31 July 2013

What Microsoft doesn't "get" -- PCs and post-PC devices are "different"

Microsoft - nothing like losing your core market (PCs) while foolishly chasing markets (tablets, smartphones) where you can neither be #1 nor #2 (remember what Jack Welch said while at GE--Earthgrains CEO Barry Beracha says companies should have a very good reason before abandoning the No. 1 or 2 strategy. "If you're 3 or lower, you have to have a product niche or be unique or innovative," and Microsoft isn't any of those)--

Here's why PCs and post-PC devices are different things (and why they need to stay that way) | ZDNet: " . . .The Windows 8 Project, with Windows RT, Windows 8, Metro-style/whatever-style, and Surface highlights this problem by showing what happens if you do try and combine those two worlds together. Even if that combining is done with skill and care, as I'm sure it was.) So we shouldn't combine them. PCs are great at what they do, and lousy at the other stuff. The reverse of that applies to post-PC devices too. This last point is why no one is ever suggesting that people replace PCs at work with smartphones and tablets. That makes no sense. PCs are really, insanely great at the work stuff. Post-PC devices in that context would just get in the way. How post-PC devices help with our work lives is a) complex and b) a story for another day. Keep 'em separate. And a smartphone is not a PC. And neither is your tablet. Your PC is, however, a PC."

Microsoft Corporation Is Doing Well Where It Counts, Poorly Everywhere Else: "To put it simply, what's good for the Business and Server divisions is good for Microsoft. Windows RT and Phone are unlikely to provide either division with much follow-on business - and that makes them distractions. Windows 8 and Surface are intended to ensure Microsoft's presence in the workplace, where its productivity software is legion - and that makes them important. There may be good reasons to fight over the consumer device market, but Microsoft's future is in the office, where it can offer a combination of mobility and functionality that post-PC devices can't match. So far, enterprise adoption of Windows 8 has been slow - very slow - compared to Windows 7, but we need to keep in mind that it's really competing with iOS and Android. "

GTV Hacker » Blog Archive » Chromecast: Exploiting the Newest Device By Google.: "Is it really ChromeOS?No, it’s not. We had a lot of internal discussion on this, and have concluded that it’s more Android than ChromeOS. To be specific, it’s actually a modified Google TV release, but with all of the Bionic / Dalvik stripped out and replaced with a single binary for Chromecast. Since the Marvell DE3005 SOC running this is a single core variant of the 88DE3100, most of the Google TV code was reused. So, although it’s not going to let you install an APK or anything, its origins: the bootloader, kernel, init scripts, binaries, are all from the Google TV . . . ." (read more at link above)

Microsoft expands bug info-sharing program to larger crowd
Computerworld - Microsoft today announced an expansion of a program that ... The current Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) will be scrapped, said ...
Computerworld - First, some background: I have often been a very vocal basher of Microsoft. As of a few years ago, I now run Apple stuff because I got sick of ...
Google isn't doing much with Play game services that developers haven't seen with Apple's Game Center or Microsoft's Xbox Live. Those services feature the ...
Washington Post
LOS ANGELES — Beauty is in the eye of the Google Glass wearer. ... Google is enlisting film students from five colleges to help it explore how its wearable ...

Apple making cheaper iPhones at Chinese factory that mistreats workers, group ...
San Jose Mercury News
CUPERTINO -- A human-rights group recently infiltrated a Chinese factory that is making a new iPhone offering from Apple (AAPL) and found dozens of violations of labor rights, according to a report the group released Monday. "At this moment, in Shanghai, ...
BBC News
The embarrassing request was made on Microsoft's behalf by LeakID, an anti-piracy specialist, according to Torrentfreak.com. Google spotted the mistake and ...
Irish Independent
Rival devices -- mostly based on Google's Android operating system -- have ... The industry figures also showed that Microsoft has increased its share of the ...
Alexis Santos
In this fresh incarnation, Google's lifted a registration requirement that was previously necessary to peruse reviews online. Schmidt and Co.'s redesigned ...Engadget RSS Feed

Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV - Gizmag
Will Shanklin
We know Google's new Chromecast is cheap (US$35), but is it a legit rival to, say, the Apple TV? Gizmag compares the specs (and other features) of the Chrom.Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine 
Megan Rose Dickey
Working at an Amazon fulfillment center can be quite laborious and monotonous. ... Pictures Taken Undercover In Apple's Chinese iPhone Factories Show Filth. ... Google Chromebooks Aren't Completely Dead: 20 Percent Of IT.Tech 
Dave Cook
Xbox One consoles may come bundled with a headset at some point down the line, following confirmation from a Microsoft exec that the possibility is being ...VG247 
Edgar Cervantes
The Google Babel project didn't stop at unifying Hangouts. It is here to stay and change the way we all handle translations. Can you imagine real-time ...Android Phone Fans 

Photo: Mark LennihanAssociated Press Apple's newest outlet at Grand Central ... Apple said that the pared-down design, which lacks the ubiquitous glass ...Architizer Blog

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