15 July 2013

Microsoft not aging well

The giant from Redmond is now starting to fade fast--

Microsoft: The monohedral and the bizarre | ZDNet: " . . . The realization that the world has passed you by isn't a good one. It requires restructuring, refocusing, and making some tough decisions in order to remain relevant and profitable. Some of those tough decisions always begin at the bottom and work their way skyward. This typically means layoffs for technical staff, salary adjustments, deleting bonus programs, removing redundant positions, and shifting of personnel from silos and towers to unified global strata. . . ."

Microsoft's Ballmer tries to fix Windows 8 after blowing Xbox lead - Stabley Times | Stabley Times: " . . . Asok Smith opines: Ballmer needs to go. For 10 years, he’s presided over the slow death of Microsoft. I can’t decide if he’s a fool, hollow huxster, clueless idiot, bozo, or more than one of the above. Nonetheless, the ongoing Windows 8/Windows RT/Metro UI/Apps Store debacle proves that Microsoft has no chance of ever having a significant presence in mobile: they got too far behind and their desperate, half-baked measures to get back in the game have been pathetic flops. Xbox One is also most likely to be equally as disastrous for Microsoft. Bottom line is that by the time Gates and the Board flush Ballmer, Microsoft will have been irrevocably damaged, and may very well follow many other former mixed enterprise/consumer tech titans by being forced out of consumer markets altogether through complete ineptitude, becoming just another large B2B company, providing mostly enterprise and SMB products."

Microsoft reboots with sweeping reorganization
The Advocate
CEO Steve Ballmer is restructuring the company to cope with a quickening pace of technological change that has left the world's largest software maker a step behind its two biggest rivals, Appleand Google. In an effort to catch up, Microsoft is ...

Microsoft's Xbox One chief product officer admits big mistakes in messaging
The mistakes started on May 21, when the company announced its next-generation game console, and then multiplied as Microsoft executives gave different answers to the same questions on used game sales, once-a-day connection requirements, and ...

One-on-one with Microsoft CEO: Ballmer on reorganization, future
The Seattle Times
In a one-on-one interview, the Microsoft CEO emphasizes how the new structure is designed to encourage collaboration by having company rather than divisional goals. By Janet I. Tu. Seattle Times technology reporter. Microsoft CEO Steve ...

Google Maps offline FAIL: Android users are revolting
Computerworld (blog)
Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) released its updated Maps app for Android this week. But it's come under heavy criticism for removing some functionality. Most of the flamage has come from the lack of offline map storage. The huge ad broker promises a swift volte ...

Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code
New York Times (blog)
On the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, two Italian hackers have been searching for bugs — not the island's many beetle varieties, but secret flaws in computer code that governments pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn about and exploit.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk speaks to the faithful at TESLIVE
San Jose Mercury News
MILPITAS -- They are the Tesla faithful: the early adopters of the all-electric Roadster and Model S sedan who have been strong believers in the Palo Alto-based company since the beginning. More than 300 people packed the Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon ...

Amazon's Alleged German Tax Dodging Isn ' t Tax Dodging
Another day and another allegation of tax dodging against Amazon. The thing is though what the company is alleged to be doing just cannot be described as tax dodging. It's expressly allowed for in law. And if the people who wrote the laws specifically ...

Google Play appears to confuse Mickey Mouse with gay erotica
CNET (blog)
Google's algorithms have occasionally stepped into difficult territories. There was a moment last year when typing "sell" into Google Finance brought you Apple's stock chart. I have contacted Google to see whether this is a case of algorithmic ...

Microsoft Demos 3D Printing with Windows 8.1
Tom's Hardware Guide
This week during the Inside 3D Printing conference in Chicago, Microsoft senior program manager Jesse McGatha expanded on the company's previous announcement that Windows 8.1 would support 3D printing. The company said at the end of June that ...

Microsoft Orders Updates for Windows-Certified Systems by 2014
PC Magazine
Windows-certified machines are getting a bit of an upgrade, but Microsoft's tweaks for what it wants its third-party resellers to call an official "Windows system" aren't expected to go into play until 2014 at the earliest. Microsoft's overall goal is ...

Ask Engadget: best Google Reader replacement?
By Daniel Cooper
Naturally, we held off on posting this until Google Reader was dead and gone, so people had time to get used to one of the replacements. You've got a two more days before your feeds are gone forever, so please tell us which service you've ...
Engadget RSS Feed

Google Delays Construction Of Its Massive New Headquarters ...
By Jay Yarow
9 Ways Samsung Has Blatantly Copied Apple Over The Years ... Sources: Steve Ballmer's Reorg Takes 'A Big Risk' With Microsoft's. .... The design wasn't particularly awe-inspiring, but Google said no employee will be more than a two and half minute walk from another employee on the new campus. A Google spokesperson confirmed the delay, saying, "We want to make our Bay View campus a terrific and environmentally sustainable place for Googlers to work... To make sure we get ...

Google delays new campus for up to a year | VentureBeat
By Dean Takahashi
Google's new headquarters puts it in competition for workers with Apple, which is also building a gigantic new campus with a circular glass building in Cupertino, Calif., on former Hewlett-Packard property. One question is what Google will do about a controversial ... Transit launches real-time transit schedules in Mexico City, Paris, and perhaps soon Manila · Amazon cuts cloud prices up to 80% (your move, Google & Microsoft) · Business · Google delays new campus for up to a year ...

Google Delays New Campus by up to One Year - The Next Web
By Jon Russell
The attention to detail is perhaps more understandable when we consider that this will be the first location that Google has designed from the ground upwards. Perhaps it is feeling the need to review its efforts given the development of Apple's ...
The Next Web

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