07 July 2013

Apple, Samsung, HTC feel high-end smartphone slump

High-end smartphone? That's so 2011!--where do we go from here? Low cost smartphones with Android and other operating systems now coming on the market over the next 24 months.

Apple, Samsung, HTC feel heat of high-end smartphone slump
MarketWatch (blog)
Growth in demand for high-end smartphones is waning , a point confirmed on Friday by reports from Samsung Electronics and HTC Corp. — and one that could be driven home by results from Apple Inc. later this ...

HTC Suffers Another Bad Quarter, With Profits Down 83% In Its Q2
HTC has just put out unaudited results for its Q2, with profits down 83% on last year. The Taiwanese phone maker, which is battling for oxygen in the fiercely competitive Android OEM smartphone space dominated by South Korea's Samsung, said its total ...

Apple and Samsung: Some Phones Are Smarter Than Others
Wall Street Journal
The specter of commoditization haunts smartphone makers from Apple to Samsung. But the Korean electronics giant has more to fear—as shown by its own disappointing news Friday and echoed the same day by Taiwan's HTC. Samsung's stock jumped 60% ...

What kind of crazy scheme is Motorola hatching?
Motorola and Google say in a new ad their upcoming Moto X phone will be designed by users. Here's what I think they're planning. By Mike Elgan. July 6, 2013 07:00 AM ET. Computerworld - Rumors, leaks and speculation around the first Motorola phone to ...

The Easy Profit Game Ends In Smartphones, So Apple Plays A New One
It seems Samsung and Apple Apple at last have something in common. As the Korean giant forecast its profits would be massive, but slightly below expectations, its stock price took a tumble. It appears the industry has crossed through a level some call “peak ...

Apple, Google may face fine over tax: Draft
Times of India
BERLIN/LONDON: Western governments are set to target a range of tax loopholes used by technology giants including Apple, Amazon as part of an international drive to tackle corporate tax avoidance, a draft action plan seen by Reuters said. The ...

Google chairman Schmidt in taxing hunt for London home
Financial Times
The hunt for a London home comes just two months after Google faced down strong political criticism of its tax policies. From 2006 to 2011, it generated £12bn in revenues from the UK, according to regulatory filings, and paid just £10.6m in taxes ...

Google building first campus from the ground up
San Jose Mercury News
The project is the first in a wave of campus expansions in Silicon Valley, where Facebook and Apple(AAPL) are also planning major new buildings. But not everyone's thrilled with Google's plans. Some Mountain View residents worry it will disrupt the ...

Apple faces competition for iWatch trademark in Europe
Apple will face competition in Europe for the "iWatch" trademark it has already filed for in Japan, Taiwan and Mexico, because other companies have already registered the name in relevant trademark categories. Among them is Probendi, an Italian company ...

Google's Waze acquisition could lead way to Israeli Internet growth
Share on Tumblr. Jerusalem: The billion-dollar sale of navigation company Waze to Google may finally be putting Israel on the map as a major player in consumer Internet innovation. Israel's high-tech sector has been dominated by firms that made ...

Apple, Samsung's new challenge in China
Times of India
... Goophone, introduced a clone of the iPhone 5 for $150, even before Apple released the iPhone 5 in China. It bears a resemblance to Apple's phone, but the Goophone i5 is different in an important respect - it runs on a version of Google's Android ...

Samsung's weirdest 'Apple is rotten' ad ever | Technically Incorrect ...
By Chris Matyszczyk
Apparently, Apple phones just don't work. ... It reveals that it is hard to take an apple and type on its skin. ... Indeed, I changed both the apparent "p" letters to "b" and Google Translate gives me: "Should get a phone that understands big.".

Bing As A Platform Will Allow Microsoft To Compete With Google For ...
By Frederic Lardinois
Microsoft knows how to build platforms, so when it announces a new one, it's worth taking a closer look. Until last week, Microsoft mostly wanted you to think of Bing as a search engine that could compete with Google. At its Build developer ...

The Price of Amazon - NYTimes.com
Jeff Swensen for The New York Times Jim Hollock's first book, “Born to Lose,” has been losing momentum, yet Amazon has increased the price by nearly a third. The Amazon.com story is remarkable. Within living memory, bookselling was a ...
NYT Bits

Facebook Panda Replaces Bing Maps with Google Maps on ...
By Eric Ravenscraft
Chrome/Firefox: Google's map software is a crowd favorite nearly everywhere online. Everywhere except Facebook that is. If you have a preference for Google's services, Facebook Panda can get your maps back.

Google Supposedly Paid Off AdBlock Plus to Not Block Google Ads
By Casey Chan
It zaps away all the excess and gives you the meaty good stuff. However, it looks like companies are figuring ways to circumvent ad blockers... by paying them off. Google is reportedly paying one of the most popular ad blockers, AdBlock Plus, ...

Google Finance: Stock market quotes, news, currency conversions ...
Get real-time stock quotes & charts, financial news, currency conversions, or track your portfolio withGoogle Finance.

Microsoft OneNote for iPhone for iPhone, iPod ... - iTunes - Apple
Microsoft OneNote for iPhone is your digital notebook for capturing what's important in your personal and professional life. Jot down your ideas, add pictures, ...

RIP Boxee: 3 lessons to learn from Boxee's demise
Nathan Betzen is XBMC project and community manager. The post below originally appeared on XBMC.us. It appears that Boxee was recently acquired by Samsung, after its attempt to get another round of venture funding went poorly. This is fairly significant ...

Questions for Google about Android security, Glass privacy
Washington Post
Written by Max Ehrenfreund. E-mail the writer. As European officials continue to voice concerns about privacy, surveillance, and Google's products, researchers released a report this week on the security of the search engine company's operating system:.

Shuttle soaring: Atlantis exhibit smooth flying so far
Florida Today
Shuttle Atlantis opening prompts emotional respons...: The Atlantis exhibit opened June 29. Responses ranged from cheers to tears. Video by Breuse Hickman. Posted June 29, 2013. Shuttle Atlantis opening prompts emotional respons... Astronauts get a first ...

Microsoft announces Xbox Live public beta featuring local currency payments
If you've always dreamed of paying for your Xbox 360 downloads with greenbacks instead of Microsoft Points, now is your chance. Microsoft on Friday announced a new Xbox Live public beta, and according to a post by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, the beta ...

5 new features that could be on your next car
San Jose Mercury News
Cameras that check around the car for pedestrians. Radar that stops you from drifting out of your lane. An engine able to turn off automatically at traffic lights to conserve fuel. Technology that saves lives — and fuel — is getting better and cheaper. That means ...

Human gestures perplex Asimo, Honda museum robot guide
BBC News
Honda's popular robot Asimo faced problems with gesture recognition on its first day as a museum guide at the Miraikan science museum in Tokyo. The machine struggled to differentiate between museum-goers raising their hands to ask a question and ...

How Guillemot Eggs Clean Themselves
Unlike birds that incubate their young in carefully built nests, sea-loving guillemots lay their eggs in rather precarious places — on rock ledges and exposed cliffs in crowded breeding colonies throughout the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans.

Kim Dotcom launches an Android app for Mega
CLOUD STORAGE MAGNATE Kim Dotcom has rolled out an Android app to support his Mega data storage service. Launched by Dotcom earlier this year, Mega is a response to the reaction that his Megaupload venture received. That reaction was to be ...

Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine videos? Well you might want to check your cache ...
Digital Trends
Vine, video for Instagram, and even Snapchat prove that video is big on the social horizon. Creating and consuming the stuff is skyrocketing. However, while you're enjoying a Vine loop or a Snapchat video, the space on your phone's hard drive is slowly but ...

Twitter starts targeting ads based on Web history, but you can opt out
Digital Trends
Announced in a post on the official Twitter blog this week, the social network is launching advertisements that are tailored to the Internet retailers you shop at on the Web. In order to connect Twitter accounts with an account on a retail site, the retailer uploads a ...

BBC shelves 3D after 'disappointing' takeup by viewers
The Guardian
If you like watching Wimbledon in 3D, make the most of the BBC's broadcasts this weekend – the corporation will stop making programmes in the new format at the end of this year at least until 2016 following "disappointing" takeup. Despite an estimated 1.5m ...

Apple patents self-adjusting headphones
The patent, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published on Thursday, shows headphones that would deliver different sound output levels depending on how the seal of the earphones fit in the user's ear. Earbud headphones create a ...

Cheap iPhone shown off in colorful mock-ups
New pictures show what the rumored cheaper, plastic-encased iPhone could look like in all its colorful glory. Rich Trenholm. by Rich Trenholm. July 5, 2013 8:47 AM PDT. Follow @rich_trenholm. (Credit: MacRumours). Wondering what a cheap iPhone would ...

Raw: Swimmers navigate algae at China beaches
Record amounts of green algae cover beaches in Qingdao in East China, forcing swimmers to navigate seaweed as the government works to clean up the area. (July 5). Post to Facebook. Raw: Swimmers navigate algae at China beaches on USAToday.com: ...

Confirmed: Spiders Are Even More Terrifying Than Previously Thought
The Atlantic
Spider webs are architectural marvels. Their silks are similar in tensile strength to alloy steel. Their adhesive properties adjust to movements of prey ensnared in them. Yet they are, for many of the spiders that weave them, edible. And spider webs, it turns out, ...

Microsoft: Xbox One advertising will integrate with Kinect
Ars Technica
It seems the next-generation Kinect sensor that is required on the upcoming Xbox One will be used for more than just voice and movement-based game control. According to a recent interview with the Xbox Live advertising team, Kinect-based controls will ...

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