25 February 2014

Ray Kurzweil: Robots will be smarter than Humans by 2029

Robots will soon rule the World! --

Robots will be smarter than us all by 2029, warns AI expert Ray Kurzweil - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent: "Kurzweil says than within 15 years robots will have overtaken us, having fulfilled the so-called Turing test where computers can exhibit intelligent behaviour equal to that of a human. Speaking in an interview with the Observer, he said that his prediction was foreshadowed by recent high-profile AI developments, and Hollywood films like Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix...." (read more at link above)

Comcast and Netflix Reach a Streaming Agreement - NYTimes.com: "Comcast, the country’s largest cable and broadband provider, has reached an “interconnection agreement” with Netflix to ensure that its videos would be streamed directly — and thus faster and more reliably — to Comcast’s customers, both companies announced Sunday...."

Facebook's WhatsApp adding voice calls
Voice service will come first to Apple devices and Google's Android operating system, with Windows phones and Blackberry to follow. WhatsApp now has more than 330 million daily users and is popular in places such as India, South Korea and Germany.

Microsoft concedes Windows 8.1 needs more for mouse, keyboard customers
Computerworld - Microsoft on Sunday publicly acknowledged what leaks had already shown, that the company will issue an update to Windows 8.1 this spring that provides more tools for owners of traditional PCs controlled by mouse and keyboard. In a press ...

Google Readying Android Smartwatch with LG
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A high-profile addition to Google's gadget collection–an Android-powered smartwatch–is on the way as a result of collaboration with LG Electronics, a person familiar with the situation said Sunday. The news emerged from Barcelona, where Mobile World ...

Microsoft Should Keep Nokia's Android Phones
New York Times (blog)
That interface is the key: These phones are gateways for Microsoft and Nokia services. Users will sense no whiff of Google here; the phones will use Bing as the default search engine, and offer Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage, Outlook for email and ...

Apple's security bug: What to know about it and what to do about it
Washington Post
Last Friday, the tech giant took the unusual step of releasing an update for its mobile operating system, iOS, to fix one bug — one that left Apple devices wide open to hackers and spies looking to grab users' most sensitive information. What is this ...

Microsoft's giving Titanfall away for free in limited Xbox One bundle
PCWorld (blog)
Hope you didn't just buy an Xbox One in anticipation of Titanfall, because Microsoft is about to give the game away in a limited-edition bundle. The Titanfall Xbox One bundle will be available on March 11 for $500, the same price as a standalone Xbox ...

For Hints at Apple's Plans, Read Its Shopping List
New York Times
As fellow tech giants have reached billion-dollar deals in recent years to add significant new arms to their businesses — like Facebook buying WhatsApp for as much as $19 billion, and Microsoft buying Nokia's handset business for more than $7.1 ...

Google yanks option to restore Chrome's old-style new tab page, riles users ...
The feature, which debuted on Opera in 2007, has been copied by all its rivals, including Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, and Apple's Safari. Last September, Google rolled out its redesigned new tab page with Chrome 29 ...

Why Amazon's Next Conquest Will Be Your Television
For months, rumors flew about Amazon building an internet TV device similar to Apple TV or Roku–a box that lets you shuttle movies, TV shows, music, and other stuff across the internet to your television. Now, sources are telling Recode that Amazon ...

'Biggest observed meteorite impact' hits Moon
BBC News
Spanish astronomers spotted a meteorite with a mass of about half a tonne crashing into the lunar surface last September. They say the collision would have generated a flash of light so bright that it would have been visible from Earth. The event is reported in ...

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