03 February 2014

Microsoft to turn off Metro, Windows 8 "awful"

Even Microsoft finally gets it! -- (of course almost everyone was telling Microsoft months before they ever released Windows 8, how bad it was) --

Windows global desktop market share by OS (Jan. 2014):
Windows 8.1 - 3.95%
Windows 8 – 6.63%
Windows 7 – 47.49%
Windows Vista – 3.30%
Windows XP – 29.23%
older Windows - .10%
(source: Netmarketshare)

Leak hints Microsoft will recant 'make-them-eat-Metro' strategy for Windows 8 - Computerworld: "Microsoft will renounce its "make-them-eat-Metro" strategy in an update for Windows 8.1 slated to ship this spring, if leaked preliminary builds reflect the final product...."

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Told you so! Microsoft backs off on Metro - Computerworld: "It looks like Microsoft has finally been hit by the clue stick of awful Windows 8.x sales often enough that it's learned its lesson. Apparently, in the forthcoming Windows 8.1 update, the user interface (UI) formerly known as Metro will be bypassed, and users will default to starting in the defective, but better than nothing, desktop mode. I'm going to tell you more about this potential, game-changing move, but first let me get this out: "HA! I told you so!" Sorry about that. But ever since I started pointing out just how awful Metro was for the desktop, I've been buried by nasty emails from Microsoft shills telling me how wonderful Metro really was. Even as Windows 8's sales slunk below Vista's abysmal sales adoption numbers they kept screaming that Metro was great. . . . "

Microsoft Windows 8 OS market share growth trails Windows 7 in November 2013.: "“You’ll Hate Windows 8,” my former colleague Farhad Manjoo predicted last June. He was right. And this isn’t just a matter of a difficult transition period, in which people initially resist a new interface before ultimately embracing it, as Microsoft's Steve Sinofsky predicted. A year after it was released, Microsoft’s new operating system is a certifiable flop...."

Zuckerberg outlines Facebook's ambitious 10-year plan | Internet & Media - CNET News"... Facebook's 10-year plan appears to be as follows: Deliver highly personalized, targeted ads in news feeds that greatly increase average revenue per user, and profit margins. Establish standalone apps as major spokes that deliver unique experiences and plug into the massive Facebook data hub. Surpass traditional search with Search Graph that enables a variety of artificially intelligent services. Bring the Internet, and increasingly cheaper and more functional devices and data centers, to the entire planet, making the world flatter and enlisting more people to become members of the Facebook society...."

BREAKING NEWS: Google SVP of Chrome & Apps Sundar Pichai now front runner for Microsoft CEO job | SiliconANGLE: "SiliconANGLE has confirmed that Sundar Pichai is the top choice for the CEO position of Microsoft according to sources close to the hiring team.  According to sources, negotiations are in full swing with Pichai...."

Apple's higher standard: How 51M iPhones is somehow disappointing | Apple - CNET News: "In developed markets like the US, almost everyone who wants a smartphone has one. And the tablet market is maturing as well. That means Apple, Samsung, and all others in the mobile industry have to look to emerging regions like China for growth. Apple now has a bigger presence in that country with its China Mobile partnership, but it could take some time for sales to really take off on the world's biggest network with three-quarters of a billion subscribers."

An Amazon Prime price bump means fist pumps at Netflix | Internet & Media - CNET News: "Amazon is considering a Prime rate increase, and it would push the cost higher than Netflix for the first time. That's good news for Netflix, but -- like Prime's combo of services -- it's a little complicated."

How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet | Threat Level | Wired.com"Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and the other tech titans have had to fight for their lives against their own government. An exclusive look inside their year from hell—and why the Internet will never be the same."

New Smartphone and Software From Finland Aims at Android - NYTimes.com: "...While the cellphone start-up has sold fewer than 100,000 handsets worldwide since the model was released late last year, many in Helsinki’s technology community say Jolla’s operating system and device, which retails for around $550, show that Finland’s telecommunications industry can still compete on a global stage...."

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