile Web that are customized to blend into a site's content. Facebook ...

New Microsoft VP consigns the PC to irrelevance
With the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft hardly sees the PC as its future. Upcoming devices will likely further distance Microsoft from its PC past....

Sony: Xperia Z2 will arrive in the US this summer
When Sony took the wraps off of the Xperia Z2 back in February, the company teased that its new flagship smartphone would begin rolling out around the globe in March. Now we're here nearing the end of April and the Xperia Z2 is nowhere to be found in the ...

Google Search: A visual history
That was one of the primary goals Larry Page and Sergey Brin set when they launched Google in 1998 as a privately owned search company. Since then, the Mountain View-based outfit has branched out, creating a mobile operating system, mapping service, ...

10 ways to extend your smartphone's battery life
Detroit Free Press
It really doesn't matter what kind of smartphone you rely on for work or play — be it an iPhone, Android device, Windows Phone or BlackBerry — the more these pocket-sized computers can do, the more pressure it can put on the battery. If you're finding your ...

Windows Phone's music app now lets you start playlists using your voice
When the Windows Phone 8.1 preview rolled out, its music app was underwhelming; you couldn't use Cortana voice commands for everything, and it was fairly buggy. Both of those gripes are gone now that Microsoft has updated the music client with its latest ...

Top 10 Secret Reasons Microsoft CEO Ballmer Retired
Steve Ballmer didn't get the credit he deserved, as evidenced by Microsoft's strong financial position when he resigned. Here are 10 reasons you've never heard about why he stepped down. Previous. 1 of 11. Next. (Source: Wikimedia Commons). I'm going to ...

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