06 February 2014

Fake antivirus attack on a trusted website (video)

Published Jan 31, 2014 - K.I.A - DailyMotion Part 2: FakeAV Threat - video above

What a fake antivirus attack on a trusted website looks like | Ars Technica: "... Interestingly, the video marks the second time this month DailyMotion has been observed delivering rogue malware warnings to visitors. A DailyMotion representative told ThreatPost Invincea’s original notification was never acknowledged. The company suspects today's attack is a continuation of the earlier one, and the site was never cleaned up. Invincea said only three of the 50 major antivirus programs initially detected the rogue malware, although that figure is sure to improve as providers update their wares...."

New Google Chrome feature warns users when browser has been hijacked | Ars Technica: "Google engineers have added a new feature to the Chrome browser that automatically warns users when browsing settings have been altered by malicious software. The new protection was unveiled in a blog post published Friday by Linus Upson, Google's vice president of engineering. It is designed to augment a feature introduced in October that allows users to return Chrome settings to a factory-fresh state with the click of a single button...."

Dell layoffs this week: 15,000 to be hit: report | ZDNet: " . . . The restructuring efforts of the now privately-owned PC maker are down to a falling PC market, slumping profit margins and a slow start in the mobile realm where Apple, Samsung and Google now dominate. As part of the company revamp, founder Michael Dell is trying to focus on enterprise-related services including cloud and mobile systems -- but this means that staff in sectors unrelated to the new business focus are at risk. One of the publication's sources predicts the cuts -- which are expected to hit at least 15,000 people -- will be "a bloodbath" when it arrives this week. The severance package includes two months' pay plus an extra week for each year in Dell's employ, a bonus at 75 percent, health insurance for 18 months in the U.S. and some outplacement services at least stateside...."

Google, Facebook and other Internet companies disclose secret U.S. demands for data - San Jose Mercury News: "The companies said the government's demands under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act involved 59,000 or more Internet accounts in the first half of last year...."

Disruptions: Paying to Travel in the Internet's Fast Lanes - NYTimes.com: "For a subject that sounds mind-numbingly dull, “network neutrality” is the most important issue facing the Internet since, well, the Internet. The idea behind net neutrality is that the web material we see on our laptops and smartphones, whether from Google or a tiny little blog, should flow freely through the pipes of the Internet, regardless of origin, destination or content. No one gets special treatment...."

AT&T Won’t Pay T-Mobile Subscribers to Switch Anymore - Digits - WSJ: "Outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere had called the original move “desperate” and was quick to criticize the end of the offer on his Twitter account Monday: “That was quick! @ATT already revoking the $450 bribe to @TMobile customers? People weren’t falling for it, were they #Randall? #doingitwrong” Legere was referring to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. T-Mobile continues to offer people up to $650 to trade-in their phone and switch from another carrier with an early termination fee. As much as $350 of that comes in the form of a gift card, with the rest being a device credit."

IBM Uses Dutch Tax Haven to Boost Profits as Sales Slide - Bloomberg: "...“They’ve got a lot of ways to beat earnings and they definitely take advantage of it,” said Josh Olson, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co. “It’s part of how IBM operates.” IBM ended 2013 with a tax provision $1.84 billion lower than it initially projected, thanks to a tax rate of 15.6 percent -- compared with its forecast of 25 percent. Without the lower rate, the company’s earnings per share would have fallen from the previous year instead of rising, and net income would have missed analysts’ estimates by about 14 percent instead of 2.9 percent, according to data compiled by Bloomberg..."

FiftyThree Files Trademark For “Paper” | TechCrunch: "If FiftyThree chooses to move forward legally, the company has a case, according to trademark lawyers Roberto Ledesma and Victor Cardona Trademarks, to a degree, are use-based. This means that “just by using a mark in a particular field, you’ve got rights,” said Cardona. “Some are state-based and some are federal-based, but if I start using a mark before you in the same area of goods or services, I’ve got rights to the mark over you.”"

RadioShack to Close About 500 Stores Within Months—Sources - WSJ.com: "RadioShack Corp.is planning to close around 500 stores in the coming months as the electronics retailer continues working with advisers to restructure the company, people familiar with the matter said Tuesday"

YOUNGSTOWN, Fla.: Technology trumps fire towers in rural Fla. - Technology - MiamiHerald.com: "Cell phones and vigilant residents are slowly replacing a one-time staple in fighting wildfires — the fire tower. There once were 20 fire towers in the Chipola River District, which stretches across seven counties in Florida's Panhandle. But that number has recently been cut to seven."

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