10 February 2014

Xiaomi smartphones beat both Apple and Samsung in China

In December, Xiaomi overtook both Apple and Samsung to become the top selling smartphone in China . . . "The combination of high spec devices, low prices and an ability to create unprecedented buzz through online and social platforms has proved an irresistible proposition for the Chinese. . . In China, Windows Phone's market share is 1.1 percent, behind iOS at 19 percent and Android at 78.6 percent. (source infra)

Xiaomi overtook both Apple and Samsung to be top selling phone in China in Dec - News - MIUI Official English Site - Redefining Android: " Windows Phone growth plateaus in Europe, Xiaomi beats Samsung in China Summary: There's a new order in China among smartphone vendors, while Nokia's growth spurt in Europe appears to have run out of steam. Nokia and Windows Phone's impressive growth in Europe last year hit a wall in the final months of 2013 — stuck, it seems, at 10 percent.
" (read more at link above)

Apple Can't Buy Back Confidence
Wall Street Journal
While part of an existing $60 billion buyback plan, chief Tim Cook painted the move during an interview with the Wall Street Journal last week as an investment in Apple, effectively saying the stock is undervalued. With Apple's shares currently trading ...

Google Loses Appeal, Forced to Publish €150000 Fine on Google.fr
PC Magazine
The text within the block – for those who don't speak French and/or are too lazy toGoogle Translate the page – refers to the €150,000 fine Google will have to pony up for violating French data collection laws. Google unveiled a universal privacy ...

Create a Microsoft, Google in India, Narendra Modi tells college students in ...
Chennai: Batting for home grown corporates, BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today exhorted the student community to set up their own enterprises in India in line with global giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google. "Do whatever you can to ...

Apple Stops Growing Sales In North America, But Does It Matter? Think ...
Business Insider rightly questioned the extreme lack of commentary on this statement and rhetorically questions what the market reaction would be if, for example, Microsoft'sCEO was to admit a similar thing. The “reality distortion field” that exists ...

Google's trial ferry service in SF Bay ends
Washington Post
SAN FRANCISCO — Google has ended a trial run of transporting workers to the company's Silicon Valley campus by water, and it's unclear whether the tech giant will continue the ferry service. The monthlong pilot program, which took employees from San ...

Microsoft reportedly prepping notification center for Windows Phone 8.1
The company is responding to consumer requests for a notification center that would allow users to customize their app notifications, much like they can in Apple's iOS. The information reportedly came from an internal Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ...

Flappy Bird creator removes game from Apple App Store, Google Play
Los Angeles Times
Users who have already installed the game will be able to keep playing it, but it is not possible for new users to download the game, which was at the top of the free-apps chart for both Apple iOS and Android devices before being removed. Dong Nguyen ...

New Microsoft CEO's collegial style sparks hope
Compare that to Nadella's comments at a financial analysts meeting in September, where he described how Microsoft's mobile device management software has to handle devices that run on Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows equally: ...

Fish in the Twilight Ocean Zone 10 Times More than Previously Thought
Headlines & Global News
Researchers recently found out that the mesopelagic fish's biomass is 10 times more than what they previously thought. (Photo : Creative Commons). Researchers recently found out that the mesopelagic fish's biomass is 10 times more than what they ...

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