27 July 2013

How Google Chromecast Compares

Really too early to tell, but orders have been "overwhelming"--

Google Chromecast: What is it and how does it compare?
Washington Post (blog)
That lower price ($35), McQuivey said, draws a sharp line between Google and competitors such as Apple and Microsoft and shows that the company has a different ...

For years, some top Windows executives at Microsoft (MSFT) wouldn't even say the word “Apple” in interviews, although one used the phrase “the fruit company.
Voice of America
The Internet giant Google is testing its newest gadget, Google Glass, which the company describes as a wearable computer that may revolutionize how we ...
FORTUNE -- On-demand ride service Uber is in advanced talks to raise at least $150 million in a new round of funding from some unusual sources, Fortune has ...
NetCom Learning announces they are offering new training packages for information professionals pursuing the MDCTS certification in Microsoft Dynamics GP ...
Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s share of the global smartphone market fell to its lowest in three years ...Apple's 20 percent increase during the quarter was less than half the ...
ABC News
Google Inc. has announced new versions of its Nexus 7 tablet computers. ... Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Amazon, Home Shopping Network, Radio Shack, ... Pros: Unmatched access to third-party applications, high-quality Apple software ...
An interesting little point made in passing at The Verge is this about Google ... It might still be true that Google will attract buyers as a result of the assembly in the ...
And interestingly enough, America's other tech superpower, Google ( GOOG ), won ... Apple sold 31.2 million iPhones, smashing analysts' expectations, which were ... sets in -- Microsoft ( MSFT ) in the PC heydays and Google ( GOOG ) now.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google says that it paid $966 million to buy online mapping service Waze, six weeks after closing the deal. The Internet search leader ...
In what is a solid example of the best sort of problem to have, Google's ... Update: Amazon updated their product page to say they'll honor the deal for anyone ... Touch: Where Microsoft Went Wrong ... Download the TechCrunch App for iPad in the Apple App Store · Download the TechCrunch App for Android in Google Play ...TechCrunch 
John Paczkowski
In the computer category, Apple bested Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Sony; in the tablet category, it surpassed Amazon, Google and Samsung; and in the mobile ...AllThingsD 
Jamie Condliffe
If Chromecast isn't enough, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Google has also been working on another living room device: a set-top box with a heavy ...Gizmodo 

Jay Yarow
Google Has Already Ended Its Great Netflix Deal For The Chrome Dongle ... Google Announced A Brand New Apple TV-Killer, The Chromecast, A Tiny Little ...
Business Insider 

Hacker Barnaby Jack dies in San Francisco
By Jim Finkle. BOSTON | Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:10am EDT. BOSTON (Reuters) - Well-known hacker Barnaby Jack has died in San Francisco, a week before he was due to show off techniques for attacking implanted heart devices that he said could kill a man ...

Zynga folds hand on US real-money gambling
Zynga outperformed analysts' expectations, but its announcement that it isn't planning on getting a license for real-money gaming in the U.S. sent its shares plummeting in after-hours trading. zynga0725. Zynga CEO Don Mattrick, right, and founding CEO Mark ...

NASA Van Allen probes discover PARTICLE HURRICANES
Space boffins having a poke around in the Van Allen Radiation Belts - two concentric rings encircling the Earth in which large numbers of high-energy charged particles are dashing around - have confirmed a theory about how the particles are accelerated to ...

Android 4.3 hidden feature lets you tap into app permissions
A hidden feature called App Ops in Google's latest OS update allows you to turn off certain permissions for your apps, says Android Police. Permission Manager.

Chipping Away at the Smartphone Leaders
New York Times (blog)
TOKYO — In smartphones, it's not all about Apple and Samsung anymore. 6 Smartphones to Rival Apple in China. Related. Samsung's Profit Rises, but So Does the Competition (July 26, 2013).

Nexus 7 a bargain, even with higher price
Fox News
NEW YORK – When it comes to technology, we've been trained to expect more for less. Devices get more powerful each year, as prices stay the same or drop. With the new Nexus 7 tablet, Google hopes we're willing to pay more for more. The new tablet ...

Creating False Memories in Mice
Discovery News
A mouse associated the negative experience from one box with the positive environment of another. iStockPhoto. Related Links. Video: Mouse Cloned from Drop of Blood · Two Rats Communicate Brain To Brain · Brain Scan Knows Who You're Thinking ...

New NASA telescope scours sun
NASA is getting an unprecedented close-up look at the sun, thanks to a new telescope. NASA's IRIS spacecraft, launched just a month ago, already is providing ...

Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart selling the new Nexus 7 four days early
The Verge
Having already launched its pre-orders ahead of the official Nexus 7 announcement, Best Buy is keeping up the habit of preempting Google by making the new Android slate available early. Announced for a July 30th launch in the US, the 2013 Nexus 7 is ...

The Mystery of the Centaurs Revealed: Enigmatic Space Objects are Comets ...
Nature World News
New observations from NASA's NEOWISE project reveal the hidden nature of centaurs, objects in our solar system that have confounded astronomers for resembling both asteroids and comets. The centaurs, which orbit between Jupiter and Neptune, were ...
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