14 February 2014

Windows Phone #FAIL is killing Nokia

Forget the Microsoft spin - see below), the reality for Windows Phone is painful --
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Communities Dominate Brands: Paging Mythbusters Again: Did Microsoft's Windows Phone Really Grow More in 2012 Than Android or iOS? - How to Lie Creatively with Statistics: The Canalys Are Deliberately Misleading and Utterly Untrustworthy Edition (PS: Not first time for Canalys): " . . . . Microsoft can never win this race. If they were able to burn all that Nokia smartphone good will of that thick blue slice -and end up with LESS than when they started - and it is now ALL GONE. That is literally true. When the Nokia partnershp was announced, the just-ended year Windows smartphone market share was 4.3%. We just now saw from Canalys that year 2013 Windows smartphones had 3.2% market share. In the interim the 'partnership' wiped out Nokia's total Symbian and MeeGo customer base and have NEGATIVE gain out of it. Windows smartphones have seen market share loss of 1.1 points!  If Microsoft can't grow even one market share point by destroying Nokia's 35% in three years, what on earth are you smoking if you think they could now do better alone. . . ." (read more at link above)

Apple loses smartphone market share to cheaper phones - MarketWatch: "Apple Inc. saw its share of the smartphone market shrink in 2013 as Android devices widened its lead over the company and more consumers turned to cheaper phones, IDC said Wednesday. Smartphones using Google Inc.’s  Android operating system remained No. 1 last year, with 79% of the more than 1 billion devices sold in 2013, up from 69% in the year-earlier period, IDC said. Apple’s iOS was at No. 2 with 15%, which is down from 19% in 2012. Microsoft’s Windows Phone was at No. 3 with 3%, followed by BlackBerry with 2%."

Now running on a Chromebook near you: Windows | Business Tech - CNET News: " . . . The deal will allow Windows-only enterprise software, such as accounting applications, to work on Google's low-cost Chrome OS laptops and desktop boxes. With most of its line priced at or under $300, Chromebook laptops have jumped in sales, capturing 21 percent of US notebook sales and 8 percent of the total PC and tablet market in 2013. That's up from negligible market share the year before, reports NPD. . . ."

Apple Says Supplies Don't Come From War Zones
New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — Apple published on Thursday its supplier responsibility report, an annual audit of the contract workers who produce and assemble its iPhones, iPads and other hardware in factories outside the United States. Apple said that had it ...

Google gets more guarded about acquisition numbers
Washington Post
The circumspection makes Google more like one of its fiercest rivals, Apple Inc., which has never disclosed how many deals it closed in its regulatory filings. Apple just lists the total amount of money and stock that it paid for acquisitions, just as ...

Microsoft's Windows Strategy Gets Muddy
The company's app ecosystem lags far behind Apple and Google offerings, and a unified app store could help address this deficit. But what incentive would developers have to focus on native Windows apps if Microsoft embraced Android, as well?

VMware, Google Team On Chromebooks
Microsoft has announced it will end technical support for XP on April 8. VMware andGoogle ... VMware's Sanjay Poonen, VP and general manager of end-user computing, said VMware and Google product teams got together two months ago, or shortly after ...

Dropbox Hires Google's Woodside as Operating Chief
Wall Street Journal
"The most valuable companies in the world, like Apple, Google Microsoft—these are all companies that are in the enterprise and in the consumer's home," he said. Dropbox doesn't say how many businesses pay to use its higher-cost software for businesses ...

Apple in Talks to Revamp Set-Top Box
Wall Street Journal
In the current discussions, which involve at least two big media companies, Appleenvisages working with cable companies, rather than competing against them, the people said. For programming, it would rely on cable providers to acquire programming ...

Apple set to discontinue legacy, non-Retina iPad 2
Apple Insider
After nearly three years on the market, Apple's second-generation iPad, which sports an A5 processor and non-Retina display, is now on the chopping block, and is expected to be discontinued in the near future, AppleInsider has learned. iPad 2 ...

Microsoft signs Android patent deal with Voxx Electronics
... agree to pay Microsoft undisclosed fees to cover unspecified patented Microsofttechnologies that are part of these Google operating systems. Microsoft previously signed patent licenses with Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and more.

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