21 February 2014

WhatsApp, Did Facebook Overpay?

Facebook may have way overpaid -- on the other hand, this may be about non-US users:

Google offered to buy WhatsApp for $10 billion - Fortune Tech: "Two separate sources have told me that's how much Google (GOOG) offered to purchase WhatsApp. The bid did not come with promise of a board seat, unlike the Facebook agreement. Google declined to comment, during a conversation with a Fortune colleague."

What Is WhatsApp? An Explainer | News & Opinion | PCMag.com: "When you heard that Facebook shelled out $16B+ for WhatsApp yesterday, did you ask, "What's WhatsApp"? You weren't the only one. While the app has proved its value, at least to the market, it isn't as popular in the United States as it is in Europe, Latin America, and India...."

Google offered to acquire WhatsApp for $10B, report says
At the same time that Facebook was wooing WhatsApp, Google offered to acquire the messaging service for $10 billion, Fortune reported Thursday, citing multiple people who claimed to have knowledge of those negotiations. Unlike Facebook, Google wasn't ...

Microsoft dubs 'confusing' Office Web Apps as Office Online
... year service that includes Google Docs. Microsoft currently counters Google Apps for Business with a pair of Office 365 plans built around Office Online: One, aimed at small businesses with 25 or fewer employees, is priced at $5 per user per month ...

Microsoft delivers stopgap defense against active IE10 attacks
Computerworld - Microsoft on Wednesday issued a stopgap defense that protects Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and IE10 against ongoing attacks until the company issues a patch, probably in three weeks. An unpatched vulnerability in those two versions of ...

What if Microsoft threw an iPad Office party, and no one came?
Computerworld - Microsoft will make a killing when it launches Office apps for Apple'siPad and tablets powered by Google's Android mobile operating system. That's been the consensus of most analysts, pundits and outside-Redmond observers since talk ...

Google: How not to be a 'Glasshole'
(CNN) -- Google has heard all the concerns about Glass, its digital headset expected to hit the market by the end of the year. They've heard people's fears they'll be secretly recorded by a Glass-wearing creeper. They know somebody's going to be stupid ...

New Google Maps is now available to the masses
New York Daily News
The next generation of Google Maps has arrived, and it may make traveling a little easier.Google released a slew of new and improved maps features for about 70% of users on Wednesday afternoon. RELATED: EAST BRONX NABES NOW OFFICIALLY ...

Google's growing clout spooks a key partner in Samsung
Smartphone consumers have shown that they will stick with a software platform that has a robust pool of apps, as Apple's and Google's do. On the other hand, operating systems that weren't widely embraced by the developer community led to a dearth of ...

Google offered to pay $10 billion for WhatsApp, report says
Los Angeles Times
However, Google did offer WhatsApp millions of dollars just to be notified if the messaging service began acquisition talks with any other tech companies, according to The Information. The report said WhatsApp ended up turning down that offer.

Amazon Takes One Step Forward, Two Back
After Amazon reported its year end revenues, their stock tumbled despite comparable quarter revenue growth of 20 percent. The company did end the year with a narrow profit, something they did not accomplish last year, but investors have tired of the ...

Google I/O Developer Conference To Be Held June 25-26 This Year ...
By Darrell Etherington
How One Scammer Manipulated Apple's Top Charts To Earn Tens Of Thousands Daily Using A $10 GameSalad Template. The dates for this year's Google I/O developer conference are June 25 and 26, Google's Android and Chrome boss ...

Sail-World.com : Sailing robot Honey Badger that could sail itself around the world: "... Its potential goes far beyond record-setting jaunts to Hawaii. One obvious application is to mount the wing on a fleet of sensor-laden drones and send them sailing into the world’s oceans, where they could report on their findings. 'I want to get the data we need to show that global warming is real,' Jenkins says. To that end, they could monitor ocean acidification, a key barometer of climate change..."

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