17 July 2013

Microsoft dominance in business software and services eroding

Google enterprise software and services make a lot of sense (and save a lot of $$$) for businesses globally. Microsoft has shot itself in the foot with Windows 8 and looks to be incapable of correcting itself from that mistake. Based on that and other factors, expect continued erosion of Microsoft market share in business software, applications, and services--

Google Sees Pickup in Paid Enterprise Business Across Asia - WSJ.com: " . . . . Nine years after the inception of Google's enterprise wing, 58% of Fortune 500 companies now use some paid form of this software across their business, the company says. But some of Asia's largest and most traditional industries, including Madras Cements Ltd. in India, South Korean steelmaker Posco and Japan's ANA Holdings Inc., are starting to incorporate Google software in their businesses—a takeup that is much faster than their American counterparts, Amit Singh, head of enterprise at Google, told The Wall Street Journal in an interview Monday in Singapore. He declined to provide specific figures. "Asian companies don't have as much legacy to worry about," said Mr. Singh. "There's less to overcome and less to migrate over" when switching to Google tools from traditional business software. . . ." (read more at link above)

The Flaw in Microsoft's Windows 8 Logic
At the very least, Microsoft should have provided a more gradual path to touch by introducing it first as an alternative form of input. By Tim Bajarin ...

Intel snaps up gesture computing firm Omek
Intel is making a big play for gesture computing with the acquisition of Omek Interactive — a deal that we reported was in discussions back in March — the chip maker confirmed today. Omek started out by offering a full-body motion sensing solution, similar to ...

Android Users Can Patch Critical Flaw
Intelligent Enterprise (blog)
ReKey app can be used to patch vulnerability that affects 99% of all Android smartphones and tablets, but requires rooting devices first. Start The Discussion. Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Mathew J. Schwartz | July 16, 2013 12:15 PM. 9 Android Apps To ...

Tyrannosaur left a tooth behind in another dinosaur
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, even when you are the King of Dinosaurs. A dinosaur discovery points to the hunting strategy of Tyrannosaurus rex. TREX. Robert A. DePalma II, left, and David A. Burnham examine a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth crown ...

Lenovo turns to software partnerships to expand server business
Lenovo is expanding software partnerships as it tries to break into a server market dominated by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Dell. Its first such partnership expansion, announced Tuesday, is with VMware on virtualization products. Lenovo will bundle ...

Microsoft as your primary cloud provider? It could happen
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: Microsoft's recent and longer term transitions point to one thing in my mind: re-positioning to become your business, personal, and perhaps only cloud provider. Seriously, it could happen....

Dish hands over Hopper DVR to mobile-app developers
The pay-TV operator hopes that third-party developers will dream up new ideas for its technology. Joan E. Solsman. by Joan E. Solsman. July 16, 2013 7:01 AM PDT. Follow @@joan_e. The third-party Thuuz Sports app integrates Hopper's API, ...

Astronaut's helmet leak causes scrapping of spacewalk
The truncated spacewalk was the second in 8 days. space station spacewalk. In this July 9 image made from video provided by NASA, Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano stands on the end of a robotic arm during a spacewalk outside the International Space ...

NASA's Hubble telescope spots Neptune's hidden moon
Computerworld - The planet Neptune has been hiding a secret that NASA's Hubble Space Telescope just discovered -- another moon. The newly discovered moon, dubbed S/2004 N 1, is the fourteenth known to be orbiting Neptune, which is anywhere from ...

Will smartphone apps cut down on cars on the road?
Christian Science Monitor
Sometimes, change is painful, devastating -- just ask the folks at Blockbuster Video or the residents of any neighborhood that's been split by new freeways. Skip to next paragraph. GreenCarReports. The website focuses on the auto industry's future, the ...

Two NASA Droids Set for Military Robotics Challenge
Two NASA-built robots — one of them ape-inspired — have been selected to compete against other droids in a grueling challenge later this year. The United States military has been envisioning a future in which robots could replace humans as responders in ...

Sensors could be put in a Smart TV offering
The magic inside Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) Kinect is a special image processor that takes video streams from multiple cameras and blends it together into a 3D spatial map -- mostly in hardware. Microsoft actually didn't coming up with that chip itself -- it was ...

Do Not Track proposal is DOA
Right now, the "Do Not Track" option in most browsers does absolutely nothing, because various parties are still warring over how it should work. NEW YORK (CNNMoney). When two warring sides can't even agree on what "tracking" means, it's not surprising ...

Computers are now as smart as four-year-olds
One of the world's smartest computers recently took an intelligence test. The test was exactly the same sort that you or I might take to measure our IQ. The computer, a ConceptNet 4 A. I. system, did pretty darn well for a non-breathing form of intelligence: it ...

Top 5 Things The Hyperloop Might Look Like: Tesla Founder Elon Musk To ...
International Business Times
Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) and SpaceX, said in a tweet that he plans to unveil the design behind the Hyperloop by August 12. The long awaited “fifth mode of transportation” has been described by Musk as an alternative to trains, ...

Instagram Designer Tim Van Damme Is Leaving Facebook For Dropbox
Instagram designer Tim Van Damme is leaving Facebook to take a new role at Dropbox. Yesterday, we learned that Gowalla co-founder Josh Williams and Van Damme were leaving Facebook in unrelated departures. Today, Van Damme posted on his ...

Microsoft's Gates Vs. Ballmer: Visions Compared
Intelligent Enterprise
At the Microsoft Faculty Summit, Bill Gates spoke on the future of technology -- and sounded surprisingly like Steve Ballmer....

Microsoft Moves Forward on Networking Your Home's Things
Sci-Tech Today
"Past efforts of this kind have not been particularly successful," said analyst Charles King. He noted that, "for certain kinds of home devices, consumers just don't want more layers of complications." Even the simplicity of a single Microsoft interface controlling ...

Toshiba Touts SSD Memory Card Breakthrough
Sci-Tech Today
"If you are taking photographs of an athlete in motion, it's been difficult to take more than one picture every quarter second. In the case of an athletic performance, the moment can be over in half a second. This Toshiba card [with its improved SSD memory card] ...

NASA scientists see the heart of space weather in action
Science Recorder
Two spacecraft have captured a video of a magnificent explosion on the Sun called magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection lies at the heart of explosions that occur on the surface of the Sun, a press release from NASA explains. Magnetic reconnection ...

Apple Unveils Logic Pro X with Auto Drums, iPad Remote App
The Mac Observer
Apple announced the immediate availability of Logic Pro X on Tuesday. Logic Pro X is the company's professional audio editing and mixing application for the Mac. The new version includes Drummer for automatically adding drum tracks to your recordings, ...

Acer drops Thunderbolt support to focus on USB 3.0
After being the first PC maker to adopt the Thunderbolt interface in 2012, Acer last week announced its intention to drop support for it. Acer told CNET that it intends to focus its attention on USB 3.0 instead. Despite the Thunderbolt's very fast data transfer ...

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Other Big Ad Networks to Block Ads On Pirate Sites
Hot Hardware
From the "Why wasn't it done sooner?" file comes word that the Web's major advertising platforms will soon be blocking ads from being seen on sites designed to distributed pirated materials. The consortium of sorts that's responsible for the movement ...

Knife-wielding diver saves endangered Northern Right Whale [VIDEO]
Science Recorder
Off the coast of Virginia Beach, local fishermen were instrumental in the rescue of an endangered whale species. The dramatic encounter was captured on video, WAVY reports. Aboard the Wave Runner were Captain Pat Foster and Adrian Colaprete.

Russia Blocks International Effort to Protect Antarctic Waters
Nature World News
Russia put an end to two proposals designed to protect huge swaths of open water off the Antarctic coast Tuesday by challenging the legal basis that would allow for the creation of the protected waters. (Photo : Antarctica.gov.au ). Russia put an end to two ...

AT&T Challenges T-Mobile Uncarrier Strategy
Intelligent Enterprise (blog)
AT&T unveils new plan that lets customers upgrade phones more frequently. T-Mobile's disruption strategy seems to be working. Samsung Unleashes New Mobile ...

HTC One Mini UK release date set for August 9 to battle Galaxy S4 Mini?
TechRadar UK
The recent flurry of news and speculation regarding the forthcoming HTC One Mini seems like the calm before the storm compared to the last couple of days' goings on. Just yesterday we saw purported leaked photos and specs, while a HTC blog post also ...

LG Optimus G Pro is being released in 40 more countries
The LG Optimus G Pro was released very tentatively in Korea and the US. It seems that sales have gone pretty well these last few months, because LG is finally releasing the device in other countries. LG has announced that it will begin selling the device in 40 ...

Volcanic 'scream' precedes explosive eruptions
BBC News
A change in the frequency of earthquakes may foretell explosive volcanic eruptions, according to a new study. The seismic activity changes from steady drum beats to increasingly rapid successions of tremors. These blend into continuous noise which ...

Xbox One joins “play as you download” club
According to Xbox One representatives this afternoon, it's not just the PlayStation 4 that'll be offering the ability to play downloadable games before they're fully downloaded once the consoles launch later this year. Speaking up after the fact that Sony's ...

Apple Probing iPhone Electrocution; Musk Teases 'Hyperloop;' Uber Fare Splitting
PC Magazine
Topping tech headlines on Monday were reports that Apple is investigating the death of a Chinese woman who was killed by an electric shock while answering a call on her iPhone 5. On Thursday, 23-year-old Ma Ailun, a flight attendant with China Southern ...

Scientists create levitation system with sound waves
Fox News
Hold on to your wand, Harry Potter: Science has outdone even your best "Leviosa!" levitation spell. Researchers report that they have levitated objects with sound waves, and moved those objects around in midair, according to a new study. Scientists have ...

Microsoft Cuts Surface Tablet Prices Amid Weak Demand
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is cutting the price of its Surface RT tablet by as much as 30 percent as the device struggles to lure customers amid competition from machines such as Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s iPad. The least-expensive Surface RT model costs $349 ...

Unexpected ally against future hurricanes: nature?
Christian Science Monitor
Mother Nature might provide the best defense against rising sea levels and ever-larger hurricane storm surges, says a new study published in this week's "Nature: Climate Change." Skip to next paragraph ...

GPS Tracks Wind in the Eye of A Storm
Discovery News
GPS is great for getting us to unknown destinations, and now scientists have figured out a new use for this multipurpose tool. When used in the eye of a hurricane, GPS receivers can collect valuable information about the storm's behavior. Hurricane Hunters ...

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