04 February 2014

Microsoft Discovers the Power of the Mouse

Surprise, surprise, Microsoft discovers most desktop PC users don't want (or need) gorilla arm syndrome -- of course Steve Jobs understood this years ago --

Use a mouse? Then you’ll likely love the upcoming Windows 8.1 update — Tech News and Analysis: "A leaked, early build of Update 1 for Windows 8.1 appeared online over the weekend and it shows a merger between the Desktop and tiled interfaces of Microsoft’s platform. Mouse and trackpad users should be happy with these changes...."

U.S. states claim Apple owes them $840 million over e-books – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home: "“Apple Inc. (AAPL) faces as much as $840 million in state and consumer antitrust claims related to electronic-book deals with publishers that led to a U.S. lawsuit and court-ordered monitor,” Patricia Hurtado and Christie Smythe report for Bloomberg."

Amazon considers $40 Prime price hike
Amazon said it is thinking about raising the price of Prime membership by as much as $40, hoping it can strike the right balance between managing rising costs and scaring away customers. Prime members get two-day shipping on a large number of Amazon ...

Google Opens Chromecast To Developers
Though Google has not released Chromecast sales figures, CFO Patrick Pichette said during the company's earnings call last week that Chromecast was a bestseller throughout the last quarter of 2013. Chromecast remains at the top of the Amazon.com Best ...

Microsoft's CEO Pick: a Safe Choice, With Edge
Wall Street Journal
Google, Apple, Amazon and others are branching out into driverless cars, wearable computing gadgets, sensor-packed devices and flying robots. Microsoft has plans in some of those areas, but has shelved similar projects in the past. Around the time ...

Apple's iPad Losing Share To Samsung And Lenovo
Samsung has solidified its second place position with Amazon slipping to third. While Lenovo is in fifth place behind ASUS it is ... IDC published its preliminary worldwide tablet shipment data and I have developed a Google Google Doc with quarterly ...

Microsoft: Why the Windows XP show is finally over
It's easy to get sentimental about Windows XP and forget the hostile reception the OS received at launch — but the fact is, it's simply not cut out for the modern world, according to a senior Microsoft executive. Despite the undeniable eventual ...

Google did win from buying Motorola, but not in the way you might expect
Selling Motorola to Lenovo means Google is no longer the only Android handset maker publicly refusing to take a patent licence from Microsoft (companies such as Foxconn, LG, Samsung and HTC are among those that have decided to license Microsoft's ...

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