27 February 2014

T-Mobile LTE is fastest US network

The Uncarrier is killing the big guys --

T-Mobile's LTE network the nation's fastest at 11.5 Mbps, according to report - FierceWireless: "According to a new report from OpenSignal, T-Mobile US' LTE network provides the fastest average download speeds at 11.5 Mbps. Those speeds were faster than the 9.12 Mbps that AT&T Mobility provided, the 7.82 Mbps that Verizon Wireless provided, and the 4.32 Mbps that Sprint provided."

T-Mobile Pushes Customer Gains - Businessweek: "“T-Mobile is making money on each subscriber they acquire -- it’s just nowhere near as much money as the incumbents are used to,” Craig Moffett, an analyst at MoffettNathanson LLC in New York, said in an e-mail. He recommends buying the shares. The rest of the industry should be very afraid.”"

Apple sues Chinese government agency over Siri patent dispute: "Apple has targeted both a Chinese government agency and a Shanghai-based company in a new patent lawsuit related to the ownership of Siri, the voice-driven personal assistant found on iPhone and iPad...."

Groundhog Day: Why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just another Android device | ZDNet: "... Samsung's directions, translation and cloud storage features are simply duplications of what Google has in their native Android implementation already. It's very hard to say that this is actual differentiation and value-add. It would certainly not surprise me if Samsung, along their their increasingly deviated Android build and default applications, built out their own App Store to compete with Google Play, just as Amazon has done with their own Android implementation on the Kindle Fire...."

Microsoft's 'go-low' play puts Windows revenue on the line
Chromebooks, powered by Google's browser-based Chrome OS, have made inroads into education and business, but their overall impact has been disputed. Still, Microsoft sees them as enough of a threat to attack them in its advertising. Carolina Milanesi ...

Apple fixes security flaw for Macs
Apple issued a fix Tuesday for Mac computer users whose sensitive information could have been exposed to hackers. The software update patches a security hole in OS X, the operating system for Apple computers. It comes four days after the same bug was ...

Apple's culture of secrecy delays security response -- again
CNET (blog)
The evidence points to problems at Apple with alerting its users and fixing flaws in a timely manner. This is problematic because it's not made clear to Mac and iPhone users how important an update is to their security. By contrast, Google and ...

Google Glass-wearing woman posts video of alleged SF bar attack
Los Angeles Times
A San Francisco woman who says she was attacked at a bar on Haight Street after refusing to stop wearing Google Glass has released video footage of the incident that she filmed with the new technology that spurred the confrontation in the first place.

Apple retires Snow Leopard from support, leaves 1 in 5 Macs vulnerable to attacks
To Apple, Snow Leopard increasingly looks like Windows XP does to Microsoft: an operating system that refuses to roll over and die. At the end of January, 19% of all Macs were running Snow Leopard, slightly more, in fact, than ran its successor, Lion ...

In appeal, Apple says e-book ruling will harm consumers
The district court's findings show that Apple offered a retail business model to the publishers that was in the company's independent business interests “and was attractive to the publishers, who were frustrated with Amazon,” Apple said in a filing ...

Microsoft Shouldn't Ditch The Xbox One Kinect
A Kinect-free Xbox One “Lite” could retail for closer to $425 without taking a loss, or Microsoft could match the PS4′s $399 price-tag and take a small loss (or find some way to lower the cost of manufacturing the unit as a whole to get the price ...

Apple Joins Samsung in Telling EU to Cut Patent Trolls' Power
Apple and Samsung are among 19 companies and associations that told the EU in a letter that a new court should limit the ability of companies that license technology to win court injunctions when the validity of the underlying patent is in dispute ...

Microsoft rallies Windows for price war with Android
PCWorld (blog)
... currently being sold via Microsoft's online Store for $230, down from its regular $300 price. Scouring Amazon and Best Buy's websites reveal no Windows tablets and few Windows notebooks available under $250. ... And despite what those Chromebook ...

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