18 February 2014

Microsoft Has Lost, Google Has Won

If, only if, Microsoft had concentrated its efforts on maintaining and improving a legacy Windows 7 type of PC business, while building cloud-centric applications and services, and a cross-platform browser, instead trying to compete (and losing tons of money) on mobile and tablet/PC hardware and a loser phone OS --

Microsoft’s Stakes in the Battle for Handsets - NYTimes.com: "“Google has won,” said Nicholas Economides, an economics professor at the Stern School of Business of New York University, and currently a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley who specializes in network economics and electronic commerce. “We’re in a world where the biggest market share by far is Android. And the second-biggest is Apple. Then, way behind, is Microsoft. What’s in this game for Microsoft?”"

Microsoft v Microsoft | stratÄ“chery by Ben Thompson: " . . . . a “Services and Devices” strategy is fundamentally flawed. Either be everywhere with your services, or differentiate your devices...."

Google revs Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine to drive high-performance web apps
... the performance of the JavaScript application. In the latest Chrome Beta release Google has enabled concurrent compilation, which offloads an important part of the compilation process to a background thread to deliver better performance for web apps.

Apple has reportedly been in talks with Tesla Motors
And while the next wave in consumer electronics looks to be wearables, it already faces tough competition from the likes of Google, Samsung and Sony, which have already created smart watches and smart glasses for the consumer market. That's not to say ...

Apple Store Model Boosts Health Care Enrollment In Connecticut
I don't live in Connecticut, but I chose to feature Access Health CT for one reason—I believed it had the best chance of success because it chose to model a company that has become a gold standard in the area of customer service—the Apple Store.

Kickstater Hacked, Account Data Stolen
The Mac Observer
The crowd funding service Kickstarter alerted users over the weekend that it had been targeted by hackers who managed to gain access to their servers and make off with account information. Kickstarter has been working to keep users up to date on what ...

Five lessons from playing 'Titanfall' beta
After months of hype, video game players finally earned an early look at what might be 2014's first blockbuster. Last week, Electronic Arts launched a beta for Titanfall, the long-awaited first-person shooter from Respawn Entertainment, which features ...

Smartphone theft reaches pandemic proportions (and you are a target)
What's smaller than a slice of bread, worth hundreds of dollars, and carried by almost anyone? If you guessed "smartphone," you'd be right on the money. In fact, it's the relationship between money and smartphones that is causing the problem. "Carriers are ...

Solid-Sate Magma in Dormant Volcanoes Can Quickly Liquefy and Become Active
Nature World News
Magma beneath Oregon's Mount Hood has been in relative cold storage for thousands of years, entombed in a near-solid state beneath the mountain. But the coagulated magma can liquefy rapidly and with just a minor temperature increase, according to new ...

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