23 July 2013

Google has about 25 percent of all consumer internet traffic in North America

Google has added thousands of servers — called Google Global Cache servers — to ISPs around the world. These servers store the most popular content from Google’s network — a YouTube video that’s going viral right now or apps from the Android marketplace, for example — then serve it directly from the ISP’s data center, rather than streaming it all the way from Google’s data center. These servers were in a handful of North American ISPs three years ago. Today, they’re in 80 percent of them . . . (source infra)

Google Serves 25 Percent of North American Internet Traffic
Wired . . .“What’s really interesting is, over just the past year, how pervasive Google has become, not just in Google data centers, but throughout the North American internet,” says Craig Labovitz, founder of Deepfield, the internet monitoring company that crunched the data. His probes show that more than 62 percent of the smartphones, laptops, video streamers, and other devices that tap into the internet from throughout North America connect to Google at least once a day. . . .

Cameron cracks down on 'corroding influence' of online pornography
The Guardian
Every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography, David Cameron will announce on Monday. In the most dramatic step by the government to crack down on the ...

Apple Developer site hack: Turkish security researcher claims responsibility
The Guardian
Apple says its Developer portal has been hacked and that some information about its 275,000 registered third-party developers who use it may have been stolen. The portal at developer.apple.com had been offline since Thursday without explanation, raising ...

Intel cooks up new low-power server chips — oh, and it makes custom chips for ...
Intel says it will add new low-power, high performance system-on-chips in the Xeon E3 family for compute, storage and networking. Plus, it revealed it builds custom CPUs for eBay and Facebook. Diane Bryant Intel. photo: Jordan Novet. Intel on Monday ...

Time Warner Cable Battles CBS Over Fees
July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Time Warner Cable is balking at renewing an agreement to carry CBS's broadcast network on its pay-TV system because the entertainment company is asking for too much money. RBC Capital Markets Analyst David Bank speaks with ...

Crypto flaw makes millions of smartphones susceptible to hijacking
Ars Technica
Millions of smartphones could be remotely commandeered in attacks that allow hackers to clone the secret encryption credentials used to secure payment data and identify individual handsets on carrier networks. The vulnerabilities reside in at least 500 ...

Leap Motion: Control your PC through air gestures
You're not about to replace your mouse, trackpad, keyboard or even touch-screen as the chief ways to control your computer. But then you start using the new Leap Motion Controller ...

LG has announced that its curved OLED TV, model 55EA9800, will be the first ...
CNET (blog)
LG was the first manufacturer to ship large-screen OLED TV to Korea and Europe, and today the company claims "first" for its U.S. model. The LG 55EA9800, a 55-inch OLED TV with a curved screen, will be available for preorder today at a price of $14,999.

Apple's iOS maintains dominance over Android with 63% mobile browsing share
Apple Insider
New mobile Web browsing data shows that iOS users remain far more active on the Internet than their Android counterparts, with Apple's devices accounting for nearly two-thirds of all domestic mobile website traffic. Piper Jaffray. With data pulled from 70 of ...

Sony may be planning 'camera-less' camera that connects to phones
NBCNews.com (blog)
The lens unit would operate independently, but could be clamped to a device for convenience. Your phone's camera still isn't that great, but if you don't want to carry around a point-and-shoot or DSLR, either, what should you do? Sony may have a solution for ...

Ubuntu launches crowdfunding effort to manufacture a PC-level Edge superphone
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: Canonical is hoping to raise $32 million from enterprises and enthusiasts who are willing to pay for a limited edition Ubuntu for Android phone that has the specification of a laptop and delivers the "full desktop experience" when plugged into a big ...

Samsung to host developer conference in fall
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: To be held in San Francisco, it's the company's first as it works to stabilize its mobile products. . . .

eBay Now expands coverage area for 1-hour delivery
The company is adding more service areas, including Silicon Valley, Brooklyn, Queens, Chicago, and Dallas, as well as in-store pickup and a desktop service. . ..

Crowds line up in DC to experience blooming 'corpse flower,' but rancid stench ...
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Curious crowds are experiencing the fleeting bloom of the unusual “corpse flower.” The 8-foot flower bloomed Sunday at the U.S. Botanic Garden next to the Capitol. But by the time visitors lined up Monday morning, Plant Curator Bill ...

Water on Mars? Ancient Red Planet had humongous ocean, say scientists. (+ ...
Christian Science Monitor
Scientists have spotted more evidence that an enormous ocean on Mars covered much of the planet's surface billions of years ago. Skip to next paragraph. In Pictures Exploring Mars with Curiosity. Related stories. Are you scientifically literate? Take our quiz ...

Khronos Group releases updates to graphics, parallel programming tools
Programming tools that harness the computing power of CPUs and graphics processors have been updated, bringing more parallel programming capabilities to the table. Standards-setting firm Khronos Group has released OpenCL 2.0, which is a key ...

New e-skin pairs flexible electronics with touchscreen technology
Flexible displays promise to revolutionize the way we navigate and view electronics much in the way touch-optimized screens have done in the past few years. Although we often see one or the other, we rarely see these ideas paired up; that is, until now.

Nvidia Announces New Ship Date for Shield: July 31
PC Magazine
Get excited, potential purchasers of Nvidia's Shield handheld gaming device. Nvidia has announced a new shipping date for the Shield as of this morning, and it's unlikely that the project will hit more snags between now and the new date, July 31. Nvidia's ...

Google Invests in Glass Component Supplier Himax Technologies
The purpose of the investment is to fund production upgrades, expand capacity and further enhance production capabilities. Search engine giant Google announced it has entered into an agreement with Himax Technologies, best known for supplying the ...

Google reportedly scoops up speech recognition patents
SR Tech Group LLC is claiming that Google scooped up a number of speech-related patents today. The portfolio includes a patent covering a speech interface for search engines and a patent that covers a system for modifying a speech recognition program, ...

For Facebook, the key to new users lies with feature phones overseas
Facebook released some stats on its feature phone usage, noting that 100 million people are now using Facebook on these phones every month. For the company, it's a key way to maintain growth and hook potential new users. facebook-featurephone.

Microsoft Isn't Doomed...Yet
Microsoft Microsoft stock took a bath on Friday following disappointing quarterly earnings results. The company took a write-off of nearly $1 billion (USD) for unsold units of its Surface RT tablets, and Microsoft naysayers have come out of the woodwork to ...

What Would a Soviet Moon Landing Have Looked Like?
Discovery News
With the passing of Neil Armstrong last year, this 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing may seem even more remote in time. That said, the United States will be remembered for millennia to come for pulling off such a technological triumph — just as ...

Climate change threatens Iberian lynx
CBS News
The world's most endangered cat species could be extinct within the next 50 years, according to British researchers. The likeliest way to save the Iberian lynx, their study shows, is to base conservation efforts around climate change, and how it impacts prey.

NSA revelations reframe digital life for some
Modesto Bee
In this Thursday, July 18, 2013, photo, information technology professional Josh Scott looks up at a visual he uses while hosting a monthly "Cryptoparty" in Dallas. Across the Internet, users are talking about changes small and large, from using more ...

As Antarctic ice melts, a warning emerges from the past
Catholic Online
A study published in Nature Geoscience reveals that global warming that occurred some five million years ago causing sea levels to rise dramatically, possibly as much as by 20 meters. Scientists suggest that Antarctic ice may be more susceptible to warming ...

CIA to Fund Study to Alter Weather with Geoengineering
Nature World News
The Central Intelligence Agency, along with other U.S. government agencies, is partially funding an experiment to control the weather. Under the auspices of scientific research into whether geoengineering techniques can be used to alter Earth's environment ...

Yahoo Censors Tumblr's Gay And Lesbian Tags — #Why?
tumblr bod Tumblr has blocked all of its users (and those curiously perusing the site's tags) from viewing anything that has been tagged "#gay", "#lesbian", "#bisexual", and 26 other tags that have been deemed NSFW. Apparently, Yahoo believes that the ...

Canary aims to make home security simple and smart
The startup is developing a $199 home security device with an HD camera and multiple sensors that is managed by an iOS or Android smartphone. Canary includes an HD video ...

Deforestation in Africa's Congo Basin rainforest slows
BBC News
Satellite images of Africa's Congo Basin reveal that deforestation has fallen by about a third since 2000. Researchers believe this is partly because of a focus on mining and oil rather than commercial agriculture, where swathes of forest are cleared. The work ...

SanDisk's new flash drive wirelessly beams files to your tablet or phone
The Verge
When you run out of room on your Apple iPad, your HTC One, or other mobile device without an SD card slot, where do you turn? Do you painstakingly delete one batch of vacation photos to make room for the next one? SanDisk believes it has an alternative.

Dropbox acquires cash-back app Endorse
Popular cloud-storage platform Dropbox has bought cash-back deals app Endorse. Endorse lets shoppers get real cash-back deals on buying branded products. Though Dropbox and Endorse confirmed the acquisition, it is not clear how much the deal costs.

First Ever Mission to Moon's South Pole: New Telescope to Launch
Science World Report
We may be getting a better look at our moon's south pole in 2015. The International Lunar Observatory Association and Moon Express are planning a first-ever mission to launch a telescope to the moon in 2015. The new instrument will rest on the lunar ...

Earth From The Saturn System — NASA Releases New Image Of The Earth As ...
NASA just released the raw imagery from the Cassini probe's July 19th imaging session of the Earth, and the first unofficial versions of the images are now coming through thanks to the amateurs who have been working on processing them. The official ...

LEAKED: Here's Your Closest Look Yet At Google's Next Android Tablet (GOOG)
San Francisco Chronicle
Google is expected to announce its newest Android tablet, the second-generation Nexus 7, this week. In the meantime, we've already seen several leaks of the device. The latest comes from the anonymous @evleaks on Twitter, who consistently obtains ...

Moto X: Motorola's Not-So-Bold Rebirth
Intelligent Enterprise (blog)
As Motorola prepares to reveal the Moto X, its first smartphone developed under Google's ownership, here's what we expect. Samsung Unleashes New Mobile Devices: Visual ...

HopStop App for Windows Phone Vanishes Following Apple Deal
As noted by AllThingsD, the app mysteriously vanished from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Meanwhile, Windows devices with the app already downloaded received an alert saying, "HopStop no longer supports the Windows platform."...

T-Mobile HTC One getting firmware update
The Droid Guy
The T-Mobile HTC One in the U.S is now receiving a minor under the hood update bringing minor improvements to the processor and network reception as well as 4G LTE. The update doesn't change the Android OS version, so you will still be stuck on ...

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Suggests $10-Per-Month Ad-Free Facebook ...
Despite the fact that Facebook has repeatedly stressed that it will never charge for its service, suggestions to that effect emerge constantly, and the latest came from Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone, who wrote in a post on his blog that if the social network ...

Unity game engine adds support for Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10
Unity Technologies released version 4.2 of its Unity game development engine, adding support for the BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) 10 mobile operating system as well as Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT. The Unity platform ...

Scientists capture pitch drop on camera for first time (w/ Video)
The Pitch Drop experiment set up in 1944 at Trinity College Dublin's School of Physics is one of the world's oldest continuously running experiments. The experiment was established to demonstrate that pitch is a material that flows, albeit with an incredibly ...

Google's new ads for Gmail masquerade as regular emails
The Independent
Google have introduced a new form of advertising to Gmail users, directly emailing individuals with unsolicited messages from brands and companies. Currently in beta mode, the ads are only sent to those with the updated Gmail inbox where they are stored ...

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